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100 Black Men of America / EdChoice Education Town Hall

We would like to welcome you to the 100 Black Men of America/EdChoice Virtual Education Town Hall.  This town hall is designed to have some dialogue around what we can do as a collective to improve education and how can we ensure our next generations are prepared for their future. We’ve brought together an esteemed group of panelists to provide their thoughts/insights on issues affecting our current state of education, but also to provide us guidance on how to work collectively to ensure our black and brown students have the support and resources they need from our educational systems.

We’re opening our town hall with a session entitled “Adapting to the Pandemic: Reimagining K–12 Education to Address the Needs of Black Students & Parents.” We know the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light many significant gaps and inequities within our education ecosystem. As schools shifted to online learning environments, families were forced to adapt and find resources to ensure their students continued receiving a quality education. However, we know many families endured and are still enduring significant hurdles in adapting to this new normal. Moderator, Chris Stewart, will lead our panelists (Curtis Valentine, Sekou Biddle, Dr. Kathaleena Monds, and Dr. Tremayne Clardy) in a discussion of families’ differing experiences through these turbulent times and how the K–12 system can address and support the needs of Black students and families.

The Opportunity Myth: Are Our Schools Living Up to the Promise of Preparing Students for Their Future?

NAOMI SHELTON | Moderator, Director of Community Engagement – Kipp Foundation
DEIRDRA REED | Policy and Advocacy Partner - TNTP
DR. TEQUILLA BROWNIE | Executive Vice President Strategy, Policy, & Community Coalitions - TNTP

The Economy of Education: Harnessing the Economic Power of our Education System to Empower our Community

CURTIS VALENTINE | Moderator, Deputy Director of Reinventing America’s Schools Project – Progressive Policy Institute
BYRON F. WILSON | Headmaster – The Wilson Academy
T. WILLARD FAIR | President/ CEO – Urban League of Greater Miami
DR. MARGARET B. WRIGHT | President/CEO - Collaborative Educational Supportive Services

Are You Listening: The Power of the Parent Voice and the Disconnect Between Parents and Grass-Top Leadership

MIMI WOLDEYOHANNES | Moderator, Special Projects and Community Manager – The 74 Million
DR. CHARLES COLE | Founder – Energy Converters
ASHLEY VIRDEN | Founder/CEO – Education Freestyle, LLC
JAMIE SIMS | Athletic Director – Middleton High School

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