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Ep. 224: Religious Liberty and Education – An Interview with Kevin Vallier

Kevin Vallier, associate professor of philosophy at Bowling Green State University, joins us to discuss his chapter in the book, Religious Liberty and Education: A Case Study of Yeshivas

What Parents Think About Getting to School Before and During a Pandemic

Learn more about some of the most intriguing findings from our latest report.

Ep 222: Monthly Tracker Results – October 2020

In this episode, we share key takeaways from our October 2020 wave of polling as reported on our EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker. For more from the full report, visit

Ep. 221: Commuting Concerns with Drew Catt and Mike McShane

The author of our latest report, Commuting Concerns, discusses the process used to collect responses, inspiration for the report, and more.

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EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways October 2020

We share our 14 key findings based on our October polling wave with Morning Consult.

Ep. 220: Big Ideas – “Protecting Learning Pods” with Jonathan Butcher

Jonathan Butcher joins us to discuss is report, Protecting Learning Pods: A 50-State Guide to Regulations Threatening the Latest Education Innovation. He explains learning pod regulation concerns and more.

Ep. 217: Big Ideas – Charter School Study with Danish Shakeel

Danish Shakeel discusses his co-authored report, Changes in the Performance of Students in Charter and District Sectors of U.S. Education: An Analysis of Nationwide Trends. 

Ep. 216: Big Ideas – “An Appraisal Market for K-12 Education” with Lindsey Burke

Lindsey Burke joins us to discuss An Appraisal Market for K-12 Education, her recently-authored report for the American Enterprise Institute.

U.S. States Ranked by Educational Choice Share, 2020

Where are America’s students getting their education? Which types of schools and educational settings are they choosing?

Ep. 214: Big Ideas – “Online Learning” with Ian Kingsbury

We are joined by Ian Kingsbury, an education policy fellow with the Empire Center for Public Policy. He discusses his recently-authored EdChoice study, Online Learning: How do Brick and

Ep. 213: Teen Survey – August 2020

We asked teens how COVID-19 has impacted their schooling, what social issues they care about the most, and more.

Ep. 212: Religious Liberty and Education – France’s Crackdown on Islamic Education and Homeschooling

In this special edition of our Religious Liberty and Education series, we are joined by Jibran Khan and Danish Shakeel to discuss Islamic education and homeschooling—specifically in regards to

Black Children Continue To Be Pushed Out of American Schools During Pandemic

When legal and educational systems fail to recognize the humanity of those they sentence, such callousness leaves the most fragile the most vulnerable and in harm’s way.

Ep. 211: Big Ideas – “School Choice Myths” with Neal McCluskey and Corey DeAngelis

Co-editors of the book, School Choice Myths: Setting the Record Straight on Educational Freedom, unpack just a few of the 12 school choice myths you will find in the book.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways September 2020

We share our 12 key takeaways based on our September polling wave.

Ep. 210: Big Ideas – “Let’s Get Small” with Matthew Ladner

Matthew Ladner joins Jason Bedrick in this episode of our Big Ideas series to discuss their co-authored report, Let’s Get Small: Microschools, Pandemic Pods, and the Future of Education

Survey: But What About The Kids?

Our new poll reveals teen views on back-to-school, the pandemic and other hot topics.

Ep 205: Monthly Tracker Results – August 2020

In this episode, we share key takeaways from our August 2020 wave of polling as reported on our EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker. We talk about the new questions we

Ep. 204: Big Ideas – “A Fine Line” with Tim DeRoche

In this episode, we chat with Tim DeRoche about his book, A Fine Line: How Most American Kids are Kept Out of the Best Public Schools. We cover topics

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways August 2020

We share our seven key takeaways based on our August polling wave.

Ep. 203: Schooling in America Survey – K–12 Education and School Choice

In this episode, we chat about results in part two of our Schooling in America Survey, “K–12 Education and School Choice Reforms.” We unpack the American public’s views on the

2020 Schooling in America Series: School Choice, Education Spending and More

Learn what parents, the public and people of different races and ethnicities think about K–12 education issues, including school choice, funding and more.

What Parents Think About Getting to School During a Pandemic

We share the ways transportation influences parents’ decisions regarding where to send their children to school and more.

Breaking Down Our National Survey Responses by Income, Political Affiliation and Community Type

How did Americans of different incomes, political affiliations and communities—urban, suburban and small town/rural—respond to our Schooling in America Survey?

Ep. 201: Schooling in America Survey – Homeschooling

In this episode, we chat about results in part two of our Schooling in America Survey, “Homeschooling Experiences and Opinions During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” We unpack why parents choose

2020 Schooling in America Series: Homeschooling Experiences and Views During the Pandemic

What are the reasons parents choose homeschool, and how do these experiences vary by race?

Ep. 200: The Unbundling Series – Five Services Public Education Should Do Differently

The authors of our latest blog series, “The Unbundling Series,” discuss creating a more resilient education system and more. Read the first of six posts here.

Ep. 199: Monthly Tracker Results – July 2020

In this episode, we share key takeaways from last month’s EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker polling waves, including increased favorability of homeschooling and more.

Unbundling: How K–12 Education Could Do Transportation Differently

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle how student transportation can change as schools reopen in the Fall.

Unbundling: Three Ways Public Schools Can Rethink Food Services

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle how to help schools and school districts 'unbundle' food services.

Unbundling: Three Policies That Would Improve Schools’ Core Education Services

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle what it might look like to 'unbundle' core academic elements of schools.

Unbundling: A New Way to Approach Teacher Professional Development and Classroom Supplies

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle paying for classroom supplies.

The Unbundling Series: Five Services Public Education Should Do Differently

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle what it means to 'unbundle' educational services and providers to create a more resilient system of education.

Unbundling: Rethinking How We Deliver Remedial Services to Students Who Need Them

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle funding for remediation programs.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways July 2020

We share our five key takeaways based on our July polling wave.

