Indiana Education Scholarships are paving the way for students with disabilities 

When Corey Burkehardt learned that her children Vance and Evie (Evelyn) both had dyslexia, she didn’t realize how much of an uphill battle it would be to get them the resources they needed to succeed in their district school.

“I’m excited I don’t have cookie cutter kids, but they definitely need a different approach,” Corey said. “It was quite a journey with our kids when they were in their previous setting. We felt like we had to fight and advocate just to try to help our kids not fall through the cracks.”

Corey Burkehardt with her children Evie and Vance

For Evie and Vance, an inability to read had real consequences.

“When I found out I had dyslexia, it was very sad,” said Evie. “I was like ‘Oh no, what if I don’t get accepted because I can’t read?’”

Vance worried he wouldn’t make it to high school. “I was always worried like ‘what am I going to do on the next test?’” Vance said.

It was through Vance and Evie’s reading interventionist, Linda Wampler, that Corey learned about the Indiana Education Scholarship.

“This places the control, the resources and the options for parents and their students that they haven’t had,” said Linda.

Reading interventionist, Linda Wampler

After applying for and receiving Indiana Education Scholarships, Corey had hundreds of vendors at her fingertips to be able to customize the education for each both Evie and Vance.

“We’ve always heard this saying ‘it takes a village to raise your kids’. And so, this is where you’re picking your village,” said Corey.

“For our kids to have a successful individualized education plan, we need that reading interventionist. Then we also have tutors that come in and help our kids on Mondays and Fridays with their homework. We wouldn’t have been able to afford that without the ESA.”

Thanks to the scholarships and their customized learning plans, both Evie and Vance found a new love for reading.

“I now know how to read books and I don’t have to pretend to read anymore,” Evie said.

“When they see the growth,” says Linda. “It kind of changes things. They realize they’re ok, and that this is working. We want their hearts to sing, we want them to absolutely be enthusiastic about reading and writing and spelling and the places that it takes them.”

Indiana Education scholarship account provides up to $19,000 directly to K through 12 students with disabilities. For Corey, knowing that she had educators’ and lawmaker support to come alongside her and find the best solutions for Vance and Evie made all the difference.

“The impact on our family has been amazing. And this will not fail. This is focusing in on your child’s strengths. It’s individualized solely to them, and you get to pick and choose because you know your child best. And that is what is going to make your child successful in the long run.”

To customize your child’s education, learn more or enroll today at, and check out this video explaining the Indiana Education Scholarship Account.