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Would You Rather Have Academic or Religious Instruction? Yes, Please.

Do parents have to choose between academic and religious instruction? And do parents actually prioritize religious instruction at the expense of academic rigor when choosing a school? Or do they want both?

70 Years Later: Rethinking Brown v. Board of Education

While the Brown V. Board decision was first handed down 70 years ago, its lasting implications can still be seen and felt in the education system now.

How One Alabama Mom Is Redefining Education for Black Homeschoolers

We tell the story of Yalonda Chandler and how she helped found Black Homeschool Families of Birmingham.

Poll Suggests 10% of School Parents are Microschooling Their Kids

In order to shed some light on microschooling from the perspective of school parents, we asked parents new questions about microschooling in our latest public opinion poll.

Why Critics Should Think Twice Before Assuming Iowa’s ESA is Causing Tuition Hikes

We go over the three major reasons to be skeptical of a new paper purporting that Iowa's new ESA led to raised tuition prices.

Moms’ Perspectives on Schooling

This Mother’s Day, let’s take the time to consider how moms across the country are feeling about education and the future more broadly.

School Choice in the States: April 2024

As of this April, this year, EdChoice is tracking 80 bills in 29 states relating to education savings accounts, vouchers, refundable tax credits, and tax-credit scholarships

Sparking Change: How Kidvation Transforms Youth Education Through Innovation

Kidvation is a curriculum provider for students with a focus on teaching innovation and how to apply it to real world pathways.

Inclusive Paths: A Parent’s Fight for Educational Diversity for Students with Disabilities

EdChoice Legal Advocates has petitioned a Montana court defend a new education savings account program for students with special needs.

The Evidence is in: Private Schools Make Good Citizens

Private schools outperform public schools in forming citizens, particularly in promoting political tolerance, political knowledge and skills, and voluntarism and social capital.

New Polling Shows Parental Support for School Choice Policies Remains Strong in 2024

In addition to questions looking at school choice policies, we also asked the general public and parents about topics like absenteeism, tutoring, and much more.

What New Teen Polling Tells Us About the State of K-12 Education in 2024

We polled teens and asked their opinions on social media and cell phone use, absenteeism, school safety, and much more.

Unlocking Potential: How Choice Transforms Education for Students with Disabilities

The country currently boasts over 25 choice programs inclusive of or specifically targeted to serve students with disabilities, delivered through education savings accounts (ESA), tax credits, tax credit scholarships, and vouchers.

Parents Aren’t As Polarized As Some Assume, New Polling Report Shows

We asked parents a set of questions ranging from their thoughts on sexually explicit books, to instilling patriotism, to LGBTQ issues in the classroom.

How Education Freedom Accounts are Helping Homeschool Families Unbundle Education in New Hampshire

Thanks to New Hampshire’s Education Freedom Accounts, the Ebba family has even more options to customize their children’s education.

Empowering Choices: A Mother’s Quest for Educational Freedom in Pennsylvania

We tell the story of Sharon Sedlar, founder of Pennsylvania Families for Education Choice, and why she started the organization.

School Choice Participation by Students with Disabilities

March is disabilities awareness month, so now is a great time to become more familiar with the students with disabilities (SWDs) utilizing private school choice programs throughout the country.

Revealing Trends: New Study Sheds Light on Parental Preferences

We dive into the findings of our new report "What Do Parents Want? Information, Choices, and Constraints."

Celebrating the life and legacy of Rose Friedman: Early Beginnings to 1945

Behind every great man, there stands an equally remarkable woman. Nowhere is this more evident than in the partnership of Milton and Rose Friedman.

Celebrating the life and legacy of Rose Friedman: Rose’s Intellectual Legacy

This is the second part in a two-part series on Rose Friedman’s legacy.

2023 EdChoice Share: Where Are America’s Students Educated?

Where are families choosing to send their students to be educated?

2023 EdChoice Spending Share: Private School Choice Versus Total K–12

A breakdown of how much money states spend on private school choice programs.

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Participation, 2024 Edition

EdChoice tracks every private school choice program and student participation in those programs nationally. In this annual post, we rank all of those programs by participation counts, current at the time of this writing.

School Choice Eligibility Rankings

We rank which school choice programs provide access to the most students.

Choosing Private School in 2024

We asked parents why they chose their child’s school. Among district school parents, the most common reason for choosing one school over another is location (56%). We look at this and more in our monthly poll!