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Feb 13

Cool Schools: Classical Education Meets Intentional Integration in This Private School

In this episode of EdChoice Chats, our Director of National Research Mike McShane continues our “Cool Schools” series with an interview with CEO of...
Feb 12

Breaking Down New Hampshire’s ESA Bill, the Research and Public Opinion

Last year, New Hampshire legislators introduced a bill to create Education Freedom Savings Accounts. The New Hampshire Senate passed a version of SB 193 that...
Feb 07

New Report Shows How Florida Families Are Using ESAs

Today, EdChoice released its latest research, a report on how Florida families are using the state’s Gardiner Scholarship Program, an education savings account (ESA)...
Feb 05

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, January 2018

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION Colorado Colorado introduced SB 18-083, an income tax credit for private school tuition in the state senate. It was assigned to the...
Jan 30

Jonathan Mills: What It’s Like Studying School Choice and Future Louisiana Research

In today’s EdChoice Chat, Director of State Research and Policy Analysis Drew Catt talks with Jonathan Mills, senior research associate in the University of...
Jan 26

The 2018 EdChoice Yearbook Superlatives

We’re back again in the new year with EdChoice’s 2018 yearbook superlatives. We got together to vote on America’s educational choice programs, and here...
Jan 25

U.S. States Ranked by Educational Choice Share, 2018

We have arrived at that time of year where we look at where each state’s students are educated. Similar to last year, the EdChoice...
Jan 24

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Purchasing Power, 2018 Edition

We’ve given our readers an overview of educational choice programs across the nation this week with rankings based on eligibility and participation. But one...
Jan 23

PODCAST: The Past, Present and Future of National School Choice Week

Today on EdChoice Chats, we’re listening in on a conversation between EdChoice’s President and CEO Robert Enlow and his friend Andrew Campanella, the president...
Jan 23

The States Ranked by Spending on School Choice Programs, 2018 Edition

We’re back again in 2018, ranking the states’ aggregate spending on private educational choice programs as a percentage of their total K–12 spending. For...

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