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  • Apr 15 2020

The 123s of School Choice

By EdChoice

Researchers from across the country have published more than 150 empirical studies on the effectiveness of private school choice programs. And for most, that may seem an overwhelming amount of literature to tackle. That’s why we are excited to bring you the second edition of The 123s of School Choice, an in-depth review of the available research on private school choice programs in America.

Areas of study include: private school choice program participant test scores, program participant attainment, parent satisfaction, public school students’ test scores, civic values and practices, racial/ethnic integration and fiscal effects.

This annually updated publication does not reflect developments past March 2020. For further data or research inquiries, email For more updated study counts and more, scroll down to view our quarterly updated slide deck, or click here.

What Will I Learn? Download Report

School Choice Research to Date


In this report, you will learn:

  • 1

    Latest Stats

    This guide is segmented based on each of the areas of study listed in the description above. Within each of those sections, you will find fast facts that make it quick and easy to determine just how many studies found positive, negative or null/neutral effects.
  • 2

    Tables and Maps

    Within each section, we use tables and maps to break down each study clearly by location, type of school choice program and the overarching findings. The effects are organized by “any positive effect for all students,” “any positive effect for some students (subsample),” “no visible effect for all students,” “no visible effect for some students,” and “any negative effect for all students” and “any negative effect for some students.”
  • 3

    Fully Cited Source Lists

    If you’re in search of a bibliography for private school choice studies, look no further. Each section of this guide includes a source list fully cited in APA style.
  • 4

    Deeper Dive into Research Methodology

    Want to learn more about what separates good research from bad research? We include an educational section in the back of this guide where you can take a deeper dive into empirical research methodology and more.

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