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Our monthly polling dashboard is live! In an era where there are more polls and surveys than ever, there is still relatively infrequent attention given to the public’s opinion on schooling and K–12 education issues. Most annual polls about K–12 education release in late summer or fall. We are changing that with our new Public Opinion Tracker, updated monthly and with state-level data.


Keep teaching. Keep learning. As we navigate the shutdown of ordinary life and the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our routines and families, we wanted to provide a handy list of free, online tools to help you continue teaching and learning at home.


Use our interactive map and data dashboard to compare programs. Whatever choice program data you need, our School Choice in America Dashboard has it. Bonus: You can download customized spreadsheets with the data you care about most.

EdChoice At A Glance

How many educational choice programs are there and in how many states? We’ve got you covered. Remember, the number of programs on the books is different from the number currently operating. For more clarification, email media@edchoice.org. For more school choice fast facts broken out by program type, click the button below.


EdChoice is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. Our team is driven by the shared mission to advance a K–12 education system where all families are free to choose a learning environment that works best for their children.

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It takes a village to make school choice happen. EdChoice is here to help bring people together and equip them with high-quality research, data analysis, policy expertise and messaging strategies through our resources and trainings.

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Whether we are summarizing legislation, breaking down research, declaring our position on an issue, sharing a family story or responding to critics—EdChoice ENGAGE has something for everyone in the school choice movement in the medium that fits your needs best.

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It's common for the myths and truths surrounding school choice to become mixed up in the fray of rhetoric and debate. We set the record straight—with sourced research and data—in our Frequently Asked Questions, so you can draw informed conclusions of your own.

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