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Friedman Legacy Day

Friedman Legacy for Freedom Day

Friedman Legacy Day is our way of remembering Milton Friedman and the impact he and his ideas have had on us, our country, and the world. For this year's Friedman Legacy Day—held July 31, on what would have been Milton's 101st birthday—we want you to share what you're doing to keep Dr. Friedman's legacy alive.

Using nothing more than your mobile device and the hashtag #Milton101, here are some simple ways you can celebrate Milton Friedman with thousands more worldwide:

  • With Instagram, take a photo of your favorite Friedman book and tell others what impact it's had on you. Be sure to tag “edchoice” in your photos so they appear on our and pages.
  • On Twitter, share your favorite Friedman quotes and stories. Our Twitter handle is @edchoice.
  • Post photos from your Friedman Legacy Day celebrations. Again, using Instagram, be sure to tag “edchoice” in your photos.

Remember also to use the hashtag #Milton101 on your posts!

The map below lists all the groups with which the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice has collaborated for events on July 31. 
For more information contact Keri Hunter at (317) 681-0745 or

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