Ep. 198: Schooling in America Survey – COVID-19 & K-12 Education

Authors of our latest report, Schooling in America: COVID-19 & K–12 Education, discuss some of the findings that stood out the most. To read the first report in this

Ep. 197: Monthly Tracker Results – June 2020

In this episode, we share key takeaways from last month’s EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker polling waves.

2020 Schooling in America Series: COVID-19 Impacts on K–12 Education and Racial Disparities

The pandemic drastically altered students’ learning environments while affecting parents’ views on remote learning and reopening, but experiences differed by racial/ethnic backgrounds.

What the EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker Tells Us About Teacher Pensions

Educators make mobility decisions based on retirement plans and portability.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways June 2020

We share our eight key takeaways based on our June polling waves.

Key Findings from the Indiana School Voucher Program 2019–20 IDOE Report

Learn more about the report in this handy infographic.

Ep. 187: Pennsylvania K–12 & School Choice Survey

The authors of the brief, Pennsylvania K-12 School Choice Survey, discuss the findings—including voters’ views on school choice program types and more.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways May 2020

We share our eight key takeaways based on our May polling waves.

Ep. 183: Private School Survey on COVID-19

Learn more about what you will find in the Private School COVID-19 Response Survey, prepared for EdChoice by Hanover Research.

Ep. 182: Big Ideas – “School Choice: Separating Fact from Fiction” with Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf, professor and 21st Century chair in School Choice in the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas, joins us to discuss a book he edited.

Ep. 181: EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker

We discuss the goals of our new EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker, along with some of the data you’ll find⁠—including COVID-19 teacher survey results.

Ep. 179: Comparing Ed Reforms

Learn more about our recent brief, Comparing Ed Reforms. We partnered with Hanover Research to assess the experimental research on nine K-12 education reforms.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways April 2020

We share our eight key takeaways based on our January-to-April polling waves.

What You Need to Know About the EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker

Learn more about our goals for the new polling dashboard, and get tips on how to navigate its various tools and pages.

SURVEY: Private School Response to COVID-19

We asked nearly 800 schools how they’re doing, what they fear and need.

Ep. 175: Big Ideas – “The Not-So-Great-Society” with Lindsey Burke

In this episode of the Big Ideas series, we chat with Lindsey Burke of the Center for Education Policy about the book, The Not-So-Great-Society. The book, co-edited by Burke,

The Trillion Dollar Problem: Pandemic Puts State Pension Plans At Even Greater Risk

The current economic downturn will have rippling effects on the health of pension funds for public school teachers and other public employees.

K-12 Fiscal Relief in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Shuttering school choice programs would cost states $3.3 billion.

Polling American K–12 School Parents About COVID-19

In partnership with Morning Consult, we surveyed American K–12 school parents about how COVID-19, which we also refer to as “coronavirus,” has affected their lives and their children’s education.

The K-12 Financial Cliff: What States Could Face If Students Switch Schooling Sectors

What would happen to state and local budgets if a percentage of private school students wind up back in the public system?

Ohio’s Educational Choice Scholarship Program Frozen Despite Strong Public Support

Lawmakers revert to old “failing” schools list while punting on means-tested conversion.

Ep. 171: 123s of School Choice 2020 – A Chat with the Authors

A few authors of our annual report, The 123s of School Choice, discuss what you’ll find in this year’s edition. Click here to download the full report, or order

Researching the Research on Nine Major Ed Reforms

We partnered with Hanover Research to see what areas have been the most studied.

How Private Schools and Groups Serving Schools and Families Could Be Eligible for Forgivable Loans

Find out if you're eligible and learn how you can submit an application.

Public Aid for Private Schools Already Happens

Students can use the GI Bill and Pell Grants Program—school voucher programs for adults—at both public and private institutions. But to what extent does that actually happen?

Studying the School Choice Student Transportation Problem

Taking a look at the national landscape of student transportation policy, the best we can say is that it is complicated.

Ep. 165: Transporting School Choice Students – A Chat with the Authors

In this episode of EdChoice Chats, Mike McShane and Michael Shaw, authors of our latest report Transporting School Choice Students, discuss inspiration, methodology and findings. Click here to read

What America Thinks of K–12 Education (Told in Infographics)

We share some of the most compelling results of our 2019 Schooling in America survey in the form of infographics.

The Real Roots of School Choice Lie in Inclusion and Integration

School vouchers helped create integration academies but school choice opponents don’t want you to know that.

Ep. 158: Big Ideas with Phil Magness

Phil Magness, senior research fellow with the American Institute of Economic Research, discusses the history of school choice and critics’ claims of segregationist roots. Magness delves into this and

Ep. 157: Segregation Research with Brian Kisida

Brian Kisida, assistant professor at the University of Missouri, discusses his co-authored report, When is a School Segregated? Making Sense of Segregation 65 Years After Brown v. Board of

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Purchasing Power, 2020 Edition

We rank the nation’s educational choice programs by purchasing power based on data in our 2020 edition of The ABCs of School Choice.

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Participation, 2020 Edition

Which of America’s school choice programs has the most students participating? What about the least?

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Eligibility, 2020 Edition

Get this year's comprehensive list of every private school choice program in America ranked by program eligibility.

The States Ranked by Spending on School Choice Programs, 2020 Edition

For the fourth year in a row – here are the rankings of states spending share on private educational choice programs.

Sensible K–12 Governance and Why It Probably Won’t Happen

Daarel Burnette of Education Week wrote a provocative piece earlier this month titled “Face It, School Governance Is a Mess.” His core argument is tough to dispute: No one knows who is in charge of K–12 education.

Ep. 152: A New Era for K–12 Education Funding

Our VP of External Relations Brian McGrath, Director of Fiscal Policy and Analysis Marty Lueken and EdChoice Fellow James Shuls discuss big takeaways from this year’s Walton Finance Symposium.

Hybrid Home Schooling’s “Whole Product” Problem

We present three steps to making hybrid homeschool work.

Who Should Hybrid Home-school?

We present four profiles of potential hybrid home-schoolers.

Can Hybrid Home Schooling “Cross the Chasm?”

Hybrid home schooling proponents must tackle three questions to grow beyond early adopters and into the mainstream.

