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Ep. 251: Big Ideas – “Choosing Diversity” with Lance Izumi

Lance Izumi joins us to talk about his recent book, Choosing Diversity: How Charter Schools Promote Diverse Learning Models and Meet the Diverse Needs of Parents and Children. He breaks

A New Tool to Help Everyone Understand What Public Schools Spend

What does the local public school in your community spend per-student? A new tech tool developed by Lincoln Studio in partnership with EdChoice can give you an answer.

Public Opinion Tracker Deep Dive: Perspectives of Black K-12 Parents (March 2021)

In the latest wave of our monthly Public Opinion Tracker, we obtained completed surveys from 400 Black parents of school-aged children.

Parents and Teachers Both Want More Learning Pods

We knew parents liked learning pods. It turns out teachers might be even more excited.

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Ep. 247: Teen Survey – Thoughts and Opinions on Schooling During the Pandemic

In our recent Public Opinion Tracker Deep Dive, we asked teenagers about mental health since the start of the pandemic, social issues they care about and more. Click here to

Ep. 242: EdChoice Chats – A Discussion with Ulcca Joshi Hansen About New Opportunities for Ed Reform

Ulcca Joshi Hansen, founder of Educating Potential, joins us to discuss the direction of education in a post-pandemic world.

Will Hybrid Homeschooling Continue After the Pandemic Ends?

Mike McShane's new book and our recent polling shine some light on the subject.

Ep. 234: Our 2021 School Choice Yearbook Superlatives

As we do every year, the EdChoice team got together to vote on yearbook superlative categories, such as Most Empowering, Biggest Setback and our newest recognition, Most Choice-y State,

The 2021 EdChoice Yearbook Superlatives

We caffeinated. We debated. We declared this year’s yearbook superlatives, including dubbing a winner of a new category—Most Choice-y State.

Beyond The Bus: Focus Grouping The Future of K-12 Transportation

EdChoice recently gathered a diverse group of thought leaders to talk about current school transportation challenges and potential solutions.

Ep. 230: EdChoice Chats – A Conversation with Danielle Shockey About Education Infrastructure

Danielle Shockey, CEO of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, hops on the podcast to talk about the teacher talent pipeline and challenges we face in light of the pandemic.

Ep. 215: Micro-schooling – A Conversation with Keri Rodrigues and Sarah Raybon

Keri Rodrigues and Sarah Raybon hop on the podcast to discuss their experiences with homeschooling during the pandemic, views on micro-schooling and more. Keri is the president of the

Ep. 209: Micro-schooling – A Conversation with Tom Bogle

We chat with Arizona parent Tom Bogle, who micro-schools his children. Learn more about the educational model that has gained popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Survey: But What About The Kids?

Our new poll reveals teen views on back-to-school, the pandemic and other hot topics.

Cool Schools: Season Three Roundup

Check out all eight episodes of season three of our Cool Schools podcast series.

Unbundling: How K–12 Education Could Do Transportation Differently

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle how student transportation can change as schools reopen in the Fall.

Unbundling: Three Ways Public Schools Can Rethink Food Services

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle how to help schools and school districts 'unbundle' food services.

Unbundling: Three Policies That Would Improve Schools’ Core Education Services

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle what it might look like to 'unbundle' core academic elements of schools.

Unbundling: A New Way to Approach Teacher Professional Development and Classroom Supplies

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle paying for classroom supplies.

The Unbundling Series: Five Services Public Education Should Do Differently

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle what it means to 'unbundle' educational services and providers to create a more resilient system of education.

Unbundling: Rethinking How We Deliver Remedial Services to Students Who Need Them

In this edition of The Unbundling Series, we tackle funding for remediation programs.

Ep. 194: Legal Updates with Leslie – Espinoza

Leslie Hiner, our VP of legal affairs, discusses the recent school choice win in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue.

Ep. 192: Cool Schools with Epic Charter Schools

In this episode, we chat with Ben Harris, co-founder of Epic Charter Schools. Learn how this free, public, online charter school uses learning centers, a learning fund and more.

What Are ESAs And How Do They Work?

We break down three types of programs and show what makes them so different.

