Cool Schools: Season Four Roundup

Time to recap season four of one of our listeners’ favorite EdChoice Chats podcast series: Cool Schools

In our Cool Schools podcasts series, EdChoice’s director of national research Mike McShane spotlights some—you guessed it—cool schools across the country. McShane brings on fresh schools each season and picks the brain of their leaders about all the things we education geeks care about.

For those of you who may have missed a few episodes or just want to revisit your favorites, browse all six episodes from season four below.

Ep. 268: Cool Schools with Christian Dallavis
We kick off season four of our Cool Schools series with Christian Dallavis, the assistant superintendent for Partnership Schools, that started in New York and have since expanded to Ohio.

Ep. 270: Cool Schools with Don Soifer
In this installment of our Cool Schools series, we chat with Don Soifer, president of Nevada Action for School Options, and his chief of staff Ashley Campbell. They speak to us about the innovative schooling option they helped make possible in the Silver State.

Ep. 274: Cool Schools with Kurtis Indorf
In this episode of our Cool Schools series, we talk to Kurtis Indorf, president of Great Hearts Online and Great Hearts Microschools in Arizona. He tells us about the innovations he and his team have been implementing and how this new option for families has already helped so many kids in his community.

Ep. 276: Cool Schools with Tom Carroll
We chat with the Superintendent of the Boston Archdiocese Catholic Schools Tom Carroll. We learn more about his support of school choice and his journey starting the first new Catholic school in 50 years.

Ep. 284: Cool Schools with Teresa Sanders
In this episode, we hear from Safari Small School creator Dr. Teresa Sanders. She candidly tells us her reasons on why she started her own school and the goals she has for the education of her students with special needs. You don’t want to miss this one!

Ep. 288: Cool Schools with Bill Wendl
We wrapped season four of Cool Schools by talking with Principal of Prestonwood Christian Academy’s Hybrid Schooling Program Bill Wendl. He tells us about the out-of-the-box solutions needed to successfully run a hybrid educational option.