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School Choice in Florida


Florida has three private school choice programs (vouchers, tax-credit scholarships, and education savings accounts). The state also has a charter school law and enables public virtual schooling. Limited open enrollment exists, both for intradistrict and interdistrict public school choice.

Laws and Regulations Governing Private Schools


In an unprecedented decision, the Florida Supreme Court struck down the state’s groundbreaking Opportunity Scholarships voucher program for children in chronically failing public schools. The court declared that the program violated the state Constitution’s education article, specifically the requirement to provide a “uniform” public education. Contrary to state supreme courts in Wisconsin and Ohio, the Florida court decided that the legislature may not provide educational options beyond those in the public schools. Still, the court limited its decision to vouchers only, leaving untouched Florida’s other school choice programs.

Earlier in the same case, a Florida appellate court struck down Opportunity Scholarships under the state’s Blaine Amendment. That ruling ran counter to years of Florida Supreme Court rulings on the Blaine Amendment permitting “incidental” benefits to religious organizations as the by-product of programs designed to advance the general welfare. The Florida Supreme Court did not review that issue, and the validity of the appellate court’s holding is unclear under Florida law.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding vouchers, tax credit programs are completely consistent with the Florida constitution, even as interpreted by Holmes, because they involve private rather than public funds.

–Quote from the Institute for Justice (April 2007)

School Choice Programs

Personal Learning Scholarship Account Program

Enacted 2014 • Launched 2014

Florida’s Personal Learning Scholarship Account program allows students with special needs an opportunity to receive an account funded by the state and administered by an approved scholarship-funding organization. Parents can use the funds to pay for a... Read More

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Enacted 2001 • Launched 2001

Florida provides a tax credit on corporate income taxes and insurance premium taxes for donations to Scholarship Funding Organizations (SFOs), nonprofits that provide scholarships for low-income students and children in foster care and offer funds for... Read More

John M. McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program

Enacted as a Pilot Program 1999 • Expanded 2000

Florida’s John M. McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program allows public school students with disabilities or 504 plans to receive vouchers to attend private schools or other public schools. Read More


The School Starter Checklist: Meeting the Private Education Regulations in States with School Choice


Entrepreneurs looking to start a private school might behoove themselves by focusing on states with private school choice programs. This checklist assists by examining the regulations affecting private schools in states with such programs.   This... Read More

The School Voucher Audit: Do Publicly Funded Private School Choice Programs Save Money?


One of the pillars of Dr. Milton Friedman’s school voucher idea was that it not only would expand personal freedom and improve student achievement but also save money.   To see if that is indeed the case, this paper presents a cautious,... Read More

Public Rules on Private Schools: Measuring the Regulatory Impact of State Statutes and School Choice Programs


Is regulatory creep a fate that awaits all school choice programs? With the number of those programs doubling over the past five years, the need for context and understanding is critical.   This report provides a framework for understanding the... Read More

Sector Switchers: Why Catholic Schools Convert to Charters and What Happens Next


For decades, Catholic schools, particularly inner-city Catholic schools, have seen declines in enrollment and an increasing need for subsidies from their dioceses. Many dioceses, however, have been unable to shoulder that burden, forcing schools to... Read More

The Greenfield School Revolution and School Choice


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An Empirical Evaluation of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program


This study examines the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program, one of the nation’s largest school choice programs. It is the first ever completed empirical evaluation of a tax-credit scholarship program, a type of program that creates school... Read More

Lost Opportunity: An Empirical Analysis of How Vouchers Affected Florida Public Schools


The impact of Florida’s “A+” accountability program, which until 2006 included a voucher program for chronically failing schools, on public school performance has been extensively studied. The results have consistently shown a positive... Read More

Florida’s Public Education Spending


This study analyzes and explains Florida’s education finance system. It finds that Florida spent about $7,000 per student in day-to-day operating costs (“current expenditures”) in 2003-04, and a total of about $8,700 per student on all... Read More



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