Public Opinion Tracker Deep Dive: Perspectives of Teenagers and High School Parents (March 2022)

In this wave of our teen survey we ask high school teens and their parents about their experiences and opinions during another pandemic school year.

BRIEF: School Choice in the States – April 2022

Four states are moving educational choice bills, and two are fielding litigation against their school choice programs.

Ep. 318: Legal Updates – May 2022

Lauren Hodge joins the show to talk about a couple of case updates

Ep. 317: What’s Up with ESAs? with Jackie Guglielmo

Jackie Guglielmo joins the podcast to talk nuts and bolts about the ESA program in Indiana.

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Ep. 315: Monthly Tracker – March 2022

We hear from members of the research team about the results from March's general population poll, including answers to some new questions.

Public Opinion Tracker: Teacher Survey Top Takeaways – March 2022

Learn what America’s K-12 teachers think about staying in their profession, school board disruptions, COVID-19 restrictions, school choice and more.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways March 2022

With new questions about local school board disruptions and why people oppose school choice policies, you won’t want to miss these findings.

Ep. 308: Legal Updates – March 2022

In this update, we hear about progress being made in litigation in the states of Tennessee and Kentucky.

Ep. 307: Kentucky Private School Survey

Drew Catt, director of state research and special projects at EdChoice, sits down with co-author John Kristof and colleague, Jordan Zachary. They are joined by Andy Vandiver, President of

Ep. 306: Monthly Tracker – February 2022

We hear from members of the research team about the results from February’s general population poll, including answers to some new questions.

Cool Schools: Season Four Roundup

Binge season four of our Cool Schools podcast series to your heart’s content. We rounded all six episodes up for your convenience.

BRIEF: School Choice in the States – January 2022

With legislative sessions kicking back into gear, we’re tracking another boom of school choice-related bills and two big legal cases.

President’s Letter: The 2022 ABCs of School Choice

With six new programs, 2011 was the year of school choice. A decade later, 2021 became the year of educational choice. EdChoice President & CEO Robert Enlow takes a look back at 2021 with an eye on a new year that could buck a major trend in the school choice movement.

The 2022 EdChoice Yearbook Superlatives

After the officially dubbed Year of Educational Choice, find out the EdChoice team’s annual yearbook superlatives, including Best New Program and Most Likely to Succeed in 2022.

2022 EdChoice Share: Where Are America’s Students Educated?

Which types of schools and educational settings are they choosing?

Public Opinion Tracker: Teacher Survey Top Takeaways Q4 2021

As the Omicron variant began its spread in December, we polled K–12 teachers about their experiences, education policies and more.

EdChoice Public Opinion Tracker: Top Takeaways December 2021

Learn how the Omicron variant affected school parents’ opinions on education and more in our latest polling wave


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