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Susan Cox of Indiana

As a concerned grandparent, Susan was thrilled
to share with her daughter the opportunities
available for her children through the scholarship
program provided by CHOICE Charitable Trust, in Indianapolis

Megan Trueblood and her mother, Susan Cox, have their hands full raising a pair of six-year-olds, twins Andre and Dominic Jackson. When deciding what kind of education Megan and Susan wanted the twins to receive, they determined that public schools were not for them.

Megan and Susan had heard of St. Joan of Arc, a pre-K and K-8 school that is religiously, socioeconomically, racially, and culturally diverse. St. Joan of Arc provides a nurturing, educational and moral environment for students.

However, Megan and Susan knew that they would not be able to afford for their children to attend St. Joan of Arc without financial assistance. After a bit of investigation they learned about the CHOICE Charitable Trust, a scholarship grant program that provides financial assistance to Indiana children. After being granted a scholarship, the twins were enrolled in St. Joan of Arc.

“[St. Joan of Arc] is a wonderful school, my school of choice for my grandsons,” said Susan She and her family live just one half block from the school, and she walks the boys to school each morning. “[The school provides] a values-oriented curriculum and is academic-based. I am a firm believer in neighborhood schools and the sense of community we have.”

Andre and Dominic are benefiting from the family and community atmosphere they have been afforded at St. Joan of Arc. Thanks to the scholarship program, the twins now have opportunities that might not have been available to them otherwise. Accordingly, the two women are very grateful to the CHOICE Charitable Trust and the scholarships it provides. Without them, “We would not be able to do this, given the cost of private education,” Susan said.

Because of the results they have seen, Megan and Susan are strong supporters of school choice programs. The programs allow students of different social, economic, and religious backgrounds to attend private schools when they would not be able to afford it otherwise.

“Choice is important,” said Susan. “I visited quite a few schools, as did my daughter. There were a lot of wonderful schools out there, but this just seemed like the right fit. I was very grateful that [Andre and Dominic] were able to attend the school that was our first pick.”