Happy Holidays: A School Choice Family Spotlight

Ambroses school choice family

From Washington D.C. – The Ambrose Family

Thanks to the Opportunity Scholarship Program, Joshua, twins Jacob and Shanice, Jonathan, and twins Selena and Joseph have been able to attend private school since kindergarten, at The Bridges Academy in Washington, D.C. The oldest of the siblings is now enrolled at Archbishop Carroll High School. Sadly, they lost their father and fighter for school choice in recent years to cancer. However, their mother, Ann-Marie, is thankful her children have school choice and are able to accomplish their dreams through the Opportunity Scholarship Program. Learn more about the program that’s helping the Ambrose kids shine here.

Aron and family

From Ohio – Aron and Family

David and Stefanie, formerly of Los Angeles, currently reside in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. David is a plumber and Stefanie works raising their five children. While in Los Angeles, their two oldest children attended public school and were very happy with the education it provided. In Cleveland, however, they discovered the public school in their area could not provide the education they wanted for their children. Thanks to Ohio’s voucher expansion, they were able to choose Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, which provided an exemplary education and reflected their values. While their two oldest children were not able to receive vouchers (funding is currently available only for kindergarten, with one grade to be added per year) their son, Aron, was able to receive one for kindergarten. David and Stefanie now have the ability to provide the education they want for their children. Learn more about this program and our recommendation for expanding choice to all kids here.



From New Hampshire – Hunter and Hope

New Hampshire is the only state in the nation where families can use tax-credit scholarships for assistance with their homeschooling expenses. Hope and Hunter were two of the 56 financially needy children that the Network for Educational Opportunity (NEO) was able to help in their inaugural year of scholarship operations in New Hampshire. “Without the scholarship from NEO, homeschool would not have been an option for us,” said Melissa, Hope and Hunter’s mother. “We are a large family with very limited resources for supplies, books, workbooks, and electronic technology. The generosity of the Network for Educational Opportunity has made it possible for us to purchase everything we needed to become a successful homeschooling family.”


Woodland Hall Academy.

Woodland Hall Academy.


From Florida – Logan

Logan was going to be retained in fourth grade for the second time or “pushed forward” because his previous school decided he “couldn’t learn.” His parents were not satisfied with that answer or their options, as they lived in a small, rural county without many resources. So, they began to research other options. They discovered Woodland Hall Academy, a private school for bright students with dyslexia and related language disorders. It required a 55-mile trip each morning and afternoon but they felt it was the best option. “The McKay Scholarship Program has allowed us to place our child in the best learning environment,” Logan’s father said. “The different approach and teaching techniques used by Woodland Hall Academy have allowed our child to learn and succeed where conventional approaches weren’t effective.” Logan is now in eighth grade and is taking pre-algebra and grade-level content courses. He has far surpassed the public schools’ special diploma track. Having choice in education has allowed Logan to have a much brighter future. Learn more about the program that’s encouraging Logan to excel here.