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Dear Bosses: Consider This Potential New Employee Benefit

By Jennifer Wagner CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW JOB! YOUR EMPLOYEE BENEFITS PACKAGE INCLUDES… Vacation, sick and flex time. Medical, dental, vision and life insurance. Retirement savings accounts. Tuition or childcare

Stuck In The Middle: Why School Choice Should Be Available To Everyone

By Jennifer Wagner After almost five years working in the school choice movement, the subhed on this story about the potential cost of Indiana’s proposed voucher expansion and special needs

Friedman And Donahue: Let’s Get Back To Sparking And Flickering

By Jennifer Wagner Four decades ago, Nobel laureate Milton Friedman sat down with talk show host Phil Donahue to discuss his bestselling book, Free to Choose. You can watch the

Dear Dr. Cardona: An Open Letter From A Connecticut Mom

By Gwen Samuel Dear Dr. Cardona, Congratulations on your nomination to become the next U.S. Secretary of Education. It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were sitting in your office

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Stick With It: Short-Term Frustration Can Lead To Long-Term Change

By Jennifer Wagner The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That tired old cliché is all I can think of

The Pandemic Upended Schooling. Will Families Go Back To The Before Times?

By Jennifer Wagner The pandemic has changed schooling as we know it — for now. You can’t throw a stick without hitting an article about how families have been adapting since March. Some

New Study Shows Positive Family Outcomes for Private School Students

By Mike McShane As is rarely said at a Sinn Fein meeting, I’d like to say something nice about Protestants. In a new report from the American Enterprise Institute, Albert

Thinking Outside The Boundary: GreatSchools Isn’t The Problem

By Jennifer Wagner Mother Jones recently published a story questioning whether GreatSchools, a national nonprofit that rates public PK-12 schools using test scores and other factors, is inadvertently contributing to

Stay The Course: We Have To Be “We Bes” To Make Change

By Jennifer Wagner EdChoice is the oldest group in the nation solely dedicated to advancing school choice. Dr. Friedman and his wife, Rose, founded the organization in 1996. We’ll be

An Open Letter To My Son With The Bugatti Brain

By Jennifer Wagner To my sweet, kind, inquisitive son: I love you so much. I love how you tell us all about the latest Fortnite updates and perform all the dances — and

Get Off My Lawn: I Don’t Care What You Think My Kids Should Be Doing Right Now

By Jennifer Wagner The other day, I dropped an opinion piece — with no personal commentary — on my Facebook timeline from someone who was concerned about students going back to school in person. I

State Of The Unions: Let’s Not Be So Hasty Comparing Police To Teachers

By Jennifer Wagner There has been much debate in recent weeks about criminal justice reform following the killing of George Floyd and a series of high-profile cases of police brutality

HELP Us Change Our Mind and (Not) Open Schools Too Soon

By Drew Catt As a native of Indiana and science fiction fan, I grew up loving Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind and was downright giddy when Stranger

Everyone Loves To Hate Fancy Private Schools

By Jennifer Wagner It’s always easy to hate the rich and their fancy private schools. It’s even easier in tough economic times when unemployment is high and the future is uncertain.

On Being Non-Essential: It Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Important

By Jennifer Wagner “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” I’ve always appreciated that Douglas Adams quote — and I’m drawn to it more than ever

Teaching At Home: The Best-Laid Plans Turn Into A Very Different Reality

By Jennifer Wagner In case you missed it, we’re all teachers now — and probably will be for the rest of the school year. Teachers are amazing. My parents were teachers. I love helping

Free Tools to Help Educators and Students Connect While Social Distancing

As we navigate the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our routines and families, we wanted to provide a handy list of free, online tools to help you continue teaching and learning at home.

Isolated With Kids: Ten Homeschooling Tips From A Mom That’s Done It For Years

By Elissa Wahl The coronavirus isn’t just about getting sick or stocking up on toilet paper — it’s also becoming a national issue surrounding education. Schools are shutting down, leaving kids home,

Charter Schools: A Solution No One Asked For (But So Many Families Need)

By Jennifer Wagner If you work in the K-12 education space, you know by now that it’s open season on charter schools. This recent New York Times piece took a

Times Like These: Why You Should Build A Real, Committed Grassroots Army

By Jennifer Wagner Buying a domain name, launching a website and making a public announcement are the first steps toward building a grassroots network of supporters. They also happen to

How About We Just Call Them Schools? Then We Can Focus On What Matters.

