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Mississippi - Nate Rogers Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program

Enacted 2013 • Launched 2013 • Voucher

Mississippi allows children with speech-language impairments to receive vouchers to attend private schools. Participating accredited private schools must be able to provide speech-language therapy.

Latest Stats

  • Students participating: N.A.
  • Schools participating: N.A.
  • Average voucher value: N.A.

Program Details

Student Funding
The maximum voucher amount is equal to the “Mississippi Adequate Education Program” base student cost, i.e., the funding amount provided by the state to public schools.

Student Eligibility
Students must be in grades K-6 and have been screened properly and diagnosed with speech-language impairment. Students are eligible if, during the previous school year, they attended a public or stateaccredited special-purpose school that “emphasizes instruction in speech-language therapy and intervention.” The voucher is not available to fund homeschooling, virtual schools, or students in juvenile detention centers.

Rules & Regulations
• Income Limit: None
• Prior Year Public School Requirement: Conditional
• Geographic Limit: Statewide
• Enrollment Cap: None
• Voucher Cap: Conditional ($5,104 for 2013-14)
• Testing Mandates: None

Governing Statutes
Miss. Code Ann. §§ 37-175-1 to 37-175-29

Friedman Contact
Leslie Hiner |

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