The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

Advancing Milton and Rose D. Friedman's Vision of School Choice for All Children

Our Services

"We have concluded that the achievement of effective parental choice requires an ongoing effort to inform the public about the issues and possible solutions, an effort that is not episodic, linked to particular legislative or ballot initiatives, but that is educational. It requires also the cooperation of the many groups around the country who are devoted to improving the quality of our schools, whether governmental or private." - Milton and Rose D. Friedman

Education, Outreach, and Advocacy

The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice’s State Programs and Government Relations team works with nonprofits, schools, community organizations, businesses, parents, teachers, and concerned citizens to provide general education, outreach, and advocacy on school choice. To learn more, click here.

Research and Data Analysis

The Friedman Foundation provides five core research services: 1) fiscal analyses of legislation or current school choice programs, 2) public opinion surveys on education issues, 3) fiscal analyses of the public school sector (district- or state-level), 4) survey research examining the private school sector, and 5) summaries of existing research on school choice. To learn more, click here.