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Nov 20

Look Ahead: School Choice in the Courts and What It Means for Our Children and Teachers

The EdChoice team is investing more than ever in tracking school choice, children’s rights and teachers’ rights in the courts. Our VP of Communications...
Nov 16

Does More School Choice Regulation Lead to Less Diverse Schools?

In this podcast, EdChoice’s Director of State Research and Policy Analysis Drew Catt chats about the effects of school choice program regulations on the...
Nov 11

Military Families Will Sacrifice for Their Kids’ Education, But School Choice Could Help

“We got orders, and we’re moving this summer.” As a veteran, I can tell you these can be some of the most challenging words...
Nov 07

The Chicken and the Egg of Educational Choice

Tell me if you’ve heard this chestnut before: “We can’t let parents choose their child’s school because they don’t have enough information to make...
Nov 06

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, October 2017

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION New Hampshire The New Hampshire House Education Subcommittee met to consider SB 193, which would create a nearly universal education savings...
Nov 01

This Flexible, Customized Education Model Will Change Your Perception of Private Schools

Parents and educators know that every child is unique. Still, individualized instruction that addresses each student’s uniqueness remains elusive in many traditional schools—public and...
Oct 26

How School Choice Can Help Solve the Teacher Pension Crisis

In today’s episode, Dr. Marty Lueken, our own director of fiscal policy and analysis, chats with Dr. Michael Podgursky, professor of economics at the...
Oct 16

New 2017 Survey Finds Military and Veteran Families Want More from America’s K–12 Education System

Our new research, Surveying the Military, is the first of its kind and methodology to delve deeper into former and current military families’ thoughts...
Oct 10

Teacher-Turned-Researcher Sivan Tuchman Discusses the Disability Rights Community’s Skepticism with School Choice

In this installment of EdChoice Chats, Drew Catt interviews Sivan Tuchman, research analyst at The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE). They talk about...
Oct 04

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, September 2017

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION Wisconsin Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a budget bill that increased the income limit to participate in Wisconsin’s statewide voucher program from...

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