New Survey of American Teens Estimates How Many Are Using ChatGPT

Indianapolis, IN—A new survey of American teens finds less than half have heard at least some about ChatGPT, and less than one-third have put the AI platform to use.

The nationally representative poll was commissioned by EdChoice and conducted by Morning Consult. It delves into a variety of issues, from post-pandemic mental health concerns to opinions on what type of support students wish their schools would provide. The sample of 1,000 teenagers ages 13-18 were surveyed from March 24th – April 5th about ChatGPT, the AI-generated language model developed by OpenAI. Their responses were illuminating.

Forty-two percent of teens have heard either a lot or some about ChatGPT, with 22 percent of teens responding that they have heard “a lot” about the tool, and 20 percent responding that they have heard “some.”

Interestingly, the survey found that Asian teens (65%) were the most likely to have heard about ChatGPT, followed by males (61%) and 18-year-old respondents (45%). Note that the sample size of Asian teens was smaller than most other demographic groups, so exercise caution interpreting this result.

“This survey can provide valuable insights into how American teens are engaging with a new technology like ChatGPT,” said Paul DiPerna, Vice President of Research and Innovation at EdChoice. “As we look toward the future of K-12 education, and creating learning environments that respond to a wide range of student interests and strengths, it’s important to understand how the current cohort of teens engages with this emerging technology.”

Less than 30 percent of teens reported having used ChatGPT. Fifteen percent reported using it in their free time, 8 percent reported using it at school and during their free time, and 5 percent reported using it exclusively at school.

The survey also found that 11 percent of respondents had not heard much about ChatGPT, while 29 percent responded that they had not heard about the tool at all. More inquiry and exploration is needed to better understand how innovative technologies like ChatGPT can help or hinder student learning in the future.

Access the full results here, and the crosstabs here.

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On behalf of EdChoice, Morning Consult administered an online survey to a national sample of 1,000 Teens (ages 13-18) from March 24 to April 5, 2023. Interviews were conducted in English. Weights have been applied to the respondent data to ensure the survey sample’s demographics are nationally representative. The demographic weighting targets for teens are based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, and region. For more information about the polling methodology, visit:

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