What do parents of school-age kids and public school teachers have in common? How are their views on education different. This 2019 national poll has some answers.

Which studies are the most reliable? The best way to get an apples-to-apples comparison in social science is to perform something called a randomized control trial (RCT). Here's how they work.

A staffing surge has been happening in public schools for decades, and it's hurting teachers. Watch author Dr. Ben Scafidi break down what the US DOE data say about it.

Four Ways Evidence Shows School Choice Can Help Teachers

No more theories: The data show school choice actually helps teachers in these four ways

Not All Teachers Oppose Inter-District Busing

New polling might point to inter-district busing being a lost cause among teachers, but there are some pockets of opportunity

Where the “Funding Competing Systems” Argument Falls Completely Apart

School choice opponents say we should “fully fund” one system (public schools), but here’s where that all falls apart

School Choice Research is Not a Rorschach Test

Interpretations of what the body of school choice research says differ dramatically depending on who you talk to, but should it be that way?

Ep. 144: 2019 Schooling In America Survey – A Chat with the Authors

The authors of our 2019 Schooling in America Survey highlight the findings they found most intriguing

Key Findings from the 2019 Schooling in America Survey

The 2019 Schooling in America Survey provides gauges on K–12 issues now as well as trends over the past seven years

Ep. 143: Researcher Profile – Kathaleena Monds

Learn more about her mission to support disadvantaged communities and education researchers

What You Need to Know from the Massive NCES School Choice Report

As a longtime school choice researcher, here are my picks for the NCES report’s most interesting findings

The 10 Most Popular Episodes of EdChoice Chats

For National Podcast Day, we’re taking a look at some of our most popular tracks

Ep. 133: Researcher Profile – Nate Barrett

Discussing his journey from academia to the advocacy world

Ep. 131: Big Ideas – Discussing the Book, “Education in the Marketplace”

Our Director of Policy Jason Bedrick talks with the author of this new book

New Poll Shows Americans Are More Than A Little Confused About K–12 Education

EdNext survey reveals what parents, teachers, Democrats and Republicans know about schooling in America—and what they want to change

Ep. 129: Researcher Profile – John Merrifield

EdChoice fellow and professor of economics discusses 20 years of researching school choice and reform

Cool Schools: Season Two Roundup

Pick from all seven episodes of our second season of Cool Schools with Mike McShane

U.S. States Ranked by Educational Choice Share, 2019

How many K–12 students use educational choice out of all students in your state? Find out in this list.

Ep. 119: 2019 Surveying The Military

The authors of our latest report get together to talk about active-duty military families' views on education and school choice

Ep. 116: Researcher Profile – Albert Cheng

He discusses developing our 'moral ecology' and understanding how students use technology in the classroom to figure out guiding values

Ep. 113: Discussing School Climate, Parent Involvement and More Findings from Recent Survey

Researchers Drew Catt and Albert Cheng unpack results from their recent Arizona parents survey

Cool Schools: All-Boys High School Focuses on Building Brotherhood, Being Leaders

Founder of Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School talks leading a faith-based institution made up of predominately non-Lutheran students

Want Parents to Stop Cheating and Lying? Fix the Public Education System

Recent cheating scandals have shone a light on funding inequities in American public education

Ep. 106: Talking Rural Education with Mike McShane and Andy Smarick

Get a glimpse inside the book, "No Longer Forgotten: The Triumphs and Struggles of Rural Education in America"

Ep. 104: Nevada K–12 and School Choice Poll with Don Soifer

The President of Nevada Action for School Choice Options chats with our researchers about the results of a recent Nevada poll

Ep. 103: Researcher Profile – Danish Shakeel

We chat with a post-doctoral student and researcher from Harvard University

Mapping Drive Times to Hope Scholarship-Accepting Private Schools in Florida

How far might Florida Hope Scholarship students travel to attend a qualifying private school?

New Government Report on Educational Options for American Indian Students Omits Private Schools

Charters, magnets and career and technical education schools aren’t the only non-traditional options for American Indian and Alaska Native students

Schooling in America Series Roundup

Get the rundown on all nine installments of this survey-driven series

Schooling in America Series: Rural Revisited

In this series, we delve deeper into our 2018 national survey data and how it ties in with current events

Ep. 101: The Private School Teacher Skills Gap with Mike McShane

This new research compares the skillsets of public versus private school teachers and leaders

Schooling in America Series: Parents’ Views on Accountability and School Choice

In this series, we delve deeper into our 2018 national survey data and how it ties in with current events

Ep. 99: School Survey Series – Exploring West Virginia’s Private Education Sector

EdChoice's Drew Catt talks with Garrett Ballengee, Cardinal Institute's executive director, about lack of school choice options in West Virginia

Mapping Drive Times from Private Schools in West Virginia

One in eight West Virginia students has a far commute to the nearest private school

Schooling in America Series: Teachers’ Views on Accountability and School Choice

In this series, we delve deeper into our 2018 national survey data and how it ties in with current events

Schooling in America Series: The Public on K–12 Accountability

In this series, we delve deeper into our 2018 national survey data and how it ties in with current events

Ep. 97: Researcher Profile – Emily Coady

Emily Coady talks about her path to education reform and what she's working on now

Ep. 96: Reviewing the 2019 International School Choice and Reform Conference

Our VP of legal affairs and two members of our research team recap their time at the annual International School Choice and Reform Conference

Ep. 95: The Future of K–12 Funding with Marty Lueken and James Shuls

In this new EdChoice report, two fiscal experts propose how policymakers might make K–12 funding more equitable

The 2019 EdChoice Yearbook Superlatives

The EdChoice team debated and dubbed this year’s yearbook superlatives, including most likely to succeed in 2019.

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Purchasing Power, 2019 Edition

Our team has never been shy about our focus on broad eligibility in school choice programs, but a program that’s open to all families is only as good as

The States Ranked by Spending on School Choice Programs, 2019 Edition

How much of states’ total K–12 funds are spent on school choice programs? Find out in this list.

