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The Good and Bad of K–12 Inter-district Open Enrollment Policies

To learn more about inter-district open enrollment policies and how they can affect students and school leaders, EdChoice partnered with Hanover Research to conduct a series of research projects. We've got good news and bad news. Flip through to learn the key findings and policy recommendations from this new report.

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EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Black Parents – February 2023

In this report we gauged Black Parents’ views on the direction of K-12 education.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: General Population and School Parents – February 2023

Learn about the top 7 takeaways from our February public opinion tracker here! We continue to dive into microschooling and added a new question about gifted, talented, and honors classes.

Ep. 363: What’s Up with Open Enrollment – With Dr. Susan Pendergrass

Dr. Susan Pendergrass breaks down public school district lines and open enrollment with Mike McShane on his What’s Up series. 

Ep. 362: Monthly Tracker – March 2023

EdChoice team members Mike McShane, John Kristof and Colyn Ritter go over the results that stood out the most from this month’s public opinion tracker.

Ep. 361: What’s Up with Sora Schools – With Garrett Smiley

Garrett Smiley, CEO and co-founder of Sora Schools, joins Mike McShane on the “What’s Up” series to talk about his Georgia based online private school.

Ep. 360: What’s Up with The Cottage – With Marissa Hess

Mike McShane talks with Marissa Hess of Urban Cottage Educational Collaborative to discuss how innovative educational programs can sit at the intersection of homeschooling, collaborative schooling, and microschooling.

Arkansas Becomes Third State This Year to Create Education Savings Account Program

2023 shaping up to be Year of Universal Choice Today, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed the Learns Act into law, establishing the third universal education savings account (ESA)

BRIEF: School Choice in the States – February 2023

Each month, the EdChoice policy team breaks down into bite-sized pieces all of the past month’s educational choice-related legislative movement.

EdChoice Statement on the Value of Catholic Education

The value of Catholic education, including in urban communities, cannot be understated, and EdChoice is grateful for the longtime, strong relationships we enjoy with all our Catholic partners. Our Catholic allies have fought for parental freedom for hundreds of years, and EdChoice has fought alongside them since we started 26 years ago.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: General Population and School Parents – January 2023

We added some new questions to our survey that dive into microschooling and communication levels between parents and teachers. Want to find out the results? Dive into the top 7 takeaways from the January edition of our public opinion tracker.

BRIEF: School Choice in the States – January 2023

Each month, the EdChoice policy and legal teams break down into bite-sized pieces all of the past month’s educational choice-related legislation as well as movement of litigation through the courts.

Utah Becomes 10th State to Offer Students Education Savings Accounts

Utah Becomes 10th State to Offer Students Education Savings Accounts Governor Spencer Cox Signs Expansive ESA Program into Law In the final day of National School Choice Week, Utah

The 2023 EdChoice Yearbook Superlatives

After some major wins for school choice, see which programs made the EdChoice team's annual yearbook superlatives.

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Purchasing Power, 2023 Edition

We rank the nation’s educational choice programs by purchasing power—or how empowering they are for families—based on data in our 2023 edition of The ABCs of School Choice.

Ep. 359: Monthly Tracker – February 2023

The February monthly tracker is here featuring our own research team discussing numbers from the most recent polling of American school parents. Find out what is the “Cleopatra’s Pizza

Ep. 358: State Updates – February 2023

Members of our policy and advocacy team discuss the current policies going on in the states involving school choice. 

Ep. 357: What’s Up with AIM Education – With Dalena Wallace

On this episode of What's Up with Mike McShane, Dalena Wallace, a homeschooling mom of six, talks about AIM education which involves her co-op of homeschooling parents and operating a hybrid microschool.

Ep. 356: What’s Up with Omella – With Brett Kopf

Mike McShane on his "What's Up" series chats with Brett Kopf of Omella to discuss his entrepreneurship in the education space.

Ep. 355: Monthly Tracker – January 2023

Members of the EdChoice research team discuss some unexpected numbers from the recent public opinion tracker fielded in December 2022.

Ep. 354: What’s Up with Teach From DeHart – With Matt DeHart

On Mike McShane's series What's Up, Matt DeHart talks about his foundation, Teach From DeHart and his current status establishing a new school in Pennsylvania. 

2023 EdChoice Share: Where Are America’s Students Educated?

Where are families choosing to send their students to be educated?

2023 EdChoice Spending Share: Private School Choice Versus Total K–12

A breakdown of how much money states spend on private school choice programs.


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