Ep. 191: A Chat with Families Empowered

In this episode, we are joined by team members at Families Empowered, a Texas organization with a mission to help all families gain access to schools that work for

What to Do About ‘Bad Parents’ in K–12 Education

You can decide for yourself which parents you think didn’t live up to the good parenting standard, but you might want to ask yourself whether you’re judging someone for their choices or their circumstances.

Ep. 190: Cool Schools with Prenda Micro-schools

In this episode of EdChoice Chats, Mike McShane brings on Kelly Smith of Prenda micro-schools and Sarah Raybon of the Arizona School Tuition Organization to talk about Prenda’s new

Ep. 188: Cool Schools with Sequitur Classical Academy

In this episode, we chat with Brian Daigle, co-founder of Sequitur Classical Academy. He discusses the classical education model, how the school divides grade levels, and more. Note: Since

Ep. 186: Cool Schools with Fleming County

Learn more about the unique programming flowing out of Fleming County, Kentucky, public schools.

Ep. 180: Cool Schools with Alliance Christian Academy

In this episode of our Cool Schools series, we chat with Christy Wilson, dean of academics at Alliance Christian Academy in Fort Worth, Texas.

Supporting Kids’ Mental/Emotional Health While Schools Are Closed

Whether we like it or not, schools are likely to stay closed for a while longer. How will all this change affect students’ mental health?

Ep. 177: Big Ideas – “Unschooled” with Kerry McDonald

In this episode of our Big Ideas series, we sit down with Kerry McDonald to discuss her book, Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside of the Conventional Classroom.

Ep. 176: Our Top 10 Education Movies

The EdChoice team shares their favorite education-themed movies—from Dead Poets Society to School of Rock.

Planning for an Uncertain Future: The International School of Indiana

What happens to a school who’s students and teachers come from all over the world when the world shuts down?

Ep. 173: Cool Schools with Legacy Classical Christian Academy

In this episode of Cool Schools, Mike McShane chats with Belinda Henson, head of school at Legacy Classical Christian Academy in Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to being a

Private School Profiles: How Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School is Responding to COVID-19

This boarding and day school has learned several lessons that might be useful for other schools coping with COVID-19.

Private School Profiles: How Christ Lutheran School is Responding to COVID-19

Learn how this school is providing structure for students and parents.

Ep. 170: Cool Schools with Jefferson Academy

In this episode, Mike McShane chats with Tim Matlick—executive director of Jefferson Academy and the Summit Academy Home School program in Broomfield, Colorado.

Private School Profiles: How Bishop Guertin High School is Responding to COVID-19

Principal Jason Strniste shares three lessons the school has learned.

How Private Schools and Groups Serving Schools and Families Could Be Eligible for Forgivable Loans

Find out if you're eligible and learn how you can submit an application.

Private School Profiles: How The Oaks Academy is Responding to COVID-19

This Indianapolis school shares lessons they have learned during this transition.

Private School Profiles: How Montessori Preschool is Responding to COVID-19

Learn how this preschool network adjusts to online learning.

Private School Profiles: How the Partnership Schools are Responding to COVID-19

Learn more about how this network of schools in New York City is serving their students.

Ep. 168: Cool Schools with Grace Prep

To kick off Season 3 of our Cool Schools series, Mike McShane chats with Chris Harper, head of school of Grace Prep. This school, located in Arlington, Texas, was

Free Tools to Help Educators and Students Connect While Social Distancing

As we navigate the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our routines and families, we wanted to provide a handy list of free, online tools to help you continue teaching and learning at home.

So You’re Homeschooling Now! Some Resources, Tips and Tricks from a Homeschooling Researcher

Are your children learning from home this week? Check out these three tips to help make the most of it (and keep your sanity).

Studying the School Choice Student Transportation Problem

Taking a look at the national landscape of student transportation policy, the best we can say is that it is complicated.

Ep. 164: Big Ideas – “Child Safety Accounts” with Vicki Alger

In this episode of our Big Ideas series, Vicki Alger discusses her co-authored book, Child Safety Accounts: Combating Student Bullying and School Violence by Empowering Parents. She goes in-depth on

What America Thinks of K–12 Education (Told in Infographics)

We share some of the most compelling results of our 2019 Schooling in America survey in the form of infographics.