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Participation, 2019 Edition

Which of America’s school choice programs has the most students participating? What about the least? In this post, we rank America’s school choice programs by how many participants they

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Eligibility, 2019 Edition

At EdChoice, eligibility is one of the most important factors in analyzing a school choice program. We believe that all parents—regardless of geography, income or any other factor—should have

Ep. 91: Research Profiler with James Shuls

Marty Lueken interviews James Shuls about his journey into school choice research and what he's working on now

The Object of Our Taxation

This is the third in a larger blog series about liberating education through educational freedom.   In his 1958 book Freedom of Choice in Education, Father Virgil Blum stated,

The Roots of Educational Freedom

This is the second in a larger blog series about liberating education through educational freedom.   There is a strange notion going around that school choice advocates are on

Liberating Education

As we head into a new year with new opportunities to expand educational choice for families across America, it’s appropriate to take a moment to reflect on the school

Schooling in America Series: The Public on School Choice

In this series, we delve deeper into our 2018 national survey data and how it ties in with current events

Schooling in America Series: K–12 Education Funding

In this series, we delve deeper into our 2018 national survey data and how it ties in with current events

Schooling in America Series: Getting to Know the Public on Public Education

In this series, we delve deeper into our 2018 national survey data and how it ties in with current events

Schooling in America Series: Getting to Know School Parents

In this series, we delve deeper into our 2018 national survey data and how it ties in with current events

Schooling in America Series: Getting to Know Our Teachers

In this series, we delve deeper into our 2018 national survey data and how it ties in with current events

Key Findings from the 2018 Schooling in America Survey

The new EdChoice national survey data support what many assume about teachers and parents with some notable surprises

Ep. 70: Researcher Profile – Grant Clayton

We chat with a professor and researcher in the University of Colorado’s College of Education

America’s Public Worker Pension Crisis Hits Primetime

PBS’s Frontline misses the mark on who’s to blame for the public worker pension crisis

Cool Schools: Season One Roundup

Pick from all 14 episodes of our second season of Cool Schools with Mike McShane.

Ep. 69: Surveying Florida Scholarship Families with Jason Bedrick and Lindsey Burke

Find out how low-income Florida tax-credit scholarship families find and get their kids to their schools

Ep. 69: Do-Over or Double Down? – A New Report by Mike McShane and Paul DiPerna

Two researchers boil down 700+ pages of focus group discussions into this revealing report on K–12 accountability in America

Study Finds America’s School Voucher Programs Have Saved Billions

Many think school vouchers drain money from public education, but data tell a different story

How Tennessee’s ESA Spending Compares to Other States

Last month, the Tennessee Department of Education released the final expense report summary and enrollment data for the first full year of the state’s education savings account (ESA) program

After IRS impacts tax-credit scholarships, a chance for altruism (and better program design)

An IRS response to high-tax states may affect all charities, including tax-credit scholarships. What’s next?

Ep. 64: Researcher Profile – Corey DeAngelis

Marty Lueken interviews Corey DeAngelis about what brought him to the school choice movement and what research is next for him

Ep. 63: Indiana’s Schooling Deserts with Drew Catt, Mike Shaw & Robert Enlow

The authors of Indiana’s Schooling Deserts used Geographic Information System software to map Hoosier families’ drive times to traditional public, magnet, charter and voucher-participating private schools. That first-of-its-kind mapping

New Analysis Maps K–12 Schooling ‘Deserts’ in Choice-Rich Indiana

Indiana is ripe with school choice, but families in some areas lack access to highly rated schools or alternatives to their zoned public schools

Mapping Drive Times from Private Schools in New Hampshire

New Hampshire students, on average, don’t have a far commute to private school options

Ep. 59: Researcher Profile with Mike Podgursky

Marty Lueken chats with Friedman Fellow Dr. Mike Podgursky about why he started studying the education labor market, his upcoming research and more.

New UVA Study of Limited Help in Understanding School Vouchers

Education policy wonks are atwitter over what a recent University of Virginia (UVA) press release said about school choice, but should they be?

Ep. 54: NH Private School Survey with Drew Catt & Jason Bedrick

Our latest brief, which compiles the results of a survey of New Hampshire Private Schools, had some results that surprised even EdChoice Director of Policy and former New Hampshire legislator Jason Bedrick. Listen to the team’s discussion of the results here.

Ep. 53: Fiscal Issues in LA Unified with Lisa Snell

LA Unified School District, one of the largest in the nation, has some serious money troubles. Listen to this EdChoice Chat to find out how school choice could be part of the solution for LA Unified and school districts across the nation.

Mapping Drive-Times from Private Schools in Oklahoma

More than three-quarters of Oklahoma families could drive their K–12 students to a private school in 20 minutes or less

Ep. 51: Researcher Profile with Greg Forster

We talk with Friedman Fellow Dr. Greg Forster, a long-time school choice researcher and advocate, about his motivation for joining the movement, upcoming research and more.

The Five Things You Should Know about the New D.C. Voucher Test Score Study

It’s not all bad news, and there are important reasons why D.C.’s voucher results can’t be generalized to all school choice programs

Defining Market Failure (with Examples)

Learn the definition and the main types of market failure with examples from many industries and an in-depth case study of market failure in K–12 education.

Ep. 49: Rethinking Regulation with Mike McShane

We see a new article on “accountability” in education every day, but now, this author offers a plan that would free our public schools of excessive red tape and saves other learning providers from it

What the Latest Data Say About Chile’s School Voucher System

A new study uses the latest student performance and segregation data to compare Chile’s school voucher system to other traditional Latin American education systems over time.

The Next 200 Years: A Post Mortem of the Once Promising Jubilee Catholic Schools

What happened with Jubilee Catholic Schools in Memphis, and what can we learn from it?

Mapping Drive-Times from Private Schools in South Carolina

In general, South Carolina students aren’t far from private school options

The Next 200 Years: Studying the Long-Term Effects of Catholic-to-Charter “Conversion”

This post is part of a new EdChoice blog series called The Next 200 Years, where authors will wrestle with how to best preserve the legacy and ensure the future of Catholic education in the United States.

Should Anyone Use Student Test Score Studies to Determine School Choice Success or Failure?

