Parents Denied Hope Scholarships by West Virginia Circuit Court

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., July 6, 2022 – EdChoice, a national nonprofit organization that promotes state-based educational choice programs, released the following statement from Leslie Hiner, VP of Legal Affairs and Director of the Legal Defense & Education Center, in response to the granting of a preliminary injunction against the Hope Scholarship program.

EdChoice is disappointed in today’s decision of a West Virginia circuit court that placed an injunction against the state’s Hope Scholarship education savings account program, halting its implementation until after final ruling by a higher court. Hope Scholarships empower families across West Virginia to make educational choices they believe are best to help their children learn at their maximum potential.

“West Virginia parents have a reasonable expectation that their state’s constitution, which places a high value on education, will support a parent’s right to use Hope Scholarships to access whatever educational resources are necessary for children to learn and succeed,” commented Leslie Hiner. “EdChoice will support the legal effort to help West Virginia parents secure affirmation from the state’s Supreme Court that Hope Scholarships are constitutional and lift up education in West Virginia, for all children.”