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Jul 18

New UVA Study of Limited Help in Understanding School Vouchers

I know y’all are going to find this hard to believe, but a press release touting a recent study was over the top and...
May 31

The Five Things You Should Know about the New D.C. Voucher Test Score Study

  This week, the Institute for Education Sciences released a new report on the performance of the District of Columbia’s Opportunity Scholarship Program. This...
May 30

How to Tell If You Can Afford Private School

Parents choose private schools for a lot of reasons. Maybe their local public school is not meeting their needs. Maybe they want a religious...
Mar 23

The Next 200 Years: Studying the Long-Term Effects of Catholic-to-Charter “Conversion”

In 2014, Andrew Kelly and I wrote Sector Switchers: Why Catholic Schools Convert to Charters and What Happens Next, an examination of 18 formerly...
Mar 22

Should Anyone Use Student Test Score Studies to Determine School Choice Success or Failure?

Collin Hitt of Southern Illinois School of Medicine, Patrick Wolf of the University of Arkansas and I have a new working paper out with...
Mar 19

What You Actually Need to Know About the Two New School Choice Attainment Studies

School choice research has increasingly focused on educational attainment—that is, measuring the impact on high school and college graduation, higher education enrollment, employment status...
Feb 23

The Next 200 Years: A New EdChoice Series

Almost any article on Catholic schooling today will have at least one paragraph in it describing the last five decades’ decline in both the...
Jan 05

What is Empirical Evidence?

Empirical evidence is information that researchers generate to help uncover answers to questions that can have significant implications for our society. Take seatbelts. Prior...
Jan 03

School Vouchers Gone Wild? The Truth About Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarships

Based on recent media coverage, you might get the impression that the Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarship Program operates in some kind of Mad...
Jan 02

Could School Choice Be a Solution for Segregation in Private Schools?

In September, Matt Di Carlo and Kinga Wysienska-Di Carlo published an interesting research brief for the Albert Shanker Institute, wherein they used data from...
Dec 05

What Recourse Families of Students with Special Needs Have When Their Schools Fail Them: Public vs. Private

Students with special needs are a vulnerable population. Often, they lack the ability to effectively advocate for themselves within the classroom or school house....
Nov 07

The Chicken and the Egg of Educational Choice

Tell me if you’ve heard this chestnut before: “We can’t let parents choose their child’s school because they don’t have enough information to make...

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