Where U.S. Governors Stand on School Choice – 2022

The 2022 gubernatorial races have concluded, see which candidates won and their stances on school choice.

Public Opinion Tracker: Teacher Survey Top Takeaways – October 2022

Eleven takeaways from the teacher polling wave.

Ep. 347: Monthly Tracker – October 2022

In this episode of EdChoice Chats, members of the research team break down some findings they found most interesting from our general population poll fielded from October 7 – October 9th, 2022. 

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways October 2022

Dive into the top seven takeaways from this month's general population survey.

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Ep. 346: What’s Up with The Fractured Schoolhouse

In this episode of What's Up with Mike McShane, we talk with Neal McCluskey who is the Director of the Cato Institute's Center for Educational Freedom.

Ep. 345: Legal Update – October 2022

In this edition of the Legal Update, Vice President of Legal Affairs, Leslie Hiner, reports on good news out of West Virginia and Arizona. The Courts have ruled in

New 2022 NAEP Scores Paint Ugly Picture

New 2022 NAEP Scores Paint Ugly Picture. The results of learning loss from the pandemic put scores back to where they were decades ago.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Teen Perspectives – Fall 2022

Explore the top takeaways from this wave of our teens public opinion tracker.

Ep. 344: Monthly Tracker – September 2022

This month some members of the research team sit down and discuss some of their findings from the September general population poll survey.

Whistling Past The NAEP-yard

If the new NAEP scores have taught us anything, it’s that our education system can’t just go back to the way things were.

Ep. 339: What’s Up with the F.R.E.E. Plan with Ian Rowe

On this episode of What's Up, we chat with Ian Rowe about his new book. The publication titled, "Agency: The Four Point Plan for ALL Children to Overcome the Victimhood Narrative and Discover Their Pathway to Power", details the four point plan for children to achieve success.

Ep. 338: Researcher Profile — with John Garen

In this researcher profile, we meet John Garen who is the author of a preliminary report titled "School Choice and Competition.

Ep. 337: Monthly State Update – August 2022

Some members of the EdChoice state team tell us about their experiences at two recently attended conferences.


Building Bridges in a Polarized World

By Robert Enlow The famous Irish poet W.B. Yeats once wrote: Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world… The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are

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Parents who homeschool their children have a different insight into learning. Here are six things that homeschooling parents want teachers to know. By Alisa Taylor There are lots of reasons a

A New Narrative: Black Parents, Educators Can Shatter Outmoded K-12 Framework

By Kristen Smith When Zaila Avant-garde won the national spelling bee, I knew it wouldn’t be long before school choice became a part of the discussion. A naturally bright kid,

My Children Were New to Online Learning Last Year, And Here’s Why We’re Staying

By Marcela Costa Pereira Reis, a mom of three from Boca Raton, Fla., whose children are attending Florida Virtual School Last year, many families discovered online learning for the first