Issues of Faith and School Choice

issues of faith in school choice

I grew up in the Lutheran faith, while relatives on my father’s side of the family were Methodist. Faith mattered. Neither side of the family cared much for the rituals and beliefs of Catholics; those practices seemed mysterious, and the fact that during services Catholics spoke a language I didn’t know (Latin) reinforced that idea. […]

The Future of the Louisiana School Voucher Case Simplified

louisiana school voucher

Instead of asking a federal judge to get between school vouchers and families in need, Eric Holder and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) should be in Louisiana getting an education on what justice actually looks like. After the DOJ suspended its request for the Louisiana school voucher to be enjoined, it appeared the nation’s second-largest school […]

The Decline of “Voting with Your Feet” in American Public School Districts

Historically, American public school districts have been governed by locally appointed or elected school boards, and families (mostly) have been free to live in whatever school district they wished. Several decades ago, this system provided a large degree of choice for many families, but over the past 70 years, choice among public school districts has […]

Testing Educational Justice

Is high-stakes testing the best option for kids?

In “Spinning America’s Report Card,” Paul E. Peterson and Eric A. Hanushek wrote “…progress for American children came to a halt when the Obama administration stopped focusing on student test scores….” In today’s Wall Street Journal, the authors of the Friedman Foundation’s More Than Scores report, Jim Kelly and Ben Scafidi, provide a different perspective on […]

What’s on First: School Choice vs. Common Core

school choice vs. common core

Many Common Core supporters say school choice and Common Core can work together to create the best system. Maybe they can, but school choice for all families must come first, and these two scenarios show why: School Choice First All parents are empowered to choose schools. Schools tailor their curricula and more to fit desires […]

BRIEF: School Choice in the States October 2013

school choice in the states

Alabama – Stephanie Linn @StephanieJLinn Last spring the Alabama legislature passed two new school choice programs in the Alabama Accountability Act (AAA): a tax-credit scholarship program for low-income families and a tax credit or rebate for any family that transfers their child from a failing public school to a private school. The Alabama Education Association subsequently […]

The Friedman Foundation Thanks America’s Veterans

veterans and choice

For choice to work, one must be free to make it. And for there to be freedom, another must be there to defend it. For being free to choose in so many aspects of our lives, the Friedman Foundation team extends our utmost gratitude and support to America’s veterans. For their benefit, we also applaud […]

Simulation: How a Parent Chooses a School for Their Child

The idea that impoverished parents shouldn’t be trusted to choose a good educational option for their children is one repeated often by school choice critics. For instance, Michael Walker Jones of the Louisiana Association of Educators was quoted by the New Orleans Times-Picayune saying, “If I’m a parent in poverty, I have no clue because […]

The Friedman Foundation on Common Core

Friedman Foundation on the Common Core

Common Core State Standards Initiative, national standards, federal takeover of education—whatever you want to call it, we at the Friedman Foundation are frequently asked about it. Here is our position: Parents should have the primary power and authority over their children’s education, which includes both the power to choose any school that they deem best […]

Douglas County Colorado Voters Choose School Choice

Douglas County CO school choice

Last night in a highly contested election, the four school choice candidates running to return to or join Colorado’s Douglas County School Board won. Although some headlines have focused on Jeb Bush’s, a Koch-funded nonprofit’s, and the teachers unions’ involvement in the race, it was the late Milton Friedman that prompted board members to dramatically reform […]