Roxanne McEwen v. Gov Bill Lee

Roxanne McEwen v. Gov Bill Lee, Chancery Court of Davidson County, Case No. 20-0242-II.

Litigation: Challenging the Education Savings Account Pilot Program. A group of parents on March 2, 2020, filed this lawsuit alleging state constitutional violations based on Home Rule, diverting public education funds to private schools, different treatment of public and private schools, and no anti-discrimination and civil rights protections.

Outcomes: The Chancery Court for the Twentieth Judicial District in Davidson County heard arguments for this lawsuit and The Metropolitan Govt of Nashville and Davidson County, v. Tennessee Dept of Education (see above), then on May 4, 2020, ruled that the law violated the Home Rule provision. The judge held all other issues, including this case, pending decision by a higher court regarding the Home Rule issue.   Consideration by the Courts is pending.

Why it Matters: