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Florida Families Overwhelming Satisfied with School Choice Despite Complexity of Programs

Just as news broke that the Florida legislature was sending massive changes to the state’s school choice program to Gov. Ron DeSantis’s desk, researchers from Boston University and the University of Arkansas released a new study of Florida families’ experiences with two of the state’s private school choice programs. This legislative session, Florida lawmakers combined […]

Public Opinion Tracker Deep Dive: Perspectives of Black K-12 Parents (March 2021)

In February, EdChoice increased our sampling of Black K–12 school parents to better understand their unique perspectives, experiences, concerns and preferences. Those views—particularly when it comes to education and schooling—can be very unique compared to other groups in the country, and reflecting information from which we all can learn. This work is part of our […]

Parents and Teachers Both Want More Learning Pods

We knew parents liked learning pods. It turns out teachers might be even more excited. When schools shut their doors in response to COVID-19, some parents worried their kids were not learning well through online instruction. Others feared a lack of social or emotional development. Among parents who transitioned to working from home, some felt […]

2021 EdChoice Share: Where Are America’s Students Getting Their Education?

END OF Q1 UPDATE: We will update this post quarterly to reflect updates to private school participation as well as enrollment changes in states’ public, charter, home school, and non-choice program private schools. This series coins the term Educational Choice Share (or EdChoice Share) to represent the proportion of all K–12 students who are enrolled […]

Public Opinion Tracker: Teacher Survey Top Takeaways Q1 2021

In March 2020, schools across the country suddenly shut their doors in response to the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic. One year later, COVID-19 safety measures have been crafted and revised, vaccine distribution has accelerated, and the number of schools reopened or looking to reopen soon keeps growing. In the political debates around school reopening, the […]

Public Opinion Tracker Deep Dive: Teen Perspectives

The process toward reopening schools appears to be reaching a turning point. The Department of Education’s National Safe School Reopening Summit, broadcast March 24, discussed strategies and updated CDC recommendations for schools to reopen safely. With the Institute for Education Sciences’ (IES) first monthly school survey released in March, we have much greater clarity about […]

U.S. Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey Shows Homeschooling Is Booming

On March 22, the U.S. Census Bureau released data from its Household Pulse Survey, a 20-minute online survey designed to assess the impact of the coronavirus on American households. It found that in the spring of 2020, about 5.4 percent of U.S. households with children reported homeschooling. By fall, that number had more than doubled, […]

Public Opinion Tracker Deep Dive: Perspectives of Black K-12 Parents (February 2021)

There is no question Black students and families in America are collectively experiencing learning disruptions differently than other groups. Journalists have reported on particular mental and emotional challenges Black students face in K–12 education. Trust appears to be eroding between school officials, teachers, and Black families, and Black parents appear to be less trusting of […]

What You Should Know About the New IES Study of Indiana’s Voucher Program

The federal Institute for Education Sciences, through the Regional Education Laboratory Midwest, recently published a study of educational attainment in Indiana, comparing results of students who attended traditional public schools, public charter schools, private schools via the Indiana Choice Voucher Program, and private schools without a voucher. The researchers used student-level data from the state […]