By Jennifer Wagner Hear ye, hear ye. Make way for the Official School Choice Language Brigade, summoned recently in response to terminology used by President Trump in his State of the

School Choice: You’ll Know It When You Need It

By Jennifer Wagner When asked to describe his threshold for determining obscenity, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously said back in 1964 that he didn’t have a clear standard,

Beyond Rallies: Five Grassroots Activities That Probably Are Easier (And More Effective)

Beyond Rallies: Five Grassroots Activities That Probably Are Easier (And Just As Effective) By Jennifer Wagner Everyone loves the idea of a rally to support their cause: thousands of people

The Eight Personalities You’ll Encounter When Building Coalitions

By Jennifer Wagner “I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.” This famously funny Will Rogers quote applies far beyond partisan politics. Every issue — political

Shout It From The Rooftop: We Need More School Choice Net Promoters

By Jennifer Wagner Welcome to the golden age of influence. Some of us are new to it. Others are growing up in it. We’re all going to have to adapt

Overheard At #RedForEd: Pay Is Important, But Testing Took Center Stage

By Jennifer Wagner When thousands of people come together to speak out for or against something, it’s a beautiful sight. Rallies and protests are a reminder of our fundamental American

Vigorous Agreement About Bipartisan Ed Reform

By Jason Bedrick Have you ever watched two friends engaged in a heated debate who are basically saying the same thing but don’t seem to realize it? That’s how I

Blame The Left: Who Needs Bipartisanship Anyway?

By Jennifer Wagner Coalitions, no matter the issue, tend to loosely fall into two buckets: true believers and unlikely allies. True believers are the bedrock, but it’s hard to move beyond

OMG, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are Politicians!

OMG, Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren Are Politicians! By Jennifer Wagner To my friends in the K-12 school choice movement currently losing your minds because Democrats who once supported charters

Central Planning Escape: An Essential Economic Argument For K-12 ESAs

By Dr. John Merrifield Q: Why is our traditional K-12 education system so inefficient; costs too much; leaves a lot of children massively under-educated? A: It operates in ways

The 10 Most Popular Episodes of EdChoice Chats

For National Podcast Day, we’re taking a look at some of our most popular tracks

Cool Schools: Season Two Roundup

Pick from all seven episodes of our second season of Cool Schools with Mike McShane

Cool Schools: All-Boys High School Focuses on Building Brotherhood, Being Leaders

Founder of Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School talks leading a faith-based institution made up of predominately non-Lutheran students

Legal Updates with Leslie: Florida, Maine, Montana, New Mexico and Tennessee

Learn the latest on these key cases and how they could affect families’ educational choices

The Monthly Debrief Podcast with the EdChoice State Team – November to December 2018

Our state team breaks from our normal debrief format to chat about an IRS rule that may affect tax-credit scholarships

Cool Schools: Season One Roundup

Pick from all 14 episodes of our second season of Cool Schools with Mike McShane.

The Monthly Debrief Podcast with the EdChoice State Team – July to August 2018

Our team updates you on the latest school choice happenings in the states since our last Monthly Debrief episode

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, May 2018

Need a record of May 2018’s state school choice happenings? Our brief roundup has you covered.

How Do You Build a School Choice Coalition?

Three EdChoice team members chat about their experiences in school choice coalition building—how to do it well, what can break down a coalition and more.

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, November 2017

Need a record of November 2017’s state school choice happenings? Our brief roundup has you covered.

An EdChoice Thanksgiving, 2017

Each year at Thanksgiving, we highlight the stories of students and families who are especially grateful for educational opportunity. Last year, we shared a blog post by Valerie McMurray,

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, October 2017

Need a record of October 2017’s state school choice happenings? Our brief roundup has you covered.

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, September 2017

Need a record of September 2017’s state school choice happenings? Our brief roundup has you covered.

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, August 2017

Need a record of August 2017’s state school choice happenings? Our brief roundup has you covered.

How Education Funding Should Work in the 21st Century: What You Need to Know

For as long as we can remember, our society has known one system of education. Based on their ZIP Codes, our children are assigned to “free” public schools that

School Choice Is Bankrupting Public Schools: Fact or Fiction?

