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Black Children Continue To Be Pushed Out of American Schools During Pandemic

When legal and educational systems fail to recognize the humanity of those they sentence, such callousness leaves the most fragile the most vulnerable and in harm’s way.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways September 2020

We share our 12 key takeaways based on our September polling wave.

Survey: But What About The Kids?

Our new poll reveals teen views on back-to-school, the pandemic and other hot topics.

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Ep. 211: Big Ideas – “School Choice Myths” with Neal McCluskey and Corey DeAngelis

Co-editors of the book, School Choice Myths: Setting the Record Straight on Educational Freedom, unpack just a few of the 12 school choice myths you will find in the book.

Ep. 210: Big Ideas – “Let’s Get Small” with Matthew Ladner

Matthew Ladner joins Jason Bedrick in this episode of our Big Ideas series to discuss their co-authored report, Let’s Get Small: Microschools, Pandemic Pods, and the Future of Education

Ep. 209: Micro-schooling – A Conversation with Tom Bogle

We chat with Arizona parent Tom Bogle, who micro-schools his children. Learn more about the educational model that has gained popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways August 2020

We share our seven key takeaways based on our August polling wave.

Ep 205: Monthly Tracker Results – August 2020

In this episode, we share key takeaways from our August 2020 wave of polling as reported on our EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker. We talk about the new questions we

Ep. 208: Religious Liberty and Education – An Interview with Rita Koganzon

In the first episode of our Liberty and Education series, our Director of Policy Jason Bedrick talks with Rita Koganzon. They take a deep dive into Koganzon’s chapter in

Ep. 207: The Monthly Debrief – August Looking to September 2020

In this episode of our Monthly Debrief series, we discuss how states are using micro-schooling, implementing regulations and more.

Ep. 206: Legal Updates with Leslie – SC, NC, NV, TN, ME, MD

Join our VP of Legal Affairs Leslie Hiner as she breaks down school choice cases across the country.

Ep. 204: Big Ideas – “A Fine Line” with Tim DeRoche

In this episode, we chat with Tim DeRoche about his book, A Fine Line: How Most American Kids are Kept Out of the Best Public Schools. We cover topics

Ep. 203: Schooling in America Survey – K–12 Education and School Choice

In this episode, we chat about results in part two of our Schooling in America Survey, “K–12 Education and School Choice Reforms.” We unpack the American public’s views on the

Ep. 202: The Monthly Debrief – July Looking to August 2020

Join our state team as they discuss the latest school choice happenings in the states.

Ep. 201: Schooling in America Survey – Homeschooling

In this episode, we chat about results in part two of our Schooling in America Survey, “Homeschooling Experiences and Opinions During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” We unpack why parents choose

BRIEF: School Choice in the States – August 2020

Need a record of August 2020’s state school choice happenings? Our brief roundup has you covered.

2020 Schooling in America Series: School Choice, Education Spending and More

Learn what parents, the public and people of different races and ethnicities think about K–12 education issues, including school choice, funding and more.

What Parents Think About Getting to School During a Pandemic

We share the ways transportation influences parents’ decisions regarding where to send their children to school and more.

Breaking Down Our National Survey Responses by Income, Political Affiliation and Community Type

How did Americans of different incomes, political affiliations and communities—urban, suburban and small town/rural—respond to our Schooling in America Survey?

2020 Schooling in America Series: Homeschooling Experiences and Views During the Pandemic

What are the reasons parents choose homeschool, and how do these experiences vary by race?

Unbundling: A New Way to Approach Teacher Professional Development and Classroom Supplies

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle paying for classroom supplies.

Unbundling: Rethinking How We Deliver Remedial Services to Students Who Need Them

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle funding for remediation programs.

Unbundling: Three Policies That Would Improve Schools’ Core Education Services

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle what it might look like to 'unbundle' core academic elements of schools.


New Study Shows Positive Family Outcomes for Private School Students

By Mike McShane As is rarely said at a Sinn Fein meeting, I’d like to say something nice about Protestants. In a new report from the American Enterprise Institute, Albert

Thinking Outside The Boundary: GreatSchools Isn’t The Problem

By Jennifer Wagner Mother Jones recently published a story questioning whether GreatSchools, a national nonprofit that rates public PK-12 schools using test scores and other factors, is inadvertently contributing to

Stay The Course: We Have To Be “We Bes” To Make Change

By Jennifer Wagner EdChoice is the oldest group in the nation solely dedicated to advancing school choice. Dr. Friedman and his wife, Rose, founded the organization in 1996. We’ll be

An Open Letter To My Son With The Bugatti Brain

By Jennifer Wagner To my sweet, kind, inquisitive son: I love you so much. I love how you tell us all about the latest Fortnite updates and perform all the dances — and

Get Off My Lawn: I Don’t Care What You Think My Kids Should Be Doing Right Now

By Jennifer Wagner The other day, I dropped an opinion piece — with no personal commentary — on my Facebook timeline from someone who was concerned about students going back to school in person. I

State Of The Unions: Let’s Not Be So Hasty Comparing Police To Teachers

By Jennifer Wagner There has been much debate in recent weeks about criminal justice reform following the killing of George Floyd and a series of high-profile cases of police brutality

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