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Friedman Day 2013

National Taxpayers Union Foundation

Event Description
The National Taxpayers Union Foundation invites the public to attend a toast to Milton Friedman. Located at the Light Horse Restaurant in historic Old Town Alexandria, our event will bring together policy experts, staff from Capitol Hill, students, and concerned citizens to talk about the achievements and challenges Friedman faced in a relaxed environment. Because Friedman was a tax reformer, we will have a game where attendees will read about and vote on their preferred fundamental tax reform proposals that have been introduced in Congress. The National Taxpayers Union Foundation is dedicated to educating the public about the spending proposed in Congress and enacted by the President. To show the variety of tax reform proposals our there, we will present various tax systems that Americans could see in the future (flat tax, Fair Tax, VAT, transaction, or a continued progressive system). Each measure will have a large poster with economic effects, government spending changes, and pro and con arguments. Taxpayers will then vote on their favorite and one ballot will be drawn for a special prize. NTU Foundation is still contacting and organizing local cosponsoring organizations, including the Liberty on the Rocks Alexandria, Virginia chapter.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP by 07/31/2013

RSVP Contact

  Dan Barrett
  Phone: 703-683-5700

Event Details
  Event Type: Happy Hour
  Date/Time: Toasting Milton Friedman's Education & Tax Reforms on July 31, 2013

  Location:	Laughing Man Tavern
			1306 G Street, NW
			Game Room
			Washington, DC 20005 
			United States