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Jun 20

New Report Examines Fiscal Crisis at Los Angeles Unified School District

In today’s episode of EdChoice Chats, our Director of Fiscal Policy Dr. Marty Lueken talks with Lisa Snell, education director at the Reason Foundation,...
Jun 13

Mapping Drive-Times from Private Schools in Oklahoma

Oklahoma helps more than an estimated 2,500 families afford private school through its tax-credit scholarship and voucher programs, but do kids in this fairly...
Jun 12

The Monthly Debrief Podcast with the EdChoice State Team – June 2018

In this Monthly Debrief podcast, EdChoice’s Director of State Relations Lauren Hodge, Director of Policy Jason Bedrick and Senior Director of State Relations Michael...
Jun 05

Researcher Profile: Greg Forster

In today’s EdChoice Chat, Drew Catt talks with Dr. Greg Forster, an EdChoice Friedman Fellow, about why he joined the school choice movement, what...
Jun 04

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, May 2018

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION   Colorado  SB 18-083 was postponed indefinitely in Colorado’s House Education Committee. The bill, which would have created an income tax...
May 31

The Five Things You Should Know about the New D.C. Voucher Test Score Study

  This week, the Institute for Education Sciences released a new report on the performance of the District of Columbia’s Opportunity Scholarship Program. This...
May 30

How to Tell If You Can Afford Private School

Parents choose private schools for a lot of reasons. Maybe their local public school is not meeting their needs. Maybe they want a religious...
May 29

Cool Schools: Venture Schools Will Turn Detroit High Schoolers into Entrepreneurial Thinkers

In our latest episode of our Cool Schools podcast, Mike McShane talks with Drew Schantz, the founder and executive director of the soon-to-be Venture...
May 24

Defining Market Failure (with Examples)

Introductory courses in economics usually focus on perfect competition and why markets are more efficient than other institutional arrangements, such as monopolies or oligopolies....
May 22

New Report Recommends a Four-Step Plan for Optimizing K–12 Regulations

In this episode of EdChoice Chats, our Director of State Research and Special Projects Drew Catt discusses our newest research with the author and...

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