John Kristof

John is a research analyst for EdChoice, where he provides data collection, management and analysis for EdChoice state research projects, as well as quality control for research, writing for the EdChoice blog and other research aid.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways January 2021

With another successful National School Choice Week in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to check in on our latest monthly tracking poll results. You can browse the full reports as well as our national and state dashboards, which illustrate public opinion on various educational issues at the beginning of the new year, at the EdChoice […]

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Participation, 2021 Edition

The 2021 edition of The ABCs of School Choice is officially live and available for orders, and in it, we provide the most recent participation data available for every private school choice program in America and much more. In this post, we rank all of those programs by participant counts at the time of this […]

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Eligibility, 2021 Edition

At EdChoice, eligibility is one of the most important factors in analyzing a school choice program. We believe that all parents—regardless geography, income, or any other factor—should have access to the educational options that best fit their children’s needs. You can find specific program eligibility rates in this year’s ABCs of School Choice, or check out […]

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Purchasing Power, 2021 Edition

How well are America’s private school choice programs funded? In this post, we rank the nation’s educational choice programs by purchasing power based on data in the 2021 edition of The ABCs of School Choice. To rank programs by purchasing power, we compare each program’s most recent per-pupil spending to the state’s (plus D.C.’s and […]

Reducing Higher Ed Debt: K-12 Education Savings Accounts Can Help Beyond K-12

There’s a national conversation right now about whether or not lawmakers should cancel student loan debt­—and how much they should consider wiping out. President-elect Biden has suggested canceling up to $10,000 per student; other federal policymakers have urged canceling $50,000 per person. Both plans face challenges. Most notably, canceling $10,000 of student debt per borrower […]

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways November 2020

This week, we’ve posted reports based on our most recent survey results that are now posted on EdChoice’s Public Opinion Tracker. Below are eight key findings from our most recent monthly tracking poll, which is conducted by Morning Consult. Our survey was based on a nationally representative sample of adults 18 years and older in […]