Leslie Hiner

Leslie Hiner serves as vice president of Legal Affairs for EdChoice and leads the Legal Defense & Education Center. She is also a member of the American Enterprise Institute Leadership Network and is a Heartland Institute policy advisor.

Mississippi’s ESA Bill Breakdown

What to know about Mississippi's ESA bill

As the first national private school choice organization to work with parents and advocates in Mississippi, beginning several years ago, we are excited to share the news about their recent success. The Mississippi legislature passed Senate Bill 2695, an education savings account (ESA) program for children with disabilities that is now headed to Gov. Phil […]

BRIEF: School Choice in the States February 2015

school choice in the states

Arizona – Leslie Hiner @LeslieHiner The Arizona Senate passed, with a bipartisan vote, the expansion of education savings accounts (ESAs) to include Native American families living on tribal lands. Florida – Leslie Hiner @LeslieHiner A bill to clarify and revise technical aspects of the Florida Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts, an ESA program, was introduced in […]

BRIEF: School Choice in the States January 2015

school choice in the states

National School Choice Week rocked the country again with more than 11,000 events nationwide this year. Also released during School Choice Week was our annual The ABCs of School Choice, the comprehensive reference guide to every private school choice program in the U.S. Click the respective links for rankings of all 51 programs by family […]

BRIEF: School Choice in the States December 2014

school choice in the states

Colorado – Doran Moreland @Dmoreland9 Litigation over the country’s only district-created voucher program was reviewed by the Colorado Supreme Court. A ruling on the program is expected in early 2015. Parents have been vocal in their support of the program, which is being challenged by the ACLU, unions, and a group of taxpayers. Florida – […]

Challenging Suburban School Choice in Douglas County, Colorado

“Do not mess with suburbanites, because frankly we’re just not gonna take it anymore.” That closing line from Tom Hanks’ tepidly reviewed comedy “The ‘Burbs” is truer than many realize. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan learned it last year when he criticized “white suburban moms.” Union leaders may soon face the same fate. In […]

BRIEF: School Choice in the States October 2014

school choice in the states

Delaware – Doran Moreland @Dmoreland9In early October, the Friedman Foundation released its Delaware K-12 and School Choice Survey. With the state’s legislature likely to consider education savings accounts (ESAs) in 2015, Paul DiPerna analyzed the survey’s ESA findings in this blog post. DiPerna also appeared on Delaware’s WDEL radio station to discuss the survey’s implications, which […]

BRIEF: School Choice in the States September 2014

school choice in the states

Delaware – Doran Moreland @Dmoreland9 The Friedman Foundation will release a new survey of Delaware voters in October. The report will highlight Delaware’s surprising interest in vouchers and education savings accounts. We’ll share the link with complete data on our social networks on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, so be sure to follow us to catch […]

BRIEF: School Choice in the States August 2014

school choice in the states

Alabama – Stephanie Linn @StephanieJLinn Thirty public school superintendents signed on to the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the school choice program provided under the Alabama Accountability Act. The law is presently in effect while being appealed in the judicial system. The Friedman Foundation filed an amicus curiae in defense of the school choice program. Colorado […]

Oklahoma Children with Disabilities Denied Choice to Religious Schools

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled it constitutional in 2002. Still, that precedent hasn’t stopped groups from challenging, in state courts, parents who use vouchers to choose private religious settings for their children. Indeed, Oklahoma’s Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarships for Children with Disabilities may not be available to children choosing religious schools for their education, according […]