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School Choice

School Choice FAQs

We’re setting the record straight and debunking school choice myths.

It is common for the myths and truths surrounding school choice to become mixed up in the fray of rhetoric and debate. Let us be your source for data-rich answers to the most frequently asked school choice questions. We provide all of the research—meticulously sourced—so you can draw informed conclusions of your own.

Does school choice have a positive academic impact on participating students?

Yes. click here

How does school choice affect public schools?

Positively. click here

Does school choice drain public schools’ funding and resources?

No. click here

Do Americans favor school choice policies?

Yes. click here

Is school choice constitutional?

Yes. click here

Are participating private schools held accountable?

Yes. click here

Can school choice lead to more integrated schools?

Yes. click here

Can school choice help students with special needs?

Yes. click here

What impact does school choice have on civic values?

A positive one. click here

How does school choice work in other countries?

It works well. click here

Questions on School Choice?

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