A new working paper examines all voucher studies, charter studies and more to assess whether short-run test score results translate to the long term for kids.

What You Actually Need to Know About the Two New School Choice Attainment Studies

Milwaukee and D.C. studies continue trends, but context is important

Mapping Indiana’s K–12 Student Transfers

Based on Indiana Department of Education data, which public school districts are students leaving and why?

Ep. 37: New SC Private School Survey with Shaunette Parker

Shaunette Parker, a South Carolina parent advocate, joins us to talk about new private school survey data and how it informs the local education landscape.

Ep. 34: Reviewing the International School Choice and Reform Conference

Two members of our research team talk about their experience at the annual International School Choice and Reform Conference.

Mapping Indiana’s Public District School Choice Transfers

Check out these maps showing outgoing, incoming and net public district school choice transfers and where the state’s public transfer hot spots are.

Ep. 32: How Florida Families Use ESAs with Jason Bedrick & Lindsey Burke

In this podcast, we discuss new research on how Florida families are using the state’s ESA program and more with the report’s authors.

Ep. 31: Future Louisiana Voucher Research with Jonathan Mills

In today’s EdChoice Chat, Director of State Research and Policy Analysis Drew Catt talks with Jonathan Mills, senior research associate in the University of Arkansas’s Department of Education. Jon

Ep. 28: Researchers to Watch with Frederick Andersson, Christian Buerger & Mike Ford

Frederick Andersson, Christian Buerger and Mike Ford talk about their current research, tips for school choice researchers and more.

Ep. 27: Urban Sprawl, the Environment and School Choice with Bart Danielsen

We interview Dr. Bartley Danielsen about his ideas on school choice’s potential effects on poverty, pollution, urban blight and gentrification.

Struggling Schools, School Choice and the Fear of Gentrification

This post is the last in a three-part series exploring what the research tells us about poverty, urban blight, pollution and gentrification as it relates to school choice policies.

Why Do Experts Disagree on How to Approach Concentrated Poverty and Education?

This post is the second in a three-part series exploring what the research tells us about poverty, urban blight, pollution and gentrification as it relates to school choice policies.

Could We Solve Poverty and Pollution with School Choice?

This post is the first in a three-part series exploring what the research tells us about poverty, urban blight, pollution and gentrification as it relates to school choice policies.

What is Empirical Evidence?

Check out this simple guide to empirical evidence and how to identify high-quality research from poor-quality research, using examples from the auto and education industries.

School Vouchers Gone Wild? The Truth About Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarships

Recent media coverage of Florida’s tax-credit scholarships wrongly paints them as breeding ground for evil deeds.

Could School Choice Be a Solution for Segregation in Private Schools?

Which is to blame for segregation in the private education sector: private schools or our current economy?

EdChoice Offers New Service: Mapping Private School Hot Spots

Check out this example of Mississippi to learn how these maps work and where the state’s private school hot spots—and deserts—are located.

Ep. 24: Behind the Scenes with EdChoice’s Research Team

Meet the EdChoice research team as they discuss some of our frequently asked questions and criticisms in our latest podcast.

Summarizing 2017’s National K–12 Education and School Choice Surveys

A handful of organizations released high-quality surveys of Americans on education issues in 2017, and here’s what they found in a nutshell.

Ep. 22: 2017 Schooling In America Survey with Paul DiPerna & Team

Get the key findings from EdChoice’s annual survey of Americans on education issues and more, with a special focus on small town and rural families as well as new questions about the role of the federal government.

The Chicken and the Egg of Educational Choice

We shouldn’t give parents choices because they don’t have enough information to make good decisions, but they don’t have enough information because we haven’t given them choices. So what do we do?

Ep. 19: The Pension Crisis with Michael Podgursky & Marty Lueken

Two of our own fiscal experts get in the weeds with teacher pensions and the bigger crisis American education is facing.

Ep. 18: Surveying the Military with Lindsey Burke & Paul DiPerna

Military families sacrifice at a higher rate for their kids’ educations, have already tried alternatives to district schooling and have views on school choice policies that show they want more flexibility in K–12 education.

Ep. 17: The Disability Rights Community’s Skepticism with School Choice with Sivan Tuchman

Sivan Tuchman joins us to discuss her latest research, what policymakers should know and what school choice advocates should do to properly serve families of students with special needs.

Ep. 16: New Research on Charter School Funding Inequity with Pat Wolf

EdChoice’s director of state research and policy analysis talks with Dr. Patrick Wolf about his latest research.

Ep. 15: Why IN Parents Choose Survey with Drew Catt & Evan Rhinesmith

Authors of our newest research report, Why Indiana Parents Choose, Drew Catt and Dr. Evan Rhinesmith hop in the studio to discuss the responses of Indiana school parents from

New Study Examines What the Data Say About School Accountability Driven by Parents

Find out why policymakers should understand what the data say about the power of parents’ school choices before condemning this alternative accountability mechanisms.

Why the Fuss Over School Choice and “Certified” Teachers is Overrated

Opponents of educational choice worry that empowering parents and students to attend private schools will lead to a Wild West of schools wrought with teachers who lack “certification,” a

Friday Freakout: Why Doug Harris is Wrong About the Empirical Evidence on School Choice

Tulane University Professor Douglas N. Harris gets the research wrong in his response to a Wall Street Journal editorial praising school choice. The Journal referenced the fourth edition of

Ep 5: Back to the Staffing Surge with Ben Scafidi

This post is your one-stop shop for resources breaking down new research—“Back to the Staffing Surge: The Great Teacher Salary Stagnation and the Decades-Long Employment Growth in American Public Schools.”

Understanding the New IES Report on the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program

This new study finds some negative results for voucher students in their first year in the program, but there’s much more to learn.

Continuing to Learn from School Choice in Washington D.C.

“There is no conclusive evidence that the [DC Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP)] affected student achievement.” This one statement, taken from a 214-page government report for which one of us

Would School Choice Segregate Well-Off Students?

