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Parent Stories

Helen Jones Day of Indiana

Helen Jones Day and her husband, Robert, were having trouble balancing the financial challenges of putting their six children through school and ensuring that they all receive a quality education.

Jesus and Yadira Gonzales of Indiana

For Jesus and Yadira Gonzales and their four children, the CHOICE Charitable Trust offered a great opportunity.

Kami Davis of Indiana

Kami Davis, a single mother from Indianapolis, knew nothing about the CHOICE Charitable Trust when she ran across its listing in the local phone book.

Martin and Kay of Iowa

Martin and Kay both attended public schools in Iowa, and they live on a farm near Alta, Iowa. When it came time to decide how their children would be educated, they knew that public schools would not be their first choice.

Melissa and Jeremy of Iowa

In March 2005, Melissa and Jeremy, a young married couple working on their careers, decided to invite Jeremy's sister, Kim, to live with them.

Monica Poindexter of Indiana

Monica Poindexter first learned of Holy Angels Catholic School in Indianapolis through a recommendation from her sister.

Richard and Rita of Iowa

Richard and Rita are grandparents raising two grandsons, Dimitrious and Donovan. Despite the difficulties involved in raising two boys, the couple is happy to be caring for them.

Susan Cox of Indiana

Megan Trueblood and her mother, Susan Cox, have their hands full raising a pair of six-year-olds, twins Andre and Dominic Jackson. When deciding what kind of education Megan and Susan wanted the twins to receive, they determined that public schools were not for them.

Tami and Mike of Iowa

Tami and Mike are the parents of two grown sons and a daughter in the eighth grade. Until recently the family lived in Kansas and experienced great frustration while dealing with the Kansas public school system.

The Delman Family of Ohio

With three children, Elizabeth and Todd Delman face the same kinds of challenges that thousands of Ohio families confront every day.

The Schottenstein Family of Ohio

Gila Shottenstein is a sixteen-year-old girl with Down syndrome and hearing impairments living in the Columbus Public School District.

The Schwartzberg Family of Ohio

The Schwartzberg family—Eric, Kricket, and their three children—participate in Ohio’s EdChoice program, which provides public funds for families in areas with underperforming public schools to send their children to private schools.

The Spetner Family of Ohio

Like many parents across the nation, Rabbi David Spetner and his wife, Chaya Gittle, greatly value school choice. They want a strong orthodox Jewish education for their nine children, and they would like such options to be widely available to families of all income levels.