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Frequently Asked Questions


Does school choice have a positive academic impact on participating students?

Yes. Find out what the "gold standard" studies say: CLICK HERE.


How does school choice affect public schools?

Positively. Learn where these empirical studies were conducted: CLICK HERE.

Does school choice drain public schools' funding and resources?

No. Discover just how much school choice benefits schools and taxpayers: CLICK HERE.

Do Americans favor school choice policies?

Yes. Read the surveys on Americans' reactions to various education policies: CLICK HERE.

Is school choice constitutional?

Yes. First know what policy designs work in the states: CLICK HERE.

Are participating private schools held accountable?

Yes. See how states already regulate private schools, absent of school choice programs: CLICK HERE.

Can school choice lead to more integrated schools?

Yes. Find out why private schools are more diverse than public schools: CLICK HERE.

Can school choice help students with special needs?

Yes. Read how parents react to special needs voucher programs: CLICK HERE.

What impact does school choice have on civic values?

A positive one. Learn how school choice advances democratic values: CLICK HERE.

How does school choice work in other countries?

It varies. See what other countries employ vouchers and tax credits: CLICK HERE.