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School Choice in Louisiana


Louisiana has four private school choice programs (vouchers, individual tax deduction, and tax-credit scholarships). The state also has a charter school law. Louisiana enables public virtual schooling. Limited open enrollment exists, both for intradistrict and interdistrict public school choice.

Laws and Regulations Governing Private Schools


The Louisiana Constitution now contains parallel language to the federal Constitution’s religion clauses, and both tax credit and voucher programs are consistent with Louisiana’s current Constitution. In Seegers, the Louisiana Supreme Court specifically noted: “The great similarity of the establishment clause of our Constitution and that of the United States Constitution allows us to use the United States Supreme Court interpretations of the federal clause as an aid for interpreting our own.” Given that the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Zelman upheld school vouchers under the federal Establishment Clause, it is likely that Louisiana’s Supreme Court would follow that decision.

–Quote from the Institute for Justice (April 2007)

School Choice Programs

Tuition Donation Rebate Program

Enacted 2012 • Launched 2012

Louisiana taxpayers can receive tax rebates for donations they make to School Tuition Organizations (STOs), nonprofits that provide private school scholarships. There is no cap on available rebates. Read More

School Choice Program for Certain Students with Exceptionalities

Enacted 2010 • Launched 2011

Louisiana allows students with certain exceptionalities who live in eligible parishes to attend schools of their parents’ choosing that provide educational services specifically addressing their needs. Eligible students are defined generally as those... Read More

Louisiana Scholarship Program

Enacted 2008 • Launched 2008

Louisiana’s statewide voucher program is available to low-income students in low-performing public schools. Prior to 2012, eligibility was limited to students in specific districts and parishes. Read More

Elementary and Secondary School Tuition Deduction

Enacted 2008 • Launched 2008

Louisiana allows individual tax deductions for educational expenses, including private school tuition and fees, uniforms, textbooks, curricular materials, and any supplies required by the school. The deductions also include tuition and fees at... Read More


The School Starter Checklist: Meeting the Private Education Regulations in States with School Choice


Entrepreneurs looking to start a private school might behoove themselves by focusing on states with private school choice programs. This checklist assists by examining the regulations affecting private schools in states with such programs.   This... Read More

The School Voucher Audit: Do Publicly Funded Private School Choice Programs Save Money?


One of the pillars of Dr. Milton Friedman’s school voucher idea was that it not only would expand personal freedom and improve student achievement but also save money.   To see if that is indeed the case, this paper presents a cautious,... Read More

Public Rules on Private Schools: Measuring the Regulatory Impact of State Statutes and School Choice Programs


Is regulatory creep a fate that awaits all school choice programs? With the number of those programs doubling over the past five years, the need for context and understanding is critical.   This report provides a framework for understanding the... Read More

Louisiana K-12 and School Choice Survey


The “Louisiana K-12 & School Choice Survey” project, commissioned by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice and conducted by Braun Research Incorporated (BRI), measures Louisiana registered voters’ familiarity and views on a... Read More

Lessons for Louisiana from Florida’s K-12 Education Revolution


Louisiana has emerged as one of the most fascinating states in the nation for education reform. The state’s creative response to rebuilding the New Orleans education system in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is now considered a potential model for... Read More



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