First, we need to understand what it would take to topple public schools. Total expenditures nationwide for fiscal year 2014 exceeded $625 billion. Now, how much are states spending

The Body of Evidence on School Choice: What You Need to Know

Researchers from across the country have conducted more than 100 rigorous empirical studies on the effects of school choice programs. Here’s what they found. Does School Choice Help or

The Rich, The Poor and School Choice: What You Need to Know

Rich people have always been able to practice educational choice: They either pay out of pocket for private schools, or they pay a premium to buy houses in neighborhoods

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, July 2017

Need a record of July 2017’s state school choice happenings? Our brief roundup has you covered.

Pursuing Innovation in Education: Why It’s Critical

The old system of delivering public education is not improving quickly enough. Since 1971, America’s spending on education has increased by 300 percent, and that’s adjusted for inflation. Yet

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, June 2017

Need a record of June 2017’s state school choice happenings? Our brief roundup has you covered.

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, May 2017

Need a record of May 2017’s state school choice happenings? Our brief roundup has you covered.

Charity Navigator Awards EdChoice Its Highest Rating

We’re a pretty humble lot here at EdChoice, but we’re proud of the work we do and our reputation as a standard-bearer in the K–12 educational choice movement. When

What ESAs in K–12 Education Are and How They’re Different from Coverdell ESAs

The national conversation around school choice and this new program type called education savings accounts, or ESAs, has some people confused. We’re here to simplify.

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, April 2017

Need a record of April 2017’s state school choice happenings? Our brief roundup has you covered.

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, March 2017

Need a record of March 2017 school choice happenings in the states? Our roundup has you covered.

Why and How We Engage School Choice Opponents on Twitter

Today’s freakout comes to us from Twitter, where we recently had a chat with an opponent who is fervently using the platform to fight a potential Iowa school choice program—education

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, February 2017

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION Alabama The Alabama Senate passed SB 123, a bill sponsored by Senate President Pro Tempore Del Marsh that would expand the tax credits available through the state’s Education Scholarship Program.

BRIEF: School Choice in the States, January 2017

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION Arizona SB 1431, a bill that would expand the state’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts to near-universal eligibility, was introduced to the Arizona legislature last month. The bill was

The 2017 EdChoice Yearbook Superlatives

Do you know which states the EdChoice team thinks are most likely to succeed in 2017?

How “The ABCs of School Choice” Handbook Can Work for You

Whether you’re a policymaker or a thought leader who’s interested in educational choice, our flagship publication is designed to help make your job easier. How can The ABCs of

BRIEF: School Choice in the States December 2016

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION Georgia Leslie Hiner worked with outside counsel and, on December 15, 2016, filed an amicus brief with the Georgia Supreme Court in support of the state’s

The Power of Educational Choice

Three families share their children’s success stories thanks to education savings accounts (ESAs).

BRIEF: School Choice in the States November 2016

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION There are no state updates this month regarding school choice program legislation or litigation developments.   IN OTHER NEWS -Although news headlines have focused primarily on

The Next Accountability Series Roundup

  One of the most important questions in K–12 education is: Who should hold whom accountable for what, and how? Warring factions have been fighting over the answer for

Friday Freakout: What School Choice Opponents Are Missing When They Focus Only on Funding

  The Center for Evaluation & Education Policy at Indiana University recently released a report analyzing the design and fiscal effects of K–12 school voucher programs in six states,

Where Governors Stand on School Choice

With the 2016 elections over—well, almost over—many are wondering what it all means for the future of educational choice policies. Although news headlines have focused primarily on the presidential

BRIEF: School Choice in the States October 2016

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION Nevada In light of the Nevada Supreme Court’s Sept. 29 ruling that the legislature did not adequately appropriate funding for their best-in-the-nation education savings account (ESA)

Breaking Down “The Tax-Credit Scholarship Audit”

In 2014, we calculated the cumulative savings generated by America’s K–12 school voucher programs over two decades—$1.7 billion. This year, we continued that study by doing the same for

National Dyslexia Awareness Month and Educational Choice

Which states are going above and beyond to offer students with special needs more opportunity in education?

Breaking Down Our “2016 Schooling in America” Survey

This year’s report features a special focus on Millennials and new questions for parents.

BRIEF: School Choice in the States September 2016

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION Connecticut  In Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v Jodi M. Rell, the Superior Court in Hartford ruled, on September 7, that Connecticut’s school funding

State Legislators Are Listening to You. Now What?