1,000 True School Choice Supporters

Too often, advocates think that they need to convince the entire populace of a state to support their initiative. They don’t. They need 1,000 true supporters, or perhaps even fewer.

School Choice Opponents Defend the Indefensible

When a child is assaulted day in and day out in their assigned public school, how can anyone argue they don't deserve school choice? Believe it or not, there are people who do.

Times Like These: Why You Should Build A Real, Committed Grassroots Army

By Jennifer Wagner Buying a domain name, launching a website and making a public announcement are the first steps toward building a grassroots network of supporters. They also happen to

Ep. 160: Big Ideas – “A Legacy To Keep” with Virginia Walden Ford

We sit down with EdChoice board member Virginia Walden Ford to discuss her book, School Choice: A Legacy to Keep. In it, she describes growing up the daughter of

The 2020 EdChoice Yearbook Superlatives

We caffeinated. We debated. We declared this year’s yearbook superlatives, including most likely to succeed in 2020.

Ep. 155: Big Ideas – “The School Choice Roadmap” with Andrew Campanella

In his new book, Andrew Campanella outlines seven steps parents can take to find the right learning environment for their children. Campanella is the president of National School Choice

Our newest staffer Alexis and our resident state research guru Drew Catt chat about some pretty in-your-face school choice themes that appear in the super popular TV series Jane the Virgin.

Who Should Hybrid Home-school?

We present four profiles of potential hybrid home-schoolers.

Eighth grader AJ and his mother Shelley share why they are thankful for school choice.

Top Five Questions About Teacher Pay

As teacher protests continue, we share answers to the top five questions we get asked about teacher pay

Four Ways Evidence Shows School Choice Can Help Teachers

No more theories: The data show school choice actually helps teachers in these four ways

Where the “Funding Competing Systems” Argument Falls Completely Apart

School choice opponents say we should “fully fund” one system (public schools), but here’s where that all falls apart

Cool Schools: Season Two Roundup

Pick from all seven episodes of our second season of Cool Schools with Mike McShane

Is Private School Tuition Tax Deductible?

Learn all of the private school tax credit and deduction programs from the fed, states and more

Ep. 120: Why Parents Choose – Donna Berman

Florida mom recounts the journey to find her son, Brandon, the best education to fit his needs

Cool Schools: All-Boys High School Focuses on Building Brotherhood, Being Leaders

Founder of Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School talks leading a faith-based institution made up of predominately non-Lutheran students

Brian McGrath and Abby Hayes talk K–12 themes in the TV show Last Man Standing, including bilingual education, using a family member's address to attend a non-district school and more.

Can I Use a 529 Plan for K–12 Expenses?

Federal rules allow parents to use the tax-advantaged 529 savings plan for certain private K–12 expenses, but it may be more complicated than you think.

Lauren Hodge and Brian McGrath bring you a breakdown of school choice-related themes in the popular NBC television show Parenthood.

Robert Enlow and Jason Bedrick discuss one iconic episode of the BBC’s Yes, Prime Minister, which is about a political leader who wants universal school choice vs. a bureaucracy that will avoid change at all costs.

Ep. 89: A School Choice Family’s Story – Ola Alayande

We interviewed a Florida parent about how her academically gifted children are thriving because of a tax-credit scholarship

Ep. 72: Hope We Didn’t Have Before – A School Choice Family’s Story

We interviewed an Arizona parent about her family’s journey from unsettling diagnoses to thriving students using an ESA

How to Tell If You Can Afford Private School

Paying full-price for K–12 private school tuition and fees might not be your only option.

Cool Schools: Season One Roundup

Pick from all 14 episodes of our second season of Cool Schools with Mike McShane.

We spoke with K–12 teachers and parents at SXSW EDU. Here's what they had to say about school choice.

How Do You Build a School Choice Coalition?

Three EdChoice team members chat about their experiences in school choice coalition building—how to do it well, what can break down a coalition and more.

