Friday Freakout: What It’s Like to Engage Opponents of School Choice

We had a long conversation with an avid opponent and activist against school choice on Twitter recently, and we learned a lot about engaging opponents of school choice in the process.

Today’s freakout looks very different from our usual format, but we think it packs as much, if not more, punch in terms of utility. We’ll let our readers be the judge of what it’s like to engage opponents of school choice:
screen shot 1

And this is where our singular conversation broke into two:

One about poverty:

And one about whether other populations of students commonly considered disenfranchised benefit from non-traditional public options:

screen shot 3

We took some time to read the articles she sent and found this within them:

screen shot 4

When prompted to provide her solutions for children who continue to struggle within our current educational system, she chose not to respond. Perhaps we helped open her mind about school choice a bit, perhaps not. Regardless, we hope this exchange was enlightening and encouraging for other school choice supporters.

We’re looking forward to seeing more individual voices for expanding educational options pop up in our feeds.