Meet Parent Engagement Manager: Shaivon Stewart

A Champion for School Choice and Parental Engagement

In the dynamic world of educational reform, where passion intersects with advocacy, Shaivon Stewart stands as a testament to the power of school choice to drive increasing educational options for all families. As EdChoice’s Parent Engagement Manager, her story is not just one of professional achievement, but a deeply personal journey through the realms of motherhood, community involvement, and the relentless pursuit of educational equity.

Shaivon grew up on the west side of Indianapolis, and her curiosity and pursuit of educational excellence quickly helped her realize that the abundance of options she had as a student was unique.

“My passion for education has been a constant thread throughout my K-12 journey, driven by a curiosity and a genuine love for learning,” she said. “There wasn’t a specific moment but rather a gradual realization that knowledge is a powerful catalyst for personal and societal growth. Growing up in Indianapolis, I’ve witnessed the community’s dedication to providing diverse educational options and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Indiana’s emphasis on school choice and charter schools has underscored the importance of empowering families with options tailored to their children’s needs.”

Shaivon’s transition to motherhood brought a new dimension to her understanding of education. It wasn’t just about policies and systems; it was about real choices that affect real children—her child.

“My experience with school choice is deeply personal, as my own daughter has benefited from diverse educational settings. We explored different options, including private, public, and currently a charter school, tailoring each choice to best suit her unique needs and learning style. This hands-on experience has given me insights into the power of school choice, reinforcing my commitment to advocating for educational options that empower parents to make decisions aligning with their children’s individual strengths and aspirations.”

This experience not only reinforced her belief in the importance of school choice but also provided her with a firsthand understanding of its impact. This new perspective inspired Shaivon to connect with other parents and work to advocate for their options as well.

“My involvement in the broader school choice movement evolved organically from my passion for educational equity and community empowerment. Recognizing the transformative impact of school choice on educational outcomes, I actively sought opportunities to contribute. Through networking, community engagement, and aligning myself with organizations dedicated to educational reform, I became a part of the broader school choice movement, driven by a shared commitment to empowering parents and improving educational options for all students.”

Shaivon leads Parent Corps member, Sharon, in an activity at a recent Parent Corps training.

Shaivon’s experience and interactions with parents also helped her understand choice as a tool to promote another area she is deeply passionate about: access and the inclusion of diverse voices in education.

“Choice, in my view, is a powerful tool for improving equity in education by recognizing and valuing diverse voices and needs. It empowers families, promotes educational equity, and encourages innovation in the education system. Parental engagement is the cornerstone of effective advocacy, and it is through engaged parents that we can collectively drive positive change in the educational landscape.”

Shaivon continues to build on that work and uplift parental voices in her role as the Parent Corps Parent Engagement Manager.

Over the next two years, EdChoice’s goal is to activate and engage a core group of 50 to 75 parents, with an overall goal of reaching 1000 parents nationwide. The idea is to have a “train the trainer” model where core advocates can learn how to be effective advocates in their communities from EdChoice’s outreach team, then train others to do the same in a way that respects the views of all parents that support choice.

“My overarching goal for Parent Corps is to cultivate a network of informed and empowered parents who actively contribute to the dialogue on school choice and use their training to further outreach initiatives. I aspire to create a robust support system that equips parents with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to become influential advocates in their communities. I envision Parent Corps as a driving force for positive policy change and a beacon for parental engagement in shaping the future of education.”

Shaivon (first row) poses with Parent Corps members at a recent Parent Corps training.

As a mother herself, who has exercised her right to educational options for her child, she can empathize with parents who not only want the best for their children, but to be a voice in conversations about the future of education and what those options could be.

“The firsthand experience of making decisions about my child’s education has heightened my awareness of the importance of educational choice and the vital role parents play in advocating for their children. As a parent, I empathize with the diverse challenges families face and recognize the unique needs of each child. This personal journey has fueled my passion for parental advocacy, emphasizing the transformative power of active engagement in shaping educational policies.”

Shaivon has already hit the ground running, organizing dozens of parents to grow our Parent Corps. And it’s paying off.

“I’ve absolutely had inspiring interactions with parents that embody the vision of building Parent Corps as a force for positive policy change. One standout example is among our first recruits, a remarkable mother who has not only embraced the mission but has taken proactive steps to build her network of advocates. Witnessing her dedication and initiative in recruiting parents to train with EdChoice is truly impactful. It’s encounters like these that reinforce my belief in the transformative potential of Parent Corps; individual stories weave into a collective narrative of empowered parents shaping the future of education through advocacy and engagement.”

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