The Next Accountability Series Roundup


One of the most important questions in K–12 education is: Who should hold whom accountable for what, and how?

Warring factions have been fighting over the answer for decades with little progress, and the debates only continue to heat up now as the nation’s new president prepares to take office.

What might bring us all together?

EdChoice Senior Fellow Greg Forster dives in, examining different factions’ proposed solutions and pondering the deeper questions that will ultimately lead us to The Next Accountability in K–12 education.

Settle into this thoughtful series below, and tell us how you come down on the issue in the comments.


Introduction: “The Next Accountability: Getting What We Want from Schools – Without Technocracy

Part I: “The Next Accountability Part 1: What We Want

Part 2: “The Next Accountability Part 2: Where We Get What We Want

Part 3: “The Next Accountability Part 3: What We Don’t Want from Schools

Part 4: “The Next Accountability Part 4: Who We Are

Part 5: “The Next Accountability Part 5: How We Get What We Want


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