The New 123s of School Choice – What You Need to Know

As you might have seen in an email or on social media, we are revamping The 123s of School Choice guide this year, making it fully digital.

If you’re not familiar with The 123s report is, let us catch you up.

Researchers from across the country have conducted almost 170 empirical studies (as of this blog post) on the effectiveness of private school choice programs. And for most, that would seem an overwhelming amount of literature to consume, summarize and make digestible. That’s where The 123s comes in. Our research team created an in-depth review of the available research on Americas’ private school choice programs—school vouchers, education savings accounts (ESAs) and tax-credit scholarships.

Research areas include:

  • Program Participant Test Scores
  • Program Participant Attainment
  • Parent Satisfaction
  • Public School Students’ Test Scores
  • Civic Values and Practices
  • Racial/Ethnic Integration
  • Fiscal Effects

Not only will the new 123s be easier to digest and share, but also it will be easier for our research team to keep updated as new studies become available throughout the year.

The URL will always be the home of the latest version of the 123s, so you’ll never have to update a source citation link or go hunting for the most updated version again. This page will also house any supplemental documents as well as older versions of the report for posterity. 

If you still need something to hold in your hands or give out at events, our EdChoice Study Guide has you covered. You can preview the PDF and learn more about ordering free copies of that publication in our FAQs.)

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