This post originally appeared on Jay P. Greene’s Blog. The confirmation of Betsy DeVos as the nation’s Secretary of Education is shining a national spotlight on educational choice. It

EdChoice at the annual AEFP Conference

We came. We presented. We listened. Here’s (most of) what we learned at the AEFP 42nd Annual Conference.

Study finds private schoolers express anti-Semitism, intolerance at lower rates than public schoolers

Why looking at quantitative and qualitative evidence could change The Anti-Defamation League’s position on school choice

What the Data Show on School Choice and Segregation

Note: This post was originally published on Education Next. The Century Foundation has published a report by Halley Potter that claims private school choice will increase ethnic segregation in schools.

Ep 3: Renewing Our Cities with Bart Danielsen

Urban economic development resources are often focused on bringing jobs and affordable housing to downtown areas. In contrast, there has been very little consideration given to how public charter

Research Finds Higher Private School Share Directly Linked to Higher Test Scores, Stronger Human Rights Internationally

A new University of Arkansas study finds a link between a country’s share of private school students and the nation’s overall academic proficiency and human rights.

Debunking Arguments Against School Choice: “Privatization” Drains Money From Already “Underfunded” Public Schools

I wish I had a nickel for each time I’ve read or heard something about how school choice siphons resources from public schools or how it will cripple a

The Right Reasons for Supporting (or Opposing) School Choice

EdChoice’s VP of Research and Innovation explains why people should take school choice opponents’ cherrypicked data with a grain of salt.

Good Districts Aren’t Enough

With homes in “good districts” priced 77 percent higher than in neighboring districts, families need more individualized options.

Study Finds Proposed Arkansas Universal ESA Likely to Save Money

Not only will the proposed Arkansas ESA help match more children with the right learning environment, but recent studies show the program is also a sound fiscal move for the state.

The States Ranked by Spending on School Choice Programs

How much of states’ education dollars are spent on school choice programs?

The 2017 EdChoice Yearbook Superlatives

Do you know which states the EdChoice team thinks are most likely to succeed in 2017?

U.S. States Ranked by Educational Choice Share, 2017

In my continual quest to provide the most comprehensive data possible, I have revamped how we look at the educational choice share, or EdChoice share. This year, the EdChoice

Ep 2: Exploring Texas’ Private Education Sector

Join author Drew Catt as he discusses top findings from his Texas private school survey in our latest EdChoice Chat podcast.

Why Milwaukee’s Voucher Program Isn’t the Litmus Test for School Choice Everywhere (Despite Its Positive Results)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a 25-year-old school voucher program (MPCP) restricted to low-income students, district-run chartered public schools and some privately funded vouchers. Because the MPCP is the oldest publicly

Milwaukee school vouchers to drive more than $499 million in socioeconomic benefits

New research estimates how much the city’s school choice program could save Wisconsin over the next two decades through lower crime rates and higher graduation rates.

Nevada Teachers’ Union Poll Finds Support for Educational Choice

A Clark County voter poll commissioned by Nevada’s Clark County Education Association (CCEA), a local teachers’ union, and conducted by Quirk Global Strategies made the rounds in the news over

Exploring Arizona’s Private Schools After Nearly Two Decades of Educational Choice

New report finds Arizona private schools could increase student enrollment by 37 percent

EdChoice on the 2015 PISA Results: “Meh.”

  Give the American K–12 education system another participation ribbon, this time for its latest results on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), a global measurement taken every

Ep 1: The Private School Landscape with Drew Catt

Listen as EdChoice Director of State Research and Policy Analysis Drew Catt discusses a new research report concluding that school choice programs across America have not delivered increases in

Breaking Down “The Tax-Credit Scholarship Audit”

In 2014, we calculated the cumulative savings generated by America’s K–12 school voucher programs over two decades—$1.7 billion. This year, we continued that study by doing the same for

Breaking Down Our “2016 Schooling in America” Survey

This year’s report features a special focus on Millennials and new questions for parents.

How to Accurately Calculate the Fiscal Impact of School Voucher Programs

Some may not admit it, but many of us cringe when a conversation turns to numbers and math. Well, we’re taking it there with this post. Feel free to

Breaking Down the EdChoice “Surveying State Legislators” Report

In our Surveying State Legislators report, we share findings from a phone survey of state legislators from across the country. It’s worth noting that we believe this is the

How Nevada Can Do Right by Students by Doing Right by Teachers

In two previous posts, I discussed the fiscal impact of Nevada’s education savings account (ESA) program and how it could help the state with its problem of rising pension

Top Findings From Arkansas Private School Survey

Arkansas is on its way to becoming a natural, actual, real, authentical educational choice lovin’ state. Just like Johnny Cash’s song character Joe Bean, I’ve never been to Arkansas.

What School Choice Advocates Should Learn from the New Study of Ohio’s Vouchers

A recent study led by Northwestern economist David Figlio on Ohio’s Educational Choice Scholarship Program is a case of good news and bad news. To be sure, it provides

School Voucher Systems Across the Globe Make the Case for School Choice in the U.S.

The debate about school choice is often animated in the United States, but critics of the idea may be surprised to learn that school voucher programs are quite common

New Survey Says Parents Can Get Mo’ Satisfaction with School Choice

To maintain and grow enrollment, school leaders need to know whether parents are satisfied with the education their children are receiving and the learning environment in which it takes

Friday Freakout: Cherry-Picking Better Than Nose-Picking, But Not By Much

School choice opponents have no shortage of unfounded arguments aimed at blocking parents from choosing the best educational fit for their own kids. One of their favorite talking points

Breaking Down “A Win-Win Solution: The Empirical Evidence on School Choice”

As educational choice grows, so does the evidence proving it works. In today’s release of the fourth edition of a Friedman Foundation flagship report—A Win-Win Solution: The Empirical Evidence

How Nevada’s Pension Structure is Hurting Teachers, Taxpayers—and What Can Be Done to Fix It

This is the second in a two-part series on Nevada’s fiscal climate and educational choice. In the first part of our series, we examined the fiscal effect of Nevada’s

How the Friedman Foundation Estimates Educational Choice Program Eligibility

If you have ever seen a sentence on the Friedman Foundation website along the lines of “You Might Be Eligible For [a specific education savings account program],” or “You

Studying the Pursuit of Innovation: How Does Competition Affect K–12 Education?

