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  • We are EdChoice

    The Friedman Foundation has a new name.

    The Friedman Foundation is now EdChoice. Why the change? What does it mean for the school choice movement? What does the future look like? Read President and CEO Robert Enlow’s blog post to find out.


    It’s making a positive impact all across America.

    Use our interactive School Choice in America Dashboard to filter which states have which programs and export crucial data.


    It’s informing education decision makers.

    What do voters think of educational choice? What do parents want for their children’s education? How do educational choice programs affect students and schools? Check out our research for answers to these questions and more.

EdChoice is devoted to advancing educational freedom and choice for all as a pathway to successful lives and a stronger society.


“For too long, those with the most at stake in education have been told to sit down, be quiet and let the professionals handle their kids. Policymakers have similarly been bullied by those who seek to protect and preserve an educational system that has chronically failed a great many of those who most depend on it as their pathway to a successful life. Those days are over.”

-Robert Enlow, EdChoice president and CEO


  • We’re bringing together information, ideas and resources to make educational choice easier to understand.

    It can be difficult to see how school choice fits into our current education system. Our quick, informative videos explain how a universal school choice system would work and how different types of school choice programs operate today.

  • We’ve invested in state and national research to provide the most up-to-date information on the effects of educational choice.

    Our research focuses on how private school choice programs affect students, families, schools and communities. And our research team is dedicated to high-quality research methods and transparency. Comb our library of research for reports on academic achievement, fiscal effects, surveys, regulations, private education markets and more.

  • We’re working to promote and grow educational choice options to meet the needs of students across the United States.

    How does your state stack up to others? Check out our School Choice in America Dashboard to compare, then delve deeper into states and individual programs for more details.

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