About LDEC

Director of EdChoice’s Legal Defense & Education Center

Leslie Hiner


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Formally established in 2018, the Legal Defense and Education Center (LDEC) built on EdChoice’s history of providing legal expertise to policymakers, media outlets and the legal community. LDEC works in partnership with state and national allies to identify and remove legal barriers to universal school choice and provide ongoing legal assistance to the school choice movement.

Our services include:

  • Legal Reviews: Provide legal review and guidance regarding bill drafts and constitutional questions at the state and federal level; address and clarify tax issues that affect school choice programs.
  • Legal Assistance: Work alongside other pro-school choice organizations to file amicus briefs and provide research and messaging advice.
  • Legal Education: Speak at legal events across the country as well as to lay audiences about the importance and constitutionality of school choice.

Our work to track and defend school choice programs in the courts is vital to EdChoice’s mission of school choice for all students.