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Apr 20

The Next 200 Years: A Post Mortem of the Once Promising Jubilee Catholic Schools

When the diocese in Memphis shut down the once promising Jubilee Catholic Schools, I was surprised like many others in the Catholic education community....
Apr 17

PODCAST: The Monthly Debrief with the EdChoice Programs Team – April

In this episode of The Monthly Debrief, EdChoice’s Senior Director of State Relations Michael Chartier talks with Policy Director Jason Bedrick about what’s going...
Apr 10

Cool Schools: Blended Learning in Catholic and Charter Schools with Seton Education Partners

In today’s Cool Schools episode of EdChoice Chats, Mike McShane chats with Stephanie Saroki de Garcia, co-founder of Seton Education Partners. Her job is...
Apr 05

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, March 2018

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION California  California’s proposed tax-credit scholarship, AB 2480, saw amendments and was re-referred to the Standing Committee on Revenue and Taxation. The state’s...
Apr 03

Legal Update with Leslie: An Update on Montana’s Tax-Credit Scholarship Case

In today’s episode of EdChoice Chats, Vice President of Communications Jennifer Wagner interviews Vice President of Legal Affairs Leslie Hiner about Montana’s Espinoza v....
Mar 29

Mapping Drive-Times from Private Schools in South Carolina

South Carolina already has a tax-credit scholarship and individual tax credit for families of students with special needs, and existing South Carolina private schools...
Mar 28

Can I Use a 529 Plan for K–12 Expenses?

If you’ve done much research into how to save for your child’s college education, you’ve probably heard of 529 plans. These plans, created as...
Mar 27

Cool Schools: How Acton Academies Are Revolutionizing Learning

In today’s episode of EdChoice Chats, we continue our Cool Schools series with an interview with Acton Academies Co-Founder Jeff Sandefer. He talks about...
Mar 23

The Next 200 Years: Studying the Long-Term Effects of Catholic-to-Charter “Conversion”

In 2014, Andrew Kelly and I wrote Sector Switchers: Why Catholic Schools Convert to Charters and What Happens Next, an examination of 18 formerly...
Mar 22

Should Anyone Use Student Test Score Studies to Determine School Choice Success or Failure?

Collin Hitt of Southern Illinois School of Medicine, Patrick Wolf of the University of Arkansas and I have a new working paper out with...

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