BRIEF: School Choice in the States October 2016



In light of the Nevada Supreme Court’s Sept. 29 ruling that the legislature did not adequately appropriate funding for their best-in-the-nation education savings account (ESA) program, Attorney General Adam Laxalt, State Treasurer Dan Schwartz, Sen. Scott Hammond, state legislators, numerous state and community leaders and hundreds of parents urged Gov. Brian Sandoval to include ESA funding in the October special session called to enable the building of an NFL stadium and expansive convention center in Las Vegas. Gov. Sandoval declined their request citing uncertainties with the constitutionality of funding alternatives. However, the governor did ask Sen. Hammond to lead a small working group dedicated to creating a new funding solution for Nevada’s ESA. The ESA funding solution the committee develops will be presented for inclusion in Gov. Sandoval’s final budget recommendations for the legislature’s 2017 general session.”




– EdChoice released on October 31 The Tax-Credit Scholarship Audit, a report that follows up on previous work examining the fiscal effects of private school choice programs. The report analyzes savings from tax-credit scholarship programs in seven states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Visit The Tax-Credit Scholarship Audit to access a slide show of key findings or to download the full report for each state’s program profile.