Leslie Hiner

Leslie Hiner serves as vice president of Legal Affairs for EdChoice and leads the Legal Defense & Education Center. She is also a member of the American Enterprise Institute Leadership Network and is a Heartland Institute policy advisor.

BRIEF: School Choice in the States November 2013

school choice in the states

Colorado – Robbie Rhinesmith @rrhinesmith85 The most-watched education election occurred in Colorado, where four of the seven Douglas County school board seats – home to the nation’s only district-enacted private school voucher program – were up for grabs. School choice supporters won all four races, signaling that voters in Douglas County understand a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, […]

Issues of Faith and School Choice

issues of faith in school choice

I grew up in the Lutheran faith, while relatives on my father’s side of the family were Methodist. Faith mattered. Neither side of the family cared much for the rituals and beliefs of Catholics; those practices seemed mysterious, and the fact that during services Catholics spoke a language I didn’t know (Latin) reinforced that idea. […]

The Future of the Louisiana School Voucher Case Simplified

louisiana school voucher

Instead of asking a federal judge to get between school vouchers and families in need, Eric Holder and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) should be in Louisiana getting an education on what justice actually looks like. After the DOJ suspended its request for the Louisiana school voucher to be enjoined, it appeared the nation’s second-largest school […]

BRIEF: School Choice in the States October 2013

school choice in the states

Alabama – Stephanie Linn @StephanieJLinn Last spring the Alabama legislature passed two new school choice programs in the Alabama Accountability Act (AAA): a tax-credit scholarship program for low-income families and a tax credit or rebate for any family that transfers their child from a failing public school to a private school. The Alabama Education Association subsequently […]