It’s time to stop treating the problem of educational productivity as a grinding, eat-your-broccoli exercise. It’s time to start treating it as an opportunity for innovation and accelerating progress.

Exploring Nebraska’s Private Education Sector: Top Three Findings

Growing up, the only things I knew about Nebraska were Cornhusker football and Tom Osborne (which are synonymous in most people’s minds). When I was older, I bought a

The Fiscal Impact of Nevada’s ESA Program

This is the first in a two-part series on Nevada’s fiscal climate and educational choice.   A common critique often put forth by school choice opponents is that these

Going Bold, Not Broke, in Oklahoma: Education Savings Accounts

A common critique often put forth by school choice opponents is that such programs will divert students from districts, therefore “siphoning” resources from public schools. Opponents of the proposed Oklahoma education

New Study Shows How Arizona Parents Spend Education Savings Accounts

Kasey Locke’s preschool teachers in Arizona tried to help her focus and stay on task at school. But as Kasey entered kindergarten, her parents, Jeff and Rebecca, wanted to

U.S. States Ranked by Educational Choice Share

We are introducing a new calculation to our school choice program rankings this year: educational choice share, or “edchoice share.” The calculations behind this ranking seek to answer one

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Purchasing Power, 2016 Edition

We’ve given our readers an overview of school choice programs across the nation this week with rankings based on eligibility and family participation. But one major question still remains: How

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Participation, 2016 Edition

Which of America’s school choice programs has the most participants? Which has the least? The latest edition of The ABCs of School Choice gives the most up-to-date information we

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked By Eligibility, 2016 Edition

At the Friedman Foundation, our goal for any school choice program is universal eligibility. We believe that all parents—regardless of ZIP Code, income, or any other factors—should have access

Hoosier Views on Indiana’s School Vouchers and More Survey Snapshots

Education has been at the forefront for Indiana citizens and lawmakers ever since the second term of former Gov. Mitch Daniels’ administration. Indiana legislators have given various education issues

What You Need to Know About “The ABCs of School Choice” 2016 Edition

Since the launch of the nation’s first modern school choice program in 1990, nationwide participation in school choice has grown leaps and bounds—by 115,301 percent! Today, there are 59

Seven Survey Snapshots of Colorado’s K–12 Education Landscape

In spring of this year, the Colorado Supreme Court issued its opinion on the Douglas County school voucher program. Since then, proponents of the program have made headway in

What Are Private School Management Organizations?

My colleagues and I came across private school management organizations (PSMOs) in the course of our research for a Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice report, “The Chartered Course,” in

Friedman Foundation Earns AAPOR’s Transparency Initiative Membership

The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice team is proud to announce that our foundation became a charter member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s (AAPOR) Transparency Initiative

Top Findings from the “Latino Perspectives” Survey

About one in four children in the U.S. today is Hispanic, and Latino children are one of the fastest growing demographics in the country, according to recent reports. As

New Research on School Segregation Shows Startling Trends

Six decades after the landmark decision of Brown v. Board of Education, many students still attend schools that are segregated by race or class. And this isn’t just a

Exploring Colorado’s Private Education Sector: Top Three Findings

Hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, camping, rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing, rafting, snowboarding, spelunking—Colorado is at the top when it comes to choices for outdoor adventures. In the last few years,

Friday Freakout: Are Nevada Secular Private Schools Affordable with ESAs?

As the rollout of Nevada’s nearly-universal education savings accounts (ESAs) continues, parents have plenty of questions. We saw some great ones in response to this July article detailing the

Will Wisconsin School Vouchers “Drain Billions” from Public Schools?

Wisconsin has a long and rich history of school choice, with tens of thousands of families having availed themselves of the opportunities to choose by enrolling their children in

Will School Choice Lead to Fewer Resources for Students Who Remain in Public Schools?

As recent polling data indicates, a significant majority of people believe that allowing parents to take the taxpayer funds dedicated for the education of their children to choose the

Friday Freakout: The Truth About Nevada’s Education Spending

As media coverage of Nevada’s new education savings account (ESA) program booms, so do online comments—both in support of and against the innovative new school choice program. A recent

Top Findings from “Exploring Nevada’s Private Education Sector”

The creation of Nevada’s first school choice programs could be considered the “tipping point” for the private school choice movement. With legislators creating both the Educational Choice Scholarship Program

Breaking Down the “2015 Schooling in America Survey”

With the close of another school year and a blossoming of expansive school choice programs this year comes curiosity about the progress of K–12 education in the United States.

Breaking Down “Earning Full Credit”

Indiana is a national leader in school choice. Hoosier policymakers deserve credit for adopting innovative policies that help families enroll their children in the schools that work best for

School Choice Could Alleviate Worry from New Population Trend

In 2030, the population of people dependent upon our most expensive tax-funded services—education and senior healthcare—likely will be the highest it’s ever been in American history.  Those increases in

Analyzing Indiana’s School Vouchers

The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (CTBA) released a report last week on the impact of Indiana’s school choice programs, specifically its school voucher program. To date, the

Breaking Down “The Achievement Checkup”

More than 40 years ago, Stevie Wonder sang a plea for impoverished city kids in his hit “Living for the City,” in which he called for the larger community

Top Seven Findings from Our Minnesota School Choice, K–12 Education Survey

Minnesota voters like public schools and private school choice policies. Minnesota has a long history of bucking conventional thinking about K–12 education. Most important, the state is known for

Are School Voucher Studies Biased from Front to Back?

