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Sources: Data reported annually by state education departments to the National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education and obtained from Digest of Education Statistics and the Elementary/Secondary Information System.

Notes: Nominal dollars for FY 1992 are converted to Real 2017 and 2019 dollars using the CPI-U for January 1992,  January 2017,and January 2019 from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

StateACTUAL Per-student spending, FY 1992REAL Per-student spending, FY 1992ACTUAL Per-student spending, FY 2017ACTUAL Average Teacher Salary, FY 1992REAL Average Teacher Salary, FY 1992ACTUAL Average Teacher Salary, FY 2019Change in per-student spendingChange in avg teacher salariesStudents, FY 1992Students, FY 2019Change in students', 1992-2019All staff, FY 1992All staff, FY 2019Chg in all staff, 1992-2019Teachers, FY 1992Teachers, FY 2019Chg in teachers, 1992-2019All other staff, FY 1992All other staff, FY 2019Chg in all other staff, 1992-2019Total savings (if "changes in all other staff" matched "changes in students" assuming average compensation at $70,000 per full-time employee)Potential teacher pay raises (if "changes in all other staff" matched "changes in students")Number of students who can receive $8,000 ESAs (if "changes in all other staff" matched "changes in students")