Robert C. Enlow, Author at EdChoice

The K-12 Financial Cliff: What States Could Face If Students Switch Schooling Sectors

What would happen to state and local budgets if a percentage of private school students wind up back in the public system?

Researching the Research on Nine Major Ed Reforms

We partnered with Hanover Research to see what areas have been the most studied.

2020 School Choice Legislative Preview

Keep an eye on these states for school choice legislation in 2020.

School Choice in Pop Culture: Yes, Prime Minister

A brilliant satire meets our team’s real-world experience trying to pass school choice legislation in this episode of our School Choice in Pop Culture series

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6 Key Principles for the School-Choice Movement’s ‘Bold Brand Promise’

This post originally appeared here on the Rick Hess Straight Up blog on Education Week. I’ve probably been to Washington, D.C., more times in the past six months than

8 Things the School-Choice Movement Has Gotten Right

This post originally appeared here on the Rick Hess Straight Up blog on Education Week. Greetings, fellow travelers. It’s Robert Enlow, back again with the next take from the

7 Regrets From an Old, Cranky Ed. Reformer

This post originally appeared here on the Rick Hess Straight Up blog on Education Week. Hi. My name is Robert Enlow. I’m an ed reformer, and I’ve been one

What We Can Do About School Choice’s Supply-Side Problem

If you build it, they will come. A memorable line, a memorable scene. But what happens if you know they’ll come, and you just can’t get it built in

EdChoice on the 2015 PISA Results: “Meh.”

  Give the American K–12 education system another participation ribbon, this time for its latest results on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), a global measurement taken every

Top 5 Ways the New White House Can Support School Choice for Families

  Although K–12 education didn’t feature heavily into the 2016 race for the White House, President-elect Donald Trump has not been shy about his support for school choice, even

The Next Chapter of Our Story

EdChoice. It’s a big and powerful idea—and it’s the new name of our organization. Earlier this year, we announced that we’d be changing our brand to celebrate our past

New Name, Same Mission: Foundation to Announce New Name on Friedman Legacy Day, July 29, 2016

I have some really exciting news to share with you: The Friedman Foundation is changing its name. Why is that “exciting news?” Why wouldn’t we want to keep using

Pope Francis’ Visit Should Open Minds to School Choice

For almost a week, Americans of all faiths—or of none—got a lengthy dose of a message of hope and charity. Pope Francis’ visit to the United States highlighted good

Friedman Foundation Celebrates Founder with New, Innovative Website

Gen Con is in full swing in Indianapolis, where the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice is headquartered. It’s a time when thousands of gamers come to town to witness

Roll Tide — Major Victory for School Choice in Alabama

Justice is on the side of school choice and the families who use it. That was the outcome this week in Alabama, where the state’s Supreme Court overturned a

Is 2015 the Year for Universal School Choice?

Everyone likes affirmation. People enjoy being told the project they led was impressive or that their new haircut looks nice or that they made a good choice. We at

Friedman Foundation on the PISA Results

The new PISA results showing American students fell behind more nations in reading, math, and science are being used to criticize our current education system while others are employing

What to Expect from Sen. Lamar Alexander’s Federal Voucher Legislation

What does Sen. Lamar Alexander’s (R-TN) introduction today of the “Scholarships for Kids Act of 2014” federal voucher legislation mean for the future of school choice? Allowing public education

Are Private Schools Accountable?

Milton Friedman said if the traditional public schools are as good as its defenders claim, they shouldn’t be afraid of competition. In a similar vein, some school choice supporters

Friedman Foundation Responds to Diane Ravitch

Yesterday education historian Diane Ravitch recognized the Friedman Foundation’s research on her blog, specifically our new survey showing where Americans rank the efficaciousness of seven education reforms. However, I

What’s on First: School Choice vs. Common Core

Many Common Core supporters say school choice and Common Core can work together to create the best system. Maybe they can, but school choice for all families must come

The Friedman Foundation on Common Core

Common Core State Standards Initiative, national standards, federal takeover of education—whatever you want to call it, we at the Friedman Foundation are frequently asked about it. Here is our

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