Determining if a policy actually causes some impact on people’s lives is an incredibly difficult task.  Humans are complex creatures, and the world that we live in has lots

Six Survey Snapshots of Nevada’s Education Landscape

At the start of the year, an internal “poll” among staff at the Friedman Foundation named Nevada the state most likely to succeed in creating its first school choice

A New Look at Data from the Nation’s Largest School Choice Program

Indiana’s statewide school choice program is either incredibly controversial or wildly popular, depending on with whom one speaks. To the former, vouchers only help the rich. And sometimes with the

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked By Purchasing Power

We’ve helped our readers see how many families are eligible for school choice programs across the country and those who actually participate. Until now, the question still remained: Which

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Eligibility

Universal eligibility—that is, open to every single family—is the Friedman Foundation’s school choice policy goal. To coincide with the 2015 release of The ABCs of School Choice, we’ve ranked

New Estimates of Statewide School Vouchers’ Competitive Effects on Public Schools

School choice skeptics often raise concerns about the students who are “left behind” in traditional public schools when statewide school vouchers are enacted. What will become of those kids

Keeping Up with Indiana Private Schools of Choice

Indiana could be considered the “pace car” in the private school choice race among states. But as any racing fan will know, not all tracks are the same, which

Surveying the Path for ESAs in Delaware

If Delaware Gov. Jack Markell wants to entrust parents to “make the right educational choices for their children,” his state’s voters are unlikely to stand in the way. In

Idaho Has Plenty of Private School Gems Worth Discovering

Idaho’s nickname, the Gem State, proves it has a rich history rooted in discovery and diversity. The same could be said for its future, especially if Idahoans were to

Philadelphia Families Stuck on Waiting Lists Calling for School Choice

The birthplace of our nation is also one of the key cities that became a wellspring for modern-day school choice programs. Unfortunately, Philadelphia freedom is unnecessarily at risk. In

Breaking Down “The School Voucher Audit”

Students transferring to private schools using publicly funded vouchers saved participating states more than $1.7 billion over a 20-year period. Here’s how: From 1990 to 2011, students in six

Is Swedish School Choice Disastrous – or Is the Reading of the Evidence?

Editor’s note: Some of the author’s sources link to studies that appear in Swedish. Debate over “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and which film is better—America’s version or Sweden’s—comes

Private Schools Must Explore Unchartered Territory

The Chartered Course by Andy Smarick continues an important discussion focused on growing and developing the private school market in America. It is a welcome shift from the “save

Breaking Down “The Chartered Course”

Is there a “tidal wave” coming for private school choice, as some have suggested? No doubt since the Wall Street Journal declared 2011 “The Year of School Choice,” policymakers’

Friday Freakout: Are Friedman Surveys Reliable?

This week, we released our 2014 Schooling in America Survey. In it, we asked a representative sample of American adults, not just voters, their views on issues such as

Breaking Down “Public Rules on Private Schools”

“Regulators, mount up!”  That line from a popular western film, used later in a famous hip-hop song, is not generally thought of as one directed toward private schools. Indeed,

Does School Choice Rob from the Poor to Give to the Rich?

“…[I]t may surprise you to learn that in a growing number of states, legislators are setting aside public money to pay for private school tuition – and rich people

You Can Disparage School Choice — As Long As You Ignore Facts, Thousands of Kids

A recent Huffington Post article took the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) to task for how some MPCP students with special needs are being treated in their schools.  First,

Breaking Down “Sector Switchers: Why Catholic Schools Convert to Charters and What Happens Next”

In 1979, there were 9,640 Catholic schools in the United States. By 2011, there were 6,841. That decline has been caused by a number of factors, each of which

If You Think Expanding School Choice Is Expensive . . .

…consider the alternative! President Obama has yet again omitted funding for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program in his recently proposed 2015 education budget. Although his reasoning is likely more philosophical

Miami Herald Misses Key Facts and Context in School Choice Takedown

Earlier this week, the Miami Herald editorialized against the proposed expansion of the highly popular Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program. The law allows businesses to receive tax credits for contributing

Good Research vs. Bad Research

The holy grail of research is the causal claim. That is, if you can prove that A causes B, not that A is related to B or that A

Properly Counting Indiana’s Voucher Students, Step by Step

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) reported that 39.3 percent of voucher recipients (7,779 students) were never previously enrolled in public schools in Indiana, implying that these vouchers are an

7 Observations on Oklahoma Voters and Pre-K–12 Education

An ambitious school choice proposal is on the table in Oklahoma. Last week, state legislators introduced a bill to create an education savings account system (ESA) for low- and

The “Fruits” and the Future of Centralization in Public Schools

Centralization in public schools through school district consolidation was pitched as a way to save administrative costs in American public schools. Instead, public school administration has mirrored the trend

Are Private Schools Accountable?

Milton Friedman said if the traditional public schools are as good as its defenders claim, they shouldn’t be afraid of competition. In a similar vein, some school choice supporters

Less Money for Public Schools Makes Them Better

Despite the message of those adorable AT&T commercials that “more is better,” there is evidence to the contrary regarding money for public schools. In a little-discussed report, issued by the

Friedman Foundation Responds to Diane Ravitch

Yesterday education historian Diane Ravitch recognized the Friedman Foundation’s research on her blog, specifically our new survey showing where Americans rank the efficaciousness of seven education reforms. However, I

America’s Favorite Education Reforms: Do They Treat a Symptom or the Cause?

A new Friedman Foundation report released today found what education reforms were most popular, in terms of their perceived effectiveness, among surveyed adults. The graphic below shows where Americans

Support for School Choice Based on Political Affiliation and Race/Ethnicity

In a new Friedman Foundation report, I used survey data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES) to examine several specific questions about public opinion and support for school

The Decline of “Voting with Your Feet” in American Public School Districts

Historically, American public school districts have been governed by locally appointed or elected school boards, and families (mostly) have been free to live in whatever school district they wished.

Testing Educational Justice

In “Spinning America’s Report Card,” Paul E. Peterson and Eric A. Hanushek wrote “…progress for American children came to a halt when the Obama administration stopped focusing on student

Rhode Island Democrats and Independents Key to Driving Statewide Education Reform

Rhode Island is a blue state when it comes to legislative politics. A very, very blue state. In presidential elections since 1928, Rhode Island has voted Republican just four

What’s “Wrong” with School Choice?

American education would be far better off if, instead of asking that question, more school leaders asked “What’s so wrong with my school that makes parents want to leave?”

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