What Recourse Families of Students with Special Needs Have When Their Schools Fail Them: Public vs. Private

A new paper sparks debate about whether giving parents of students with special needs the ability to opt out of IDEA in favor of alternative options is good or bad.

An EdChoice Thanksgiving, 2017

Each year at Thanksgiving, we highlight the stories of students and families who are especially grateful for educational opportunity. Last year, we shared a blog post by Valerie McMurray,

Military Families Will Sacrifice for Their Kids’ Education, But School Choice Could Help

This veteran family man shares his experiences and discusses why military families not only need access to school choice, but also more and better information.

This Flexible, Customized Education Model Will Change Your Perception of Private Schools

The founder of a one-to-one instruction model private school shares what differentiates her school and why it should no longer be considered revolutionary.

Education’s Problem Isn’t Too Many Bad Schools; It’s Too Few Great Ones

An education policy scholar explains our education system’s real problem and how we can begin to fix it.

Can School Choice Keep Children Safe from Bullying?

After dozens of parents reached out for options that could keep their children safe from bullying, we had to learn more about what families and the data say about school choice.

How Education Funding Should Work in the 21st Century: What You Need to Know

For as long as we can remember, our society has known one system of education. Based on their ZIP Codes, our children are assigned to “free” public schools that

School Choice Is Bankrupting Public Schools: Fact or Fiction?

First, we need to understand what it would take to topple public schools. Total expenditures nationwide for fiscal year 2014 exceeded $625 billion. Now, how much are states spending

The Body of Evidence on School Choice: What You Need to Know

Researchers from across the country have conducted more than 100 rigorous empirical studies on the effects of school choice programs. Here’s what they found. Does School Choice Help or

The Rich, The Poor and School Choice: What You Need to Know

Rich people have always been able to practice educational choice: They either pay out of pocket for private schools, or they pay a premium to buy houses in neighborhoods

Pursuing Innovation in Education: Why It’s Critical

The old system of delivering public education is not improving quickly enough. Since 1971, America’s spending on education has increased by 300 percent, and that’s adjusted for inflation. Yet

Why Improving America’s Understanding of Special Needs Will Lead to More Educational Choice

Authors and autism experts map out four factors that are adding pressure to policymakers to create more educational choice options for special needs families.

What ESAs in K–12 Education Are and How They’re Different from Coverdell ESAs

The national conversation around school choice and this new program type called education savings accounts, or ESAs, has some people confused. We’re here to simplify.

Why and How We Engage School Choice Opponents on Twitter

Today’s freakout comes to us from Twitter, where we recently had a chat with an opponent who is fervently using the platform to fight a potential Iowa school choice program—education

Why Shaming School Choice Parents Will Hurt Your Community

I find myself this year in the interesting position of kindergarten shopping for my 5-year-old daughter. Besides the expected “I can’t believe she’s this big already” nostalgia, there’s an

Student Story: Why I’m Thankful for Education Savings Accounts

Who am I? My name is Valerie McMurray My birth mother was a heroin addict and an alcoholic all throughout her pregnancy, and because of that, I was born

National Dyslexia Awareness Month and Educational Choice

Which states are going above and beyond to offer students with special needs more opportunity in education?

How Technology and Choice Give High School Drop-Outs the Second Chance They Deserve

I am a high school drop-out. Despite graduating from college with honors, earning two graduate degrees and professional success, my status as a high school drop-out is difficult to

State Legislators Are Listening to You. Now What?

Five Easy Ways to Engage with Your Elected Officials

Student Stories: How My School Choice Inspired Me to Teach

My name is Lennon. From kindergarten until my junior year, I have attended private, parochial schools. My elementary and middle school years were fondly lived out at St. Gregory

Why You Should Stop Complaining About Schools Marketing Themselves to Families

From the minute we wake up to the minute we call it a day, we’re bombarded with marketing and advertising. Our phones, computers and televisions flicker with the latest

What Teachers Say About School Choice vol. 3

We’re back with the third installment of the What Teachers Say About School Choice series, which features feedback we’ve received on social media from educators and administrators — along

A Teacher Who Approves of School Choice?

School choice. The term was demonized in my teacher credentialing courses and by my own mother, who had been teaching in public schools since she was 20 years old.

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