The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

Advancing Milton and Rose D. Friedman's Vision of School Choice for All Children

Education, Outreach, and Advocacy

The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice’s State Programs and Government Relations team works with nonprofits, schools, community organizations, businesses, parents, teachers, and concerned citizens to provide general education, outreach, and advocacy on school choice.
That work includes sponsoring events and seminars, hosting fact-finding trips to states with school choice programs, providing grants for educational activities and awareness, offering program policy design, and testifying before state legislatures.
To learn how the Friedman Foundation can assist with your work, contact the State Programs and Government Relations Director for your state.
State Director State Director
Alabama Stephanie Linn - email Montana Michael Chartier - email
Alaska Michael Chartier - email Nebraska Michael Chartier - email
Arizona Stephanie Linn - email Nevada Michael Chartier - email
Arkansas Stephanie Linn - email New Hampshire Michael Chartier - email
California Doran Moreland - email New Jersey Doran Moreland - email
Colorado Doran Moreland - email New Mexico Stephanie Linn - email
Connecticut Doran Moreland - email New York Stephanie Linn - email
Delaware Doran Moreland - email North Carolina Doran Moreland - email
Florida Stephanie Linn - email North Dakota Michael Chartier - email
Georgia Doran Moreland - email Ohio Stephanie Linn - email
Hawaii Michael Chartier - email Oklahoma Doran Moreland - email
Idaho Michael Chartier - email Oregon Doran Moreland - email
Illinois Doran Moreland - email Pennsylvania Stephanie Linn - email
Indiana Michael Chartier - email Rhode Island Michael Chartier - email
Iowa Michael Chartier - email South Carolina Doran Moreland - email
Kansas Michael Chartier - email South Dakota Michael Chartier - email
Kentucky Stephanie Linn - email Tennessee Stephanie Linn - email
Louisiana Doran Moreland - email Texas Stephanie Linn - email
Maine Michael Chartier - email Utah Michael Chartier - email
Maryland Doran Moreland - email Vermont Michael Chartier - email
Massachusetts Doran Moreland - email Virginia Stephanie Linn - email
Michigan Doran Moreland - email Washington Michael Chartier - email
Minnesota Stephanie Linn - email West Virginia Stephanie Linn - email
Mississippi Stephanie Linn - email Wisconsin Doran Moreland - email
Missouri Michael Chartier - email Wyoming Michael Chartier - email