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In the second episode of our Mean Tweets series, Jen Wagner and Drew Catt read tweets and offer commentary and insight regarding some of the top issues in education.

Our newest staffer Alexis and our resident state research guru Drew Catt chat about some pretty in-your-face school choice themes that appear in the super popular TV series Jane the Virgin.

In the first episode of our Mean Tweets series, Robert Enlow and Drew Catt read tweets and offer commentary and insight regarding some of the top issues in education.

What do parents of school-age kids and public school teachers have in common? How are their views on education different. This 2019 national poll has some answers.

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Which studies are the most reliable? The best way to get an apples-to-apples comparison in social science is to perform something called a randomized control trial (RCT). Here's how they work.

A staffing surge has been happening in public schools for decades, and it's hurting teachers. Watch author Dr. Ben Scafidi break down what the US DOE data say about it.

Eighth grader AJ and his mother Shelley share why they are thankful for school choice.

Robert Enlow and Jen Wagner dish about the education reform episodes of the seedy political Netflix drama House of Cards.

Brian McGrath and Abby Hayes talk K–12 themes in the TV show Last Man Standing, including bilingual education, using a family member's address to attend a non-district school and more.

In honor of our 100th podcast episode, our president and CEO joined us in the studio to bring some big topics into the light and to your screens.

Lauren Hodge and Brian McGrath bring you a breakdown of school choice-related themes in the popular NBC television show Parenthood.

Robert Enlow and Jason Bedrick discuss one iconic episode of the BBC’s Yes, Prime Minister, which is about a political leader who wants universal school choice vs. a bureaucracy that will avoid change at all costs.

Robert Enlow and Abby Hayes—two hardcore Harry Potter fans—get creative discussing the school choice-related themes in one of the most beloved book and movie series of all time.

We spoke with K–12 teachers and parents at SXSW EDU. Here's what they had to say about school choice.

Check out how we announced our big 2016 rebrand from the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice to simply EdChoice.

Get a sense of our organization's history before we became EdChoice in July 2016.

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