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Oct 16

Cool Schools: Build UP Focuses on Education and Workforce Development in Urban Areas

In today’s episode of EdChoice Chats, Mike McShane talks with the founder of Build UP, a new school launching in 2019 in Ensley, Alabama....
Oct 09

School Choice in Pop Culture: Harry Potter

In today’s episode of EdChoice Chats, two hardcore Harry Potter fans—our President and CEO Robert Enlow and our CRM and Email Marketing Manager Abby...
Oct 02

New Report Asks Whether We Should Do-Over or Double Down on K–12 Accountability

What does it mean to hold schools accountable? We convened focus groups of K–12 stakeholders—from policymakers to researchers to teachers—to wrestle with that tough...
Sep 24

Cool Schools: This Catholic School Network Exclusively Serves Students with Special Needs

You may have heard that private schools don’t serve students with special needs. But in today’s podcast, Director of National Research Mike McShane talks...
Sep 20

New Study Finds America’s School Voucher Programs Have Saved Billions

In our latest study, EdChoice’s Director of Fiscal Policy and Analysis Marty Lueken examined the fiscal impact of voucher programs in Florida, Georgia, Indiana,...
Sep 14

How Tennessee’s ESA Spending Compares to Other States

Last month, the Tennessee Department of Education released the final expense report summary and enrollment data for the first full year of the state’s...
Sep 12

School Choice in Pop Culture: Parenthood

In this episode of our School Choice in Pop Culture series, two fans of the NBC television show Parenthood, our Director of State Relations...
Sep 11

The Monthly Debrief Podcast with the EdChoice State Team – August to September 2018

LISTEN ON ITUNES LISTEN ON STITCHER Our Podcast Transcribed Michael Chartier: Well, thank you listeners. Welcome back to another EdChoice Chat. We’re going to...
Sep 10

After IRS impacts tax-credit scholarships, a chance for altruism (and better program design)

For most people, Internal Revenue Service recommendations induce snoozing. For school choice advocates, guidance released late August by the U.S. Department of Treasury (which...
Sep 07

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, August 2018

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION Florida On August 20, the Florida Supreme Court issued an order for oral arguments in Citizens for Strong Schools v. Florida...

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