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Florida - Personal Learning Scholarship Account Program

Enacted 2014 • Launched 2014 • Education Savings Account

Florida’s Personal Learning Scholarship Account program allows students with special needs an opportunity to receive an account funded by the state and administered by an approved scholarship-funding organization. Parents can use the funds to pay for a variety of educational services, including private school tuition, tutoring, online education, curriculum, therapy, post-secondary educational institutions in Florida, and other defined educational services.

Latest Stats

  • Students participating: N.A
  • Schools participating: N.A
  • Average account value: N.A.

Program Details

Student Funding
The maximum amount for the Personal Learning Scholarship Account is equivalent to 90 percent of the state and local funds reflected in the state funding formula that would have gone to the student had he or she attended public school.

Student Eligibility
Students qualify if they reside in Florida and are eligible to enroll in kindergarten through 12th grade who have an Individualized Education Plan or have been diagnosed with one of the following: autism, Down syndrome, Intellectual disability, Prader-Willi syndrome, Spina-bifida, Williams syndrome, and kindergartners who are considered high-risk.

Rules & Regulations
• Income Limit: None
• Prior Year Public School Requirement: None
• Geographic Limit: Statewide
• Enrollment Cap: None
• Account Cap: 90 percent of state and local funds reflected in the state funding formula and categorical grants for students with special needs
• Testing Mandates: State achievement tests or nationally recognized norm-referenced tests

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