Five Easy Ways to Engage with Your Elected Officials

Breaking Down the EdChoice “Surveying State Legislators” Report

In our Surveying State Legislators report, we share findings from a phone survey of state legislators from across the country. It’s worth noting that we believe this is the

Why You Should Stop Complaining About Schools Marketing Themselves to Families

From the minute we wake up to the minute we call it a day, we’re bombarded with marketing and advertising. Our phones, computers and televisions flicker with the latest

Educational Choice and Bridging the Political Divide

Watch the liberal Dr. Steve Perry speak at the conservative ALEC annual meeting.

Friday Freakout: Three Reasons Opponents of Nevada’s ESAs Are Really, Really Wrong

Nearly 8,000 Nevada students have signed up for a program that would give them the power to use state funds to create an educational plan tailored for their individual

What Teachers Say About School Choice vol. 3

We’re back with the third installment of the What Teachers Say About School Choice series, which features feedback we’ve received on social media from educators and administrators — along

BRIEF: School Choice in the States June 2016

LEGISLATION AND LITIGATION Arizona – Michael Chartier @mchart1 The Arizona Auditor General released a performance audit on the nation’s first education savings accounts (ESAs): Empowerment Scholarship Accounts. The auditor’s main findings

Friday Freakout: Cherry-Picking Better Than Nose-Picking, But Not By Much

School choice opponents have no shortage of unfounded arguments aimed at blocking parents from choosing the best educational fit for their own kids. One of their favorite talking points

JAMES G. BLAINE: Who was he, and how is he affecting children’s education today?

Maine legislator and presidential hopeful James G. Blaine (1830–1893) was a member of Congress in the mid- to late 1800s, a time when Catholic immigrants were flooding into the

Breaking Down “A Win-Win Solution: The Empirical Evidence on School Choice”

As educational choice grows, so does the evidence proving it works. In today’s release of the fourth edition of a Friedman Foundation flagship report—A Win-Win Solution: The Empirical Evidence

Education Market Failure? The Cost of Regulations on Private School Choice Programs

An Analysis of the Louisiana Scholarship Program Achievement Findings “The approach has been to regard any market failure, however minor, as a sufficient excuse for government intervention. The market

Friday Freakout: The Straussification of Public Education

The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss recently published an opinion piece, “The ‘Walmartization’ of public education,” in which she derides the Friedman Foundation for our work to empower families to

The 2016 School Choice Yearbook Superlatives

The Friedman Foundation team put in our votes for this year’s school choice yearbook superlatives, and these are our winners. Check them out and tell us how you would

U.S. States Ranked by Educational Choice Share

We are introducing a new calculation to our school choice program rankings this year: educational choice share, or “edchoice share.” The calculations behind this ranking seek to answer one

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Purchasing Power, 2016 Edition

We’ve given our readers an overview of school choice programs across the nation this week with rankings based on eligibility and family participation. But one major question still remains: How

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Participation, 2016 Edition

Which of America’s school choice programs has the most participants? Which has the least? The latest edition of The ABCs of School Choice gives the most up-to-date information we

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked By Eligibility, 2016 Edition

At the Friedman Foundation, our goal for any school choice program is universal eligibility. We believe that all parents—regardless of ZIP Code, income, or any other factors—should have access

What You Need to Know About “The ABCs of School Choice” 2016 Edition

Since the launch of the nation’s first modern school choice program in 1990, nationwide participation in school choice has grown leaps and bounds—by 115,301 percent! Today, there are 59

The Five Best and Worst School Choice Moments of 2015

Best 1. Nevada enacted two educational choice programs. We predicted in 2014 that Nevada would be the state “most likely to succeed” in becoming a new school choice state

The Best of Friedman Foundation Blog Posts: 2015 Edition

What did our blog readers view and enjoy most this past year? We dug into our analytics to see which Friedman Foundation posts were most loved. Enjoy reading—or maybe

Happy Holidays from the Friedman Foundation

At this time of year, we like to highlight stories of families who have felt the impact of educational choice programs. This year, we talked to two Indiana families

Friday Freakout: Are Lawsuits Against School Choice Options About Kids or Control?

