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Wisconsin - K-12 Private School Tuition Deduction

Enacted 2013 • Launched 2014 • Individual Tax Deduction

Wisconsin provides an income tax deduction for individuals who pay private school tuition for their dependents.

Latest Stats (2013)

  • Taxpayers participating: N.A.
  • Average tax deduction value: N.A.

Program Details

Tax Deduction Value
The tax deduction is worth up to $4,000 per child in grades K-8 and up to $10,000 per child in grades 9-12.

Student Eligibility
Any Wisconsin taxpayer is eligible.

Legal Developments
No legal challenges have been filed against the program.

Rules & Regulations
• Income Limit: None
• Prior Year Public School Requirement: None
• Geographic Limit: Statewide
• Enrollment Cap: None
• Individual Deduction Cap: $4,000 (K-8), $10,000 (9-12)
• Testing Mandates: None

Governing Statutes
Wis. Stat. § 71.05(6)(b)49

Friedman Contact
Doran Moreland |

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