Friday Freakout: School Choice Funds Creationist Agenda

You might have seen Slate’s article and map showing all of the schools in America that teach creationism and receive public funds in some capacity. As one might expect, it stirred up a classic debate that truly does get vicious, but what we found most interesting was this anti-creationist’s post in the comments.

In reality, a very small fraction of school choice students attend the small fraction of private choice schools that teach creationism, proof of which you can see here. The most reassuring part of that statement? They all chose that school and curriculum for themselves. None of them are being forced to learn a religious theory with which they disagree.

So what is the best solution: Wait for government officials with completely opposing ideologies to one day agree on creationism’s place in education, or give all families the opportunity to take their public education funds to a school that teaches the curriculum they want to learn?

Perhaps, if Patrick had had school choice, he wouldn’t have had to wait until college to learn evolutionary and reproductive science.