The news has been abuzz with educational choice litigation developments the past few weeks. Amicus briefs have been filed to defend Nevada’s nearly universal education savings accounts and Douglas

An Educational Choice Thanksgiving, 2015

Now is the time of year when we remind ourselves why we’re thankful. In 2013, we highlighted some families who are grateful for their choice schools. Last year, we

Friday Freakout: Responding to “Why White Parents Won’t Choose Black Schools”

“You don’t want to make the same choice I made. That must make you (fill in the blank).” In an atmosphere where statements like that are the dominant rhetoric,

The Friedman Foundation Thanks America’s Veterans

In order for choice to work, individuals must be free to make choices. And for individuals to have that freedom, others must defend it. Today, the Friedman Foundation extends

Top Findings from the “Latino Perspectives” Survey

About one in four children in the U.S. today is Hispanic, and Latino children are one of the fastest growing demographics in the country, according to recent reports. As

Friday Freakout: Are Nevada Secular Private Schools Affordable with ESAs?

As the rollout of Nevada’s nearly-universal education savings accounts (ESAs) continues, parents have plenty of questions. We saw some great ones in response to this July article detailing the

Friday Freakout: Forbes Editor Claims School Choice Kids Will Wreck Good Schools

This week Forbes published a piece by John Tamny that, in two sweeping pages, casts doubt on the ability of market forces to improve public schools, the intentions of

Friday Freakout: The Truth About Nevada’s Education Spending

As media coverage of Nevada’s new education savings account (ESA) program booms, so do online comments—both in support of and against the innovative new school choice program. A recent

Breaking Down the “2015 Schooling in America Survey”

With the close of another school year and a blossoming of expansive school choice programs this year comes curiosity about the progress of K–12 education in the United States.

School Choice Could Alleviate Worry from New Population Trend

In 2030, the population of people dependent upon our most expensive tax-funded services—education and senior healthcare—likely will be the highest it’s ever been in American history.  Those increases in

Friday Freakout: What Teachers Say about School Choice vol. 2

We’re back this week with the second installment of this series, which features Facebook feedback we regularly receive from teachers across the country. In our first post on the

Friday Freakout: Does School Choice Destroy Democracy in Education?

Today’s freakout comes to us from the comments section of The Atlantic article, “Saving School Choice Without Undermining Poor Communities,” and it concerns how implementing a school choice system

Friday Freakout: Does Supporting School Choice Mean Hating Public School?

Does the Arizona legislature hate public schools? Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts says it does. Her proof: Senate Bill 1434, which would expand eligibility for Arizona’s education savings accounts

Friday Freakout: How to Debate School Choice with a Public School Superintendent

Today’s freakout comes to us from Twitter, where we were excited to chat with a public school superintendent who is an active fighter of school choice programs. Dr. Jason

Friday Freakout: Buy School Choice Week Because of Evidence, Not Hearsay

Today’s freakout comes from a reblog at the anti-school choice National Education Policy Center (NEPC), which is funded in part by the two largest national teachers’ unions. In it,

America’s School Choice Yearbook Superlatives

The Friedman Foundation team put in our votes, and these are our winners. Check them out and tell us how you would have voted in the comments. Most Popular

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked By Purchasing Power

We’ve helped our readers see how many families are eligible for school choice programs across the country and those who actually participate. Until now, the question still remained: Which

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Eligibility

Universal eligibility—that is, open to every single family—is the Friedman Foundation’s school choice policy goal. To coincide with the 2015 release of The ABCs of School Choice, we’ve ranked

America’s School Choice Programs Ranked by Population

Which school choice programs are the biggest? Smallest? How does one state’s program stack up to others? For the 2015 release of The ABCs of School Choice tomorrow, we’ve

Friday Freakout: What It’s Like to Engage Opponents of School Choice

We had a long conversation with an avid opponent and activist against school choice on Twitter recently, and we learned a lot about engaging opponents of school choice in

Top and Bottom Five School Choice Moments in 2014

TOP FIVE 1. Kansas joins the school choice family It was not the same old song for education funding in Kansas this year. Rather, policymakers rose above the noise

Top 10 Friedman Foundation Blog Posts of 2014

We looked into our blog analytics to find out which blog posts Friedman Foundation readers viewed and engaged with most this past year. We hope you enjoy reading, or re-reading,

Happy Holidays: A School Choice Family Spotlight

From Washington D.C. – The Ambrose Family Thanks to the Opportunity Scholarship Program, Joshua, twins Jacob and Shanice, Jonathan, and twins Selena and Joseph have been able to attend

Friday Freakout: School Choice is OK Over There, Families Here Shouldn’t Have It

A Sarasota County School Board member spoke out against her own state’s school board association for suing Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program this week in Florida’s Herald-Tribune. She wrote,

Friday Freakout: Want an Educated Citizenry? Support School Choice

“[The] future of our economy depends on a well educated citizenry,” argued Karen Patton of the League of Women Voters (LWV) in Montgomery County, Indiana in a recent op-ed.

