Free Tools to Help Educators and Students Connect While Social Distancing

As we navigate the shutdown of ordinary life and the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our routines and families, we wanted to provide a handy list of free, online tools to help you continue teaching and learning at home. We’ve found these tools to be useful to us as we are also learning how to work with each other online, from our homes.

Whether you’re an educator or family member, you can use these tools to share information and connect students during this period of isolation. Transitioning from education delivered in a school to education delivered online all at once may take time and patience. These readily available, easy-to-use, free online tools may help ease that transition. Teachers should check with school administrators to make sure there are no restrictions on use of online resources that could present an issue for you.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone who might be able to use it!

Direct links to these tools:

Google Classroom

Microsoft Teams


Google Duo



Know of other tools that will help educators connect with their students and their families? Email us at, and we can add them to our additional resources list here in this post. Our team will continue to update this resource.