2018 Annual Review - EdChoice

2018 Annual Review

2018 Annual Review

We’re proud of the work we do each year to advance educational choice and opportunity in America. Here are our key highlights from 2018:



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State-Based Work: We are on the ground supporting coalitions in key states that are driving high-quality educational choice policy.

  • Seven states enacted educational choice laws, with Puerto Rico and Florida adding new programs. There are now 62 programs in 29 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Total public expenditures on private educational choice programs are now over $2.3 billion.
  • More than 500,000 children currently use private school choice, choice which accounts for just over 1 percent of students in America. This does not include choice options like charters or public school choice.


Training and Outreach: We train and equip policymakers, advocates and parents with everything they need to advance educational choice for all families.

EdChoice Experts spoke at 245 events with almost 30,000 people attending or watching the events online.

  • Almost 50,000 people attended events hosted or sponsored by EdChoice in 2018.
  • EdChoice hosted 11 of our own training events in 2018 with 703 attendees, including policymakers, parents and advocates. Of those trained 92.5 percent reported they were better equipped to advance educational choice.


Research and Thought Leadership: We invest in state and national research to deliver the most up-to-date information on school choice.

  • EdChoice again dominated the school choice research space by publishing 11 major research publications in 2018.
  • The research team also engaged in 499 other research-related activities and services, including 19 external publications, conference papers/posters, or other writing projects, fiscal notes for seven different states and 29 public speaking engagements in front of legislators or at various conferences.
  • EdChoice hosted a major conference on the future of school accountability and how policymakers should approach the topic as it relates to school choice policy in the future.


Legal: In 2018, EdChoice launched a new Legal Defense and Education Center (LDEC) to provide legal and educational support to our partners.

  • EdChoice filed three amicus briefs in support of school choice programs that were under legal attack.
  • Played a major role in developing messaging for teachers and advocates in support of the landmark Janus v. AFSCME case heard by the United States Supreme Court.
  • Provided legal advice and analysis in cooperation with partners in more than a dozen states.


Communications: Educate diverse audiences about school choice and its benefits.

  • Achieved more than 7,500 media hits, including routine coverage in national publications such as Politico and Forbes, as well as large statewide publications such as the Arizona Republic, the Tampa Tribune and the Indianapolis Star. This is up nearly 20 percent from 2017.
  • Saw a 44 percent increase in people signing up for our email list and a 12 percent increase in engagements in our email communications in 2018.
  • Reached 4.8 million people via social media platforms, including a massive 58 percent engagement increase on Twitter.

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