A School Choice Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving is upon us, and last year, we highlighted a few families who are thankful for the educational opportunities school choice has afforded their children. This year, we’d like

Friday Freakout: What Teachers Say to School Choice Advocates vol. 1

Our previous two blog posts on how top-down reforms are not market reform and how school choice actually increases demand for educators garnered a lot of attention from public

Friday Freakout: What Teachers’ Unions Aren’t Telling Their Supporters

In “Teachers Unions Flunked Their Midterms,” The Wall Street Journal chronicled how education reform issues played out in this year’s midterm elections. Today’s freakout comes from that story’s comments,

Where Governors Stand on School Choice 2014

With the 2014 elections over—well, almost over—those interested in school choice may be wondering what the results mean for that education reform policy. Although news headlines have been focused

Friday Freakout: A Witchy Scare Tactic Against School Choice

This week’s Friday Freakout is a blast from the past, bringing up an old, spooky scare tactic against school choice still used today (though with different masks).  The freakout

Friday Freakout: Denying Teachers’ Unions Actions Against Parent Options

Teachers’ unions represent some of our most respected community members—an undeniable truth. So too can it be said that unions sometimes work to block school choice programs. One commenter,

Friday Freakout: What to Do with Struggling Schools

This week’s Vice.com article, “The Paradox of School Choice,” tells the story of a young couple who, despite the premium they pay in home costs, still found it difficult

Friday Freakout: Just Run for School Board if Your School Isn’t Working

Instead of a “Friday Freakout,” consider this a financial freakout over the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program—as this exchange was prompted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “Study contends voucher program

Breaking Down “The School Voucher Audit”

Students transferring to private schools using publicly funded vouchers saved participating states more than $1.7 billion over a 20-year period. Here’s how: From 1990 to 2011, students in six

Friday Freakout: Which Three-Step Plan is Best for American Education?

The American Enterprise Institute released a video this week featuring Michael Q. McShane promoting his book which outlines his three-step plan to an American education marketplace that would meet

Friday Freakout: Public School Defenders Say Disgruntled Parents Should ‘Move On’

Stories like Avery’s, the subject of Petula Dvorak’s Washington Post article “In D.C., a 13-year-old piano prodigy is treated as a truant instead of a star student,” elicit passionate,

Friday Freakout: No Sources for School Choice Success

This week’s Friday Freakout comes from the comments section of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Get Schooled Blog, where our president and CEO, Robert Enlow, had an op-ed discussing how school

Friday Freakout: Teachers Are Tired of Bureaucracy Too

Today’s freakout comes to us from a frustrated teacher in the comments of “Half of All School District Employees Aren’t Teachers” on Ricochet. This veteran teacher said it best.

Friday Freakout: Parent vs Parent

A North Carolina judge recently ruled the state’s voucher program unconstitutional. Today we have two freakouts from two very different parents commenting on the News & Observer article, “NC

Friday Freakout: Vouchers Aim to Support Private Schools, Not Students?

Today’s freakout comes to us from the comments section of the The Washington Post piece “Amicus brief on empirical data about school vouchers”. The article itself explains Douglas County,

Friday Freakout: AFT on the “Attack Plan of Privateers”

Today’s freakout comes from an exchange between Randi Weingarten, president of the nation’s leading teachers’ union, and a group called the Badass Teachers Association (BAT). The tweet is a

Getting to Know Milton Friedman

July 31 would have been Milton Friedman’s 102nd birthday, and people all around the globe celebrated.  The United States saw 74 Friedman Legacy Day events in 47 states and

Happy Friedman Legacy Day!

