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“The ABCs of School Choice,” 2013 Edition, Now Available

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

INDIANAPOLIS, IN—More than one million students at 3,000 events in every state will be celebrating National School Choice Week starting this Sunday. And to showcase the laws that give more than 255,000 children vouchers and scholarships to attend private school, the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice has released its 2013 edition of “The ABCs of School Choice.”

This comprehensive guide covers every voucher, tax-credit scholarship, education savings account, and individual tax credit/deduction program in operation; currently there are 39 private school choice programs in 21 states and Washington, D.C. The guide’s program profiles also feature the children, parents, teachers, and schools that benefit from school choice policies—families like Jeronna and her son, Jaevion, who, along with 9,323 other Indiana children, utilize that state’s Choice Scholarship Program.

“There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Jaevion is exactly where he needs to be in order to thrive,” Jeronna said. “(And) it’s all because of the voucher program.”

Along with those personal stories, “The ABCs of School Choice” provides policymakers, advocates, researchers, and reporters with each program’s most recent participation numbers, funding levels, eligibility requirements, and historical usage rates. Also, unique to this year’s edition is the “Friedman Feedback” section, which offers ways states can expand each program to eventually fund all children, a vision first established by the late Milton Friedman, a Nobel laureate.

“A far more effective and equitable way for government to finance education is to finance students, not schools,” wrote Friedman. “Assign a specified sum of money to each child and let him or her and his or her parents choose the school that they believe best….”

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