EdChoice Statement on the Value of Catholic Education


The value of Catholic education, including in urban communities, cannot be overstated, and EdChoice is grateful for the longtime, strong relationships we enjoy with all our Catholic partners. Our Catholic allies have fought for parental freedom for hundreds of years, and EdChoice has fought alongside them since we started 26 years ago. We will always work with our Catholic allies and want to make it clear that they are part of the answer going forward.

Over the weekend, an EdChoice employee, in his individual capacity, raised an important issue and made comments that offended these friends. He meant no malice in his comments, which regrettably were conveyed in a way that divided some in the choice community. We know these comments hurt many of our friends in the Catholic community, and for that, we at EdChoice are unequivocally sorry. EdChoice remains firm in its conviction that the Catholic community is responsible for improving the lives of countless children, including children in black and urban communities. Our Catholic allies are strengthening communities not only across our country, but world.

The educational choice community has had lots to celebrate in recent years, and these victories for children are in no small part due to members of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Conferences and individual members of the Church. As we continue working toward Milton and Rose Friedman’s vision of universal choice for all students, we look forward to collaborating with and supporting our Catholic friends.