“The true test of any scholar’s work is not what his contemporaries say, but what happens to his work in the next 25 or 50 years. And the thing

Enter the First-Annual Milton Friedman Legacy Sweepstakes

“Our goal is to have a system in which every family in the U.S. will be able to choose for itself the school to which its children go. We

Milton Friedman on Freedom

Happy Fourth of July! In celebration of our country’s independence, we first and foremost recognize the men and women of America’s armed forces who sacrifice so much for our

Friday Freakout: Are Friedman Surveys Reliable?

This week, we released our 2014 Schooling in America Survey. In it, we asked a representative sample of American adults, not just voters, their views on issues such as

Friday Freakout: Is Overregulation Inevitable?

This week, Joy Pullman of The Federalist published a piece championing school choice as an intellectual winner, but warning that “School Choice Fights Will Shift to Regulation.”  Today’s freakout

Friday Freakout: Is the School Choice Movement Cultish?

Today’s freakout comes to us from the comments section of Diane Ravitch’s micro-post on her blog titled “Friedman Foundation disagrees with Peter Greene.”  Children have been playing the game

Friday Freakout: Does School Choice Destroy a Public Good?

Today’s freakout comes to us from Twitter, and its message is at the top of school choice opponents’ list of arguments. In fact, it is a favorite of Diane

Friday Freakout: Are Private Schools Worth the Money?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) recently shared some school choice love, so we did as well—on our Facebook page:  We acknowledge that Sen. Warren is most interested in universal public school

Friday Freakout: Public Schools Good, Private Schools Bad

A recent Huffington Post article, “‘School Choice’ — As Long as Your Child Doesn’t Have a Disability,” shows just how passionate many are when it comes to ensuring students

Friday Freakout: Some Public Schools Choose Not to Serve Every Child, Block Other Options

Rankin County, Mississippi parents of students with autism are upset after it was reported this week their public schools will be ending specialized classrooms for their children. According to

Friday Freakout: Does Universal Public School Choice Result in Administrative Chaos?

Raleigh’s News & Observer published an article this week titled “NC bill would let students attend any public school” about a proposed bill that would allow open enrollment in

Friday Freakout: What is Wrong with School Vouchers?

The Tennessean published an editorial by George Parker, a 30-year veteran public school math teacher, former president of the Washington Teachers Union, and current senior fellow at StudentsFirst, titled“School

Friday Freakout: Taxpayers Shouldn’t Have to Give Even More to Pay for School Choice

We agree, and we’ll explain why in our response to today’s freakout, which comes from the comments section of the Wall Street Journal’s “Schooling on a ‘Debit Card.’” Six

Friday Freakout: Young Teachers’ Opinions Can’t Be Taken Seriously

Today’s freakout comes from the comments section of Nicholas Simmons’ recent op-ed in The Wall Street Journal entitled, “What I’ve Learned Teaching Charter Students.” Simmons has taught math for

Friday Freakout: Private Christian Schools are Corrupt

This week’s post comes from Monday’s POLITICO story titled “Special report: Taxpayers fund creationism in the classroom.” The piece was not lacking in reader feedback: more than 14,000 comments

Friday Freakout: School Choice Supporters Only Want Choice on Their Terms

Today’s freakout comes to us from the comments of a post entitled “School reformers love ‘choice,’ except when…,” which appeared this week on Valerie Strauss’ Washington Post blog The

Friday Freakout: High-Stakes Tests Leading to Chinese Education Model

Our topic of focus today comes to us from the comments section of an Indianapolis Star article called, “Diane Ravitch’s opposition to accountability isn’t realistic.” Check out this impassioned public

Friday Freakout: Parents Should Be Seen, Not Heard

When our president and CEO, Robert Enlow, participated in a policy forum with Diane Ravitch last Friday in Indianapolis, the audience of more than 1,000 literally hissed at the

Funding Cuts for Programs That Send More Kids to Graduation AND College?

The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program has provided school vouchers to more than 15,000 students and helped them attain better academic outcomes since 2004. The President wants to cut funding

Friday Freakout: Your Disabled Kid, Your Problem

This week the Mississippi Press posted a story entitled “Parents push for Mississippi special education vouchers.” The article, which is actually about an education savings account (ESA) bill, is

Friday Freakout: Is School Choice Racist?

