Key Findings from the Indiana School Voucher Program 2019–20 IDOE Report

Over the past few months, researchers have gotten used to state departments of education not releasing data on as regular a basis as they did pre-pandemic. They currently have their hands full figuring out what the fall might look like in their state. And I was honestly a little nervous to see the new Indiana school voucher data. I thought surely there was a reason that after three straight years of initially releasing the Choice Scholarship Program Annual report in February like clockwork the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) waited until June to release the 2019–20 report.

However, the only real departure in the report from previous years was that the department went into more detail than normal, and it even did the hard work of calculating how much state taxpayers saved from the program. Yes, saved. In a turnaround from previous years, the state has decided to show the program saves money.

Here are the key findings in infographic form.