Jacob Vinson

Jacob Vinson

Art Director

As EdChoice’s art director, Jacob manages our visual brand identity on all fronts. In addition to that, he assists our state partners with video production and multimedia services.

Born and raised on Indianapolis’s east side, Jacob is a musician, illustrator, digital painter, digital sculptor and 3D designer. He’s a big fan of all forms of artistic expression.

Favorite Quote

“The farther one travels, the less one knows.”
— George Harrison

Favorite Teacher

Mr. Whiteman, German. He is incredibly cultured, and he is responsible for providing me with my first graphic design project. Had it not been for Mr. Whiteman I probably would have pursued a fine arts degree rather than a design degree. For that, I am incredibly appreciative.

Favorite Class

Jazz Band. For one hour every day I was allowed to play guitar in school. What more could I have asked for?

High School Mascot


Favorite Pastimes

Creating and performing concert visuals + Playing and recording music

Inspiration for Joining the Educational Choice Movement

Prior to joining EdChoice, I had no idea about the school choice movement. After learning more, I don’t understand how school choice isn’t the norm. It only makes sense.