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Oct 24

Key Findings from the 2019 Schooling in America Survey

Americans’ satisfaction with K–12 education reached a 15-year high this year, according to Gallup. But do parents and teachers agree? Is there consensus among...
Jul 29

Five Talking Points on School Vouchers

“How could anyone be for private school vouchers? Aren’t they just a corporate scheme to privatize and defund our public schools?” your mom friend...
Jan 16

The 2019 “ABCs of School Choice” Handbook Features You Should Know

Which new 2019 ABCs of School Choice features matter most? We boiled them down for you in the list below. Check them out, and...
Dec 05

New EdChoice Survey Reveals Where Teachers, Parents, Public Compare on K–12 Education Issues

From walkouts to the Supreme Court to ballot measures, teachers and K–12 education made headlines this year. Elections can only tell us so much...
Sep 20

New Study Finds America’s School Voucher Programs Have Saved Billions

In our latest study, EdChoice’s Director of Fiscal Policy and Analysis Marty Lueken examined the fiscal impact of voucher programs in Florida, Georgia, Indiana,...
Aug 22

New Analysis Maps K–12 Schooling ‘Deserts’ in Choice-Rich Indiana

The authors of our latest report—Indiana’s Schooling Deserts—used Geographic Information System software to map families’ drive times to traditional public, magnet, charter and voucher-participating...
May 02

What the Latest Data Say About Chile’s School Voucher System

In case you didn’t know, Chile has what we call a universal school voucher system. That is, it funds public education by allowing public...
Mar 21

What Teachers Think About School Choice – EdChoice at SXSW Edu

  This was our first year attending SXSW Edu, and we’re very glad we did. A delegation of EdChoice team members set out to...
Jan 26

The 2018 EdChoice Yearbook Superlatives

We’re back again in the new year with EdChoice’s 2018 yearbook superlatives. We got together to vote on America’s educational choice programs, and here...
Apr 11

Friday Freakout: Why Do Parents Send Their Kids to Private Schools

CNN Parents posted an article entitled “Public vs. private school: What’s with all the judging?” that explores the subtle and overtly hostile ways parents...
Jan 07

America’s Favorite Education Reforms: Do They Treat a Symptom or the Cause?

A new Friedman Foundation report released today found what education reforms were most popular, in terms of their perceived effectiveness, among surveyed adults. The...
Nov 11

Simulation: How a Parent Chooses a School for Their Child

The idea that impoverished parents shouldn’t be trusted to choose a good educational option for their children is one repeated often by school choice...
Oct 10

Are Arizona Families Satisfied with Education Savings Accounts?

Arizona’s one-of-a-kind education savings accounts (ESAs), called Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, are bank accounts eligible parents can use only for their children’s education expenses, current...

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