A misconception we have seen multiple times is the relationship between school choice and race. This veteran’s recent tweet is just one example: If RickJarHead and others truly believe

Friday Freakout: All Kids with Special Needs Are Thriving in Public Schools

In light of the great strides two education savings accounts (ESA) bills made just yesterday, today’s Friday Freakout comes to you from Mississippi. In a local news story about

Friday Freakout: School Choice is a Secret Republican Ruse

Salon.com is known for posting anti-school choice pieces. This week, “Creationism, at taxpayer expense: Secrets of the GOP’s frightening new school voucher schemes” appeared in their headlines. Sadly, we

Friday Freakout: School Choice Funds Creationist Agenda

You might have seen Slate’s article and map showing all of the schools in America that teach creationism and receive public funds in some capacity. As one might expect,

The Friedman Foundation on Filling Private School Seats

(Posted in response to a guest post by Anna J. Egalite entitled “How to Maximize Private School Supply in Choice Programs.”) Among America’s private school choice programs, the Louisiana Scholarship

Slate “Creates” New Issue with School Choice

Slate already posted a correction to its story that takes issue with school choice, “Publicly Funded Schools That Are Allowed to Teach Creationism.” Now it could use some context. Private

Friday Freakout: Do It to Your Own Children, Not Other People’s

Today’s Friday Freakout comes from the heated comments section of Diane Ravitch’s blog titled,“How Embarrassing for the Friedman Foundation.” We responded to her blog post here, but something very

Friday Freakout: School Choice Doesn’t Work Because Private, Charter Schools Don’t Do Any Better at Improving Student Outcomes

Following Eric Cantor’s speech about school choice last week, The Washington Post published an article called “Eric Cantor and Bill de Blasio exchange fire over schools”. One exchange in

Friday Freakout: Teacher Licenses Are Like Doctor Licenses

Today’s featured commenters come from the comments section of a Huffington Post piece called “Debbie Squires, Education Official, Says Teachers Know What’s Best For Kids, Not Their Parents”. More and

Top 10 School Choice Moments in 2013

TOP FIVE 1. Pro-voucher candidates win suburban school board election. In November 2013, pro-school choice candidates seeking to keep or gain seats on Colorado’s Douglas County school board won

Happy Holidays from the Friedman Foundation

This year, the Friedman Foundation staff wants to celebrate the stories of some families who have benefited from school choice. From Georgia, Joyce Cordell-Huff Very often, generous people support

Friday Freakout: Parents are Ignorant About Good Education

This week’s featured freakout comes from the comments section of a Washington Post op-ed by Valerie Strauss called “‘White suburban mom’ responds to Arne Duncan”. The assumption that parents

Friday Freakout: Commenters Working Together?

A respectful exchange appearing in the comments section of any website is a rarity, which is why we felt compelled to share this one. It comes from a Politico

Our #schoolchoiceWISH: That School Choice Opponents Would Answer This Question Already

The Friedman Foundation team reaches out to school choice opponents regularly on Twitter (@edchoice). Our intention is always to listen to different opinions and have a meaningful conversation. One question that

Friday Freakout: Active Parents are Just Annoying

Today’s freakout comes from an anonymous Circle of Moms community entry titled “Why are parents so mean to teachers?” Take a look and read our take on this exchange

Friday Freakout: Private Schools Have “Cut Rate Teachers”

Welcome to our new series, where every Friday we highlight online comments from stories we see posted by people impassioned about education. This week’s exchange comes from the comments

Testing Educational Justice

In “Spinning America’s Report Card,” Paul E. Peterson and Eric A. Hanushek wrote “…progress for American children came to a halt when the Obama administration stopped focusing on student

The Friedman Foundation Thanks America’s Veterans

For choice to work, one must be free to make it. And for there to be freedom, another must be there to defend it. For being free to choose

Douglas County Colorado Voters Choose School Choice

Last night in a highly contested election, the four school choice candidates running to return to or join Colorado’s Douglas County School Board won. Although some headlines have focused on

A School Choice Thanksgiving

How often is “a great education” recognized at Thanksgiving feasts? Probably not very often. But for those afforded school choice, the educational opportunities now on the table are leaving

Friedman: School Choice is Effective

In reaction to our survey of Iowa voters, the University of Iowa’s independent student newspaper, The Daily Iowan, cast out some enticing bait in Jon Overton’s editorial “School choice

What’s “Wrong” with School Choice?

American education would be far better off if, instead of asking that question, more school leaders asked “What’s so wrong with